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LG Music Flow H3/H4 Wireless Speaker Review

what's up guys with that from tech source and in this video we're gonna be taking a look at some awesome wireless speakers from LG these are the musicflow h3 and h4 and they aren't your average wireless speakers these connect on a mesh network and you can build yourself your very own wireless home theater system but more on that later if you don't have a Wi-Fi network to connect to you can still use the Bluetooth connection method instead for any of these speakers so the musicflow h4 has a matte black finish with your standard media controls on top with the power in audio jack and connection buttons being on the side this is a true wireless speaker with built in battery so it doesn't need to be plugged in for it to be powered on it also has 20 watts of output power on two channels the h3 speakers on the other hand need to be plugged in at all times to power it on it's wireless in the sense that you can use your phone or tablet without having to connect to it via cables on the top you'll find the media controls along with the power option I like how there isn't a physical button on top and instead it's touch sensitive and the back is where the power in is located along with an Ethernet port and the connection buttons the build quality on these speakers are very solid and it definitely feels like I'm using a premium product then again I don't expect anything less from LG so to pair it up it's really easy first you'll need to connect to your Wi-Fi network then make sure all the speakers are plugged in and ready to go after that you will need to download the music flow player app on either your Android or iOS device and then go ahead and launch the app after that it's a matter of following simple instructions you do need to choose which device you are trying to connect to as well as the connection type whether it's wireless or wired if it's wireless you will need to tap on the Wi-Fi icon on the back of the speaker so it can connect to the network now that I've connected the first speaker I do need to add the other two as well so I can build my very own wireless home theater system the process is the same except this time I have to press on the plus button instead now here's where the fun begins I now have all three speakers connected on the same network and using the app I have full control over each one of them hitting the chain icon I am able to connect any or all the speakers together now because the speakers have Google cast built-in you can control them using any streaming services that also feature Google cast like Spotify I Radio Pandora and a bunch of others you can also play music directly from your smartphone's library and what's also great about this app is that you can control the volume on each speaker as well as switch back and forth between stereo or mono outputs with a setup you can split up speakers and put one in your bedroom the kitchen and even the living room and have each speaker play a different song as you can see here I'm playing three different songs across the three speakers the more speakers you have connected the more options you have here's a quick sound demo between the h3 and h4 speakers honestly I am in love with these speakers they are practically part of my desk set up now and I can't get enough of them get yourself an LG 34 inch ultra white curved monitor and hook up the speakers together with your PC via bluetooth and you have yourself a minute either experience I can also separate the h3 speakers and put them in the corners of my room and have a real surround sound entertainment setup if you guys are looking to create your very own wireless home speaker system Network then I strongly recommend trying the LG Flow h3 and h4 speakers but that basically does it for this video I will leave links to the speakers down below for anyone that's interested in checking them out if you guys enjoyed the video feel free to hit that like button and let me know what you think about them by dropping a comment down below anyways thanks again for watching this is Zed and I'll see you in the next video you
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