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LG G FLEX 2 vs iPhone 6 Plus - Detailed Camera Comparison

our coverage for the galaxy s6 and HTC One m9 that's sponsored by cell cashier com they compare iPhone prices on the internet and give you a quick quote and the most cash for your iPhone hey guys it's ed and welcome to another camera comparison video this time we are facing off the LG G flex 2 against the iPhone six-plus but Before we jump into the samples let's take a quick look at their specs the G flex 2 has a 13 megapixel rear facing camera with an aperture of 2.4 that can shoot up to 4k resolution and the iPhone 6 plus has an 8 megapixel camera with an aperture of 2.2 that can only shoot up to 1080p 4 front-facing cameras the Flex 2 has a 2.1 megapixel camera that can shoot in 1080p and the same can be said about the 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera on the 6 plus I set set for the specs that sit back relax and enjoy the show the continuous auto focusing on the G flex 2 is surprisingly really good and its really quick and accurate and actually have no complaints at all the iPhone six-plus also does a great job the sensors in both of these cameras do a great job when it comes to our focusing so I will give both the Flex to and the iPhone six-plus a point when it comes to 4k video the flex to takes a point by default simply because the iPhone six-plus can't shoot in 4k 1080p just doesn't compare to the amount of detail and sharpness from 4k footage the flex 2 also has a much wider field of view for low-light video I think the flex 2 has the edge even though there's a lot more noise in the Flex 2 video at least you can see things more clear compared to the iPhone 6 plus so the point goes to the flex 2 for low-light video what's up guys welcome to the stabilization and microphone test portion of the video we are comparing the 6 plus against the G flex 2 and there will be an audio icon somewhere on the screen and that will basically tell you which phone's audio is being used both phones are strapped onto one device to ensure a very accurate stabilization reading and also both phones are being shot in 1080p to ensure a to ensure that the optical image stabilization is enabled for microphone quality the Flex 2 delivers a more loud and clear audio compared to the iPhone 6 plus is very low in muffled audio so a point there for the Flex 2 however the 6 plus takes the point for being more stable even though both phones feature optical image stabilization moving to daylight pictures the G flex 2 does a really great job capturing true-to-life pictures the iPhone 6 plus tends to have a bit more contrast in most shots and a good example of that are these purple flowers the one on the left actually represents more accurate colors in other shots the 6 plus is a bit more on the warmer side however overall I think that the flex 2 does a much better job not only providing sharper pictures but also having a much better dynamic range although the front-facing cameras on both phones are subpar the Flex 2 takes the point for overall better daytime pictures moving to the light situations the 6 plus does a much better job than the flex 2 the images have less noise and they're just much more sharper than the Flex 2 so the 6 plus takes the point for low-light pictures the flash on the Flex 2 is also too much I had to take at least 5 different shots using the flash on the Flex 2 in order to get a decent picture it definitely takes a lot more work to get a good shot whereas I can get it perfect the first time using the six plus in some cases the flex to does a great job using the flash and other times it's just plain sucks producing too bright and even sometimes blurry pictures so I'm gonna have to give the flash point to the six plus four consistency so which phone has the better camera honestly I'm split down the middle I think both phones have their strengths and weaknesses and it was a really close comparison the Flex two shoots amazing 4k video has great day time pics and a much better microphone however the six Plus shoots better picks in low-light situations with a better flash and a much better video stabilization feature so I'm gonna say that this was a tie and let you guys decide which phone one let me know your decision in the comment section below and a reason as well but anyways that is it for the video if you guys enjoyed it please hit that like button I really appreciate it and make sure you subscribe to the channel if you enjoy these types of camera comparisons that way you don't miss out on all future phones anyways thanks again for watching this is that from tech source I will see you guys in the next video so before I go I wanted to share an awesome website with you guys cell cashier comm is a site where you can sell your iPhone for the highest dollar amount they purchase iPhones from all major US carriers and currently only operate in the United States they purchase all of these iPhone models that you see on this page from all the popular carriers even unlocked phones to get a quick quote you just simply 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