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LG G4 vs iPhone 6 - Detailed Camera Comparison

the 22,400 milliamp-hour bank from ICI technology is the most affordable charger you can buy in its class you can charge up to three devices at the same time using the fastest charging speeds for your device and it even comes with a built in flashlight it has an awesome compact design and comes in several colors click on the link in the description for more info what's up guys it's ID from Texas and welcome to another camera comparison test in this video we'll be comparing the cameras on the LG g4 and the iPhone 6 plus in my last video against the s6 I declared the g4 the winner and currently has the best camera you can find on a smartphone but how will it do against the iPhone 6 plus let's find out so before I jump into the samples let's take a quick look at the camera specs the LG g4 has a 16 megapixel rear facing camera with an aperture of 1.8 that can shoot up to 4k resolution the iPhone 6 plus has an 8 megapixel camera with an aperture 2.2 that can only shoot up to 1080p 4 front-facing cameras the g4 has an 8 megapixel camera capable of shooting up to 1080p and the 6 plus has a 1.2 megapixel camera that can shoot only in 720p so that's it for the specs let's sit back relax and take a look at some samples you autofocusing is really accurate on the g4 I don't have any complaints at all it's not as fast as the s6 or even the iPhone 6 but because accuracy is important it deserves a point the iPhone 6 has arguably the fastest autofocus I have seen on a smartphone camera right next to the galaxy s6 no real negatives on either phone so I will give the six plus a point as well for focusing for daylight video the iPhone 6 has cooler colors whereas the g4 is more on the warmer side the iPhone is also kept at 1080p whereas a Jeep or can shoot in 4k which means you get sharper footage and a wider field of view so the point goes to the g4 for low-light video the iPhone 6 does a pretty good job holding up but the 1.8 aperture on the g4 is hard to beat the light sources are easily picked up by the g4 whereas the overall footage in the iPhone is noticeably darker so the g4 slightly pulls ahead and steals the point for the stabilization test both videos were shot in 1080p so that optical image stabilization remains enabled and both phones were strapped on a single device to ensure a very accurate stabilization reading and based on the footage the iPhone 6 plus appears to be a lot smoother since I'm using a 6 plus it does come with optical image stabilization whereas the iPhone 6 does not but the point goes to the iPhone 6 plus for a more stable video what's up guys welcome to the front-facing video camera test and the microphone quality test between the LG g4 and the iPhone 6 plus the g4 is being shot in 1080p and the iPhone 6 plus is being shot in 720p also if you are listening to this on your headphones and you can hear the background noise so I'm gonna be quiet for a bit so if I were to give a point four pixels the g4 would easily take it since its shot in a higher resolution however the iPhone 6 plus has way better than imma Grange you can actually see the clouds in the sky whereas it's overexposed on the g4 so i'ma reward the iPhone with a point or front-facing video for audio surprisingly the iPhone 6 plus has a louder microphone however the g4 has a more crispier audio so imma give them both a point for the microphone test now for the front-facing camera the g4 has a sharper pic simply because of a higher megapixel count it also has a slightly higher saturation than the iPhone but it's not really excessive so imma give the point to the g4 for selfies moving to daytime pics the g4 not only has sharper and warmer colors but they are also more truer to life despite it having more saturation than the iPhone 6 the red flowers appear to be actually red in this picture instead of having a pinkish tint to it dynamic range is also great on both phones there will be occasions where the g4 may overexposed certain areas to give you a brighter image but in the end the g4 takes the point for overall better daylight pictures last but not least let's take a look at low-light picture performance everything just seems to be more brighter on the g4 there's a huge difference as you can see here there's also a lot less blur and noise from the g4 compared to the iPhone and you can see more details so the obvious point for low-light pictures goes to the g4 now when it comes to flash it's harder to decide both of the phones have great flashes it basically does what it's supposed to but to me a flash is supposed to work on all objects no matter the location or object the g4 has a more powerful flash which tends to wash out colors if the color white is involved since it's highly reflective the iPhone 6 plus is one of the few bones I noticed that has an overall consistent picture quality while using flash and because of that I will reward the iPhone with a point instead of a g4 so based on my video the LG g4 is the clear winner but a lot of you guys might not agree with that you might say that the iPhone 6 was outdated so it wasn't really a fair test but if that's the case then you guys gonna have to wait for the 6s to be released so I can redo the test but anyways that is it for the video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did please hit that like button and if you didn't you can dislike and let me know what you guys think about the camera test results do you agree with my verdict or do you disagree let me know by dropping a comment down below if you guys enjoy these types of camera comparisons and make sure you subscribe to the channel because I do these types of videos for every smartphone that gets released anyways thanks again for watching this is that from tech source I will see you guys in the next video
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