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LG G Flex - Unboxing and Overview

what's up guys the idea from text over sand today we're gonna be looking at the LG G flex smartphone this is basically LG's response to the galaxy round from Samsung it is just as huge with a 6 inch 720 display and the phone feels really interesting in the hand because of its curved nature and I'm sure this also has to do with LG's rear key where the volume can be controlled as well as a sleep and a wake button one of the things that jumps out to us right away is the UI that LG has put on top of the Android this phone is very customizable almost every aspect of this phone can be changed without having to install third-party launchers or routing of the phone even with an option to change the theme of the phone right from the menu the similarities however don't stop at the size as running through the UI we were presented with a handful of software features that kind of felt stolen from samsung's interface one was the ability to have two applications open at the same time you can also resize windows to allow for more workspace in one application and pulling down a notification panel we can see that half of the panel is already taken out by LG's interface but you know all the applications few are frequently used and convenient to the user like toggles to Wi-Fi and Windows applications quick memo is another feature that is also present on Samsung phones which gives the user an easy way to screenshot the phone's display and also write a quick note on top of the screenshot jumping into the settings we see a different section at the top with all settings pertaining to that specific tab and there are also a lot of settings here including several different ways to change the look and feel of your phone the camera UI at first glance is simplistic but what a click of a button offers a variety of options that can be tweaked and played around with the camera however is definitely not the best and pictures are captured really slowly so if you're looking for a good camera in a smartphone you might want to look elsewhere in the end we're really not impressed about this phone it you know it has a horrible display gimmicky UI and software inconsistency makes for a bad experience where LG needs to improve on is we're finding it's software and now looking to other manufacturers for features to copy but then again that's our opinion so what do you guys think about the G flex smartphone is this something you might consider getting or are you guys not impressed like we are definitely let me know in the comment section down below and I will see you next time
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