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LG GRAM 14 - Review

with a 1080p display a magnesium body also an i5 processor and the latest in connectivity technology the LG gram 14 it seems to be an impressive package and after a week of heavy use it definitely grew on me so welcome to my review of the LG gram 14 laptop in the world of extremely portable computing there could be only one that takes the title as the lightest and most powerful and LG has their eyes set on the drone with the Graham 14 with a slogan like lighter than air we can pretty much assume that LG made a gram 14 to be a direct competitor to the MacBook Air and we're looking at the hardware differences there really is no comparison they both have i5 CPUs from Intel but the Graham 14 has a higher base clock than that on the MacBook Air the grand 14 also comes stock with 8 gigabytes of RAM compared to the 4 from the MacBook but the most notable difference is the increase in screen size and decrease in weight all while having the same size form factor oh did I mention that they both start at the same price around $1000 so as far as value goes I'm have to give this one to the gram 14 it's nice to see that LG didn't skimp on the port's with this laptop on the right side we've got a USB 3.0 port a micro USB port that turns into an Ethernet port with the provided dongle we also have a headphone out port with a built-in DAC as well as a micro SD card slot on the left side we've got our power in another USB 3.0 port and a full-sized HDMI port and some indicator lights I really like how they included a full size HDMI port here instead of one of those annoying mini ones because it's more convenient just plugging this thing straight into a TV or monitor and extending or duplicating that display I was surprised at the grand 14 handled outputting to a 1080p display while staying lag free when I was watching videos and working how LG was able to get this laptop so light was by using carbon and lithium magnesium but that being said there are some negatives that come with a build of this laptop there is a good amount of flex in certain parts of the laptop but when using a normally you won't really notice it but it's definitely something I should mention the trackpad on the LG 14 is nice and responsive but the construction just doesn't feel up to par when using the trackpad you can actually feel it snapping in and out and I don't know if this was a conscious design choice but it's there and I find it slightly annoying it's definitely not the best trackpad out there but it will get the job done I would however recommend using a mouse with this laptop the keyboard on the other hand is great the distance of travel between the key presses are very small and there is no lag when typing the only complaint I have with the keys is that there is no backlighting which means that typing at night will be slightly annoying on the bottom of the laptop there are four rubber feet that will do a great job of keeping this laptop stationary when you are using it so you won't have to worry about this thing sliding around the LG grab has a 14 inch full HD 1080p IPS display which makes for very nice viewing angles and vibrant colors I wish you would have brighter options since using the laptop in a bright room or on a sunny day outside proved to be a challenge under the monitor is the 1.3 megapixel HD camera so the camera on the LG gran 14 is HD which is 720p and by the looks of it I mean it's doable if you're going to Skype with someone on FaceTime but it isn't the crispiest I've seen that's for sure one thing that could use improvement are the speakers they don't really get loud at all and the richness of sound is lacking as well but here take a listen for yourself the model I have here is the i5 version that comes with a 128 gigabyte up SSD storage space but if you guys want you can opt for the i7 model that starts at $1,400 and comes with an upgraded 256 gigabytes of SSD space there is also a 13-inch model available for $900 if you wanted something smaller than 14 inches I loaded up here is of storm just to see how this Ultrabook would handle some light gaming and not to say I'm impressed I did have to lower the settings to low to achieve this but if you're looking for something that can handle lighter games then this laptop has you covered just don't expect to load any triple-a games on here as far as software we get Windows 10 pre-loaded on the gram 14 which is my favorite version of Windows by far we also get what LG is calling quick instant booting which basically means that the computer starts up fast now let's talk about the battery the grand 14 has a 45 55 million power battery and LG claims you can get 7.5 hours of use now I got around 3 hours of usage and that's from listening to music some light gaming and other few tasks you can definitely max out at 7 hours of use if you stick to web browsing or streaming music another notable feature is the built-in DAC which is actually pretty great if you like me like listening to music when you're doing homework or working then you will definitely be able to appreciate the richer sound when compared to a laptop that doesn't have a DAC built-in the headphone jack overall the LG gram 14 is a great laptop and a great buy for anyone that's looking for a super lightweight ultra portable machine its power to body weight ratio is ridiculous and even being able to play heroes of the storm on something that weighs less than 1 liter of water is insane it could use some improvements however in the battery department as well as the trackpad but overall I give this my two thumbs up well guys that pretty much wraps up the review on the LG 14 I want to give a huge shout out to LG for setting this over for me to review and as always I will see you in the next video
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