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LG 34" Ultrawide Curved Gaming/Work Monitor - Review (34UC97)

the lithium card is a very thin portable charger that will juice up your Android or iPhone device without the need to carry around bulky power banks it's even thin enough to fit inside your wallet click on the screen or the link below for more info what's up guys it's ed from tech source and this is the review of the 34 UC 97 monitor from LG now a few weeks ago I reviewed its little brother the 34 um 67 which was mainly targeted towards gamers because of its freesync technology and 2560 by 1080 P resolution which is not only a lot easier on the graphics card but also more affordable if you want to check the review of that you can click on the monitor or check the link in the description section down below however LG was kind enough to send me their UC 97 model which is actually targeted for both productivity and non hardcore gamers as well with a beautiful 34 inch IPS display and a resolution of 34 40 by 1440 along with a slight curve you'll be sure to have an immersive experience while gaming and watching movies you'll also fall in love with the amount of horizontal pixels it has making your workflow so much easier and editing really fun for most people so when you open the box you will find several items besides the usual power cable needed to power the monitor LG has also included a very short DisplayPort cable along with an HDMI cable I've also noticed that all the cables are in white well at least my model is which is definitely a nice change from the usual black cables you'll also get the base stand and the neck piece which are both in Chrome definitely a nice improvement from the plastic stand and installation is super easy just tighten two screws in the bottom of the base and two more on the back of the panel and you are set to go he also threw in this neat little plastic chrome looking cap to cover the screws which kind of cleans up the overall look the frame of the monitor is also made out of plastic with a chrome look to match the stand however the stand won't give you much versatility like always the only thing you can do with it is tilt which to me is actually plenty now even though the monitor doesn't include a VESA mount option they did include a mountable bracket which allows the monitor to be wall-mounted for those of you cool people that don't like using stands you also get a plastic cover for the i/o ports on the back although it will make accessing the ports a little inconvenient for some that constantly connect cables in the back but overall a really nice addition to keep things clean it seems like LG has really put in some thought on the overall aesthetics of this monitor so I give them a huge thumbs up on that like the previous model the navigation control is in the form of a joystick which again is my preferred method of navigation and it's really easy to access right from the center underneath the monitor on both sides you will see the speakers which surprisingly sound really good compared to other built-in speakers that I've come across and for the i/o we have two HDMI ports one DisplayPort and for Mac users we have two Thunderbolt 2 ports that support daisy chaining and two USB 3.0 ports you will also be able to utilize the monitors 60 Hertz refresh rate via the HDMI the display port and the Thunderbolt 2 ports as well so the screen has a semi matte finish this time around which provides a great balance between color and contrast as well as anti glare the bezels are also the same from the um 95 really really thin and perhaps the biggest change of them all is the slight curve so how does the curve affect the experience of the monitor well when you look directly at a flat widescreen monitor the colors and objects get distorted slightly as you move your eyes away from the center and towards the edge of the display well with this curved display the distance between the monitor and your eyes remain the same as you turn your head giving you less visual distortion and a natural feeling since we sit so close to our monitors the experience you get from sitting directly in front of a curved display is noticeable and truly immersive you will definitely enjoy watching movies on this monitor and if you're a gamer like me then you can definitely appreciate the extra screen real estate provided by the 21 by 9 aspect ratio gaming is wicked sharp and smooth on the 60 Hertz refresh rate and 5 milliseconds response time display as I said before it's not for hardcore competitor gamers since they are probably used to 120 and even 144 Hertz displays but this will surely satisfy the rest of us the fact that the bezels are so thin makes it that much easier for you to get lost in your game and a truly immersive experience at that now because this isn't a TN panel there will be slightly more motion blur however personally it hasn't been to a point where it's noticeable enough to distract me from my gaming experience now for productivity I can't get over how amazing this monitor is for productivity honestly the amount of horizontal pixels makes me very happy as a youtuber this made my editing sessions so much easier and fun and yes I actually am looking forward to editing a video now and it's become more of a hobby now than a task the monitor also supports srgb over 99% reproducing beautiful vivid true-to-life colors which makes this monitor a must for graphic designers and photographers overall this monitor gets a solid 10 out of 10 for me I can't find a single thing I dislike about it the only minor change I wouldn't mind seeing is having a black back panel instead of the champagne color so that it would match the overall theme of the monitor and also my desk and also a 120 Hertz for fresh wait would be really nice but that's just nitpicking and other than that this is a very solid monitor this is a really good example of you get what you pay for and LG has done it again by building another fantastic monitor aimed for gaming and productivity if you guys are interested in checking this out I will leave links below for this model along with the other one I did recently on and if you enjoyed this video please hit that like button as it does help the channel a lot and let me know what you guys think about the monitor by dropping a comment down below I'm interested in hearing your thoughts anyways thanks again for watching this is that from tech source and as always I will see you in the next video
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