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LG G6 | 1 Month Later

what's up guys it's a Texas and today we're going to be reviewing the LG G 6 after using it for the past 7 days as my daily driver and I've come to some conclusion that I'm confident with let's start off with the design the design of the g6 is simple it has a sturdy metal frame flanked by two pairs of glass the gorilla glass 3 on the front and Gorilla Glass 5 on the back the ice platinum model I have here hides fingerprints well but the same can be said about the black model the g6 has a unibody which means that the battery won't be removable which is a trade off LG went with to gain ip68 rating for dust and water resistance signature LG design elements are present throughout the body like the power button located on the back that also doubles as a fingerprint sensor on top of the device you'll find a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack it's nice to see that LG hasn't jumped on the Apple bandwagon here LG has also given the user the choice of expandable storage something that sets this phone apart from a lot of other Android flagships on the bottom you'll find the USB c-type port as well as a single speaker watching movies or enjoying music in quiet areas was alright by trying to fill a larger or louder space proved to be a challenge here's an audio sample LG has cut out all the BS and has taken a construction and hardware of the g6 back to the basics I feel like this was the right move especially after last year's underwhelming g5 the narrow bezels on the top bottom and sides combined with the tall and odd aspect ratio of 18 by 9 all contribute to given this 5.7 inch display usability with one hand the phone is also flat unlike the galaxy s 8 which should make for less accidental taps still I did experience those taps here and there mainly when I was consuming media with the phone in landscape mode you might have also noticed that a display has curved corners LG says this curved LCD design protects the panel in the event of a drop I don't know how accurate this is but it definitely looks fresh the panel itself is a quad HD LCD as I mentioned before LG strikes the perfect balance between color and contrast without it looking too saturated like some OLED panels I've seen the LG G 6 also supports Dolby vision but I wasn't able to test this outside of these short video included by LG there wasn't much content out there that takes advantage of this technology but I hear that Netflix data to update their mobile app very soon one thing that takes away from the display are these black borders that show up when consuming content that is not natively 18 by 9 which is a lot considering most content as of today is at 16 by 9 ratio luckily though until app starts supporting this new aspect ratio LG has implemented a feature that four scales the app into the correct ratio this won't affect the media however there is a decently sized 3300 milliamp hour battery in here it's big but nothing out of the ordinary I was able to get around 4 hours of on-screen time which is good it also supports Qualcomm quick charge and wireless charging so those are a nice addition the ones the Snapdragon 820 1 which is a very capable chipset it hits new highs in our benchmark tests while keeping the phone's temperature manageable let's shift gears real quick and get into the software so Android 7 with LG's UI running on top lggy has improved a lot over the last few years but there's still room to grow with the UI feeling like a melting pot of Samsung and Huawei software one cool software trick is enabled by aspect ratio of the display so when multitasking you get 2 square apps which improves the maximum another really cool software edition and the iOS similar Universal search however this is only enabled when using the home screen that doesn't have an app drawer with a long press of the home button you get into the Google assistance and it's actually the first phone besides the Google pixel to have this over all the software was ok that's only a little more polishing is needed but I was able to daily drive it without any issues turning over to the camera as we can see that they've managed to keep the module flush to the body while including two thirteen megapixel sensors now even though they're the same resolution they do have different properties the first lens has an f1 point in aperture with optical image stabilization and a 71 degree field of view while the wide-angle lens is an f2 point for with a 125 degree field of view but Alexa is and really enough autofocus the photos are impressive with great details vibrant colors and good dynamic range the wide-angle does suffer in low-light conditions with its higher aperture was very you the narrower sensor in these situations we get a 5 megapixel camera on the front with a hundred degrees field of view but well actually we scripted to this angle though because in the software we can switch between portrait mode and group mode the results come out great in good lighting and the lighting will let you fit in a few friends without any issues when it starts to get dimmer the camera does suffer however with the g6 LG has taken it back to the basics and have done a phenomenal job it has everything you'd expect from a 2017 flagship while pushing the batteries in design and display there's still no word on how it stacks up against the galaxy s 8 I'll be sure to compare the two once I get my Samsung device in hand I think that's so much watching if you enjoy the video make sure to leave a like and I'll see you guys the next one
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