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LG G6 OLED TV | 1st Impressions

what's up guys let's add back again in this video we're going to be taking a look at LG's new g 60 LED TV with a better viewing experience ultra vivid LED colors and dolby HDR technology this is probably the best image I've seen from my TV ever the g6 has a bunch of new hardware and software improvements over the previous models of this TV including better near black uniformity more than a mag range and higher peak brightness at 800 nits coming from last year's 450 other features also include OS 3.0 and probably the most interesting for me Dolby vision HDR now HDR isn't new to the TV market place but LG's new lineup of TVs are the first with Dolby HDR which basically analyzes the image from scene to scene and uses metadata to create an image that represents what a director intended to be seen you really have to see this TV in person to experience the quality it produces the g6 comes with two remotes one is a standard remote with all the options you need to mess around with a TV and it even has a scroll wheel to navigate anything that can be scrolled through vertically the smaller more simpler remote strips away all the extra buttons and just leaves you with some main controls like volume channel and input taking a look at the newer sleeker web OS 3.0 we can see that LG really put some time into making it more user-friendly all of the apps are displayed very unobtrusively and you can even now pin your favorite shows to the left of the main interface and the TV will automatically tell you where you can watch these shows I can't wait to get this in-house so I can do more testing but so far this thing is turning out to be one of the best tvs I have ever seen but I'll do for this video thank you guys so much for watching and as always I will see you in the next video
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