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LG OLED 4K TV E6 | Review

what's up guys it's deaf from tech source and today we're going to be taking a look at LG's new 4k TV they're calling it the e6 with a Harman Kardon speaker system intuitive interface and HDR technology is built into the e6 it suffice to say that this TV grabbed my attention so obviously I had to get one in for review let's start with the industrial design so the e6 features what LG calls their picture on glass technology where a thin OLED panel is bonded to the glass LG was able to get rid of the traditional backlight found on most modern TVs through this method and achieve this super thin profile of the panel we have here which a TAS thinnest point is just a few millimeters thick at the bottom is where all of the electronics are the max thickness is six point six centimeters and this measurement includes the cable management hanger that can't be removed something else that can't be removed is the Harman Kardon speaker system so if you're going to use your own audio setup it's kind of stuck there with no purpose but if you like me and don't have an external audio rig then you're going to be happy with the sound that comes out of this but more on that later as far as input goes you get four HDMI 2.0 a and the three USB ports one of which is a USB 3 so plenty of connectivity here I do however wish that LG had positioned them somewhere further back because it is too close to the edge and thicker cables can be visible from the front the design is stunning but this is a TV after all and that's not what's important I've got to say when I hook this thing up I saw the e6 is best feature the picture quality sadly this video isn't doing it any justice but in person it produces the best image I've ever seen on any TV hands-down the colors are extremely vibrant and the blacks are pitch black and as viewing angles are superb this picture quality translates to all of your content but find yourself some HDR videos and it takes it to another level this TV features both HDR 10 and Dolby vision to give you the greatest level of contrast by representing the widest contrast range possible and the good news is that it's becoming more widely supported you can find HDR content on new major blu-ray releases and even Netflix is making a push towards this technology with some of their content already in HDR the e6 is also 3d compatible in the box you get two pairs of glasses and even though 3d isn't as popular as it used to be it's still fun to turn on and mix things up every now and then since it's passive it works with all your content that I enjoyed playing anew in charter game with my PlayStation 4 in 3d mode now it's obviously not something I'm going to use often but it's here nonetheless now in game mode you do get a 35 millisecond of lag which I found to be fine for first-person shooters and online gaming it's not going to compare to the fastest refresh rate gaming runners out there but it was still a great experience nevertheless in terms of audio if you don't need surround sound or really strong bass the built-in speaker is great provides clear and well produced low mid and high frequencies in fact here is an audio sample skels while in the dark because I knew the moment you were presented you would not be like the obedient painter comes with two remotes that serve different needs the larger control is stylish and provides special features like a pointer scrolling and even a built-in microphone the compact remote offers more basic features and slider weight is actually the reason why I use this one the most for an interface we still get LG's new webOS 3.0 which I've covered in a previous video it's user friendly and fast it definitely comes packed with a ton of new features and an app store where you can download TV specific apps outlining all the new features we'll take a bit of time so instead I'll give you guys my favorite one the magnification this allows you to magnify whatever's on your screen in a number of ways and makes reading text or seeing that goal a lot easier LG's webOS 3.0 is still my current favorite interface on any TV and I don't think any other brand comes close the only thing I wish that LG would have done was maybe implement a keyboard interface on the back of the remote or somewhere on the control so in case you're typing titles on Netflix it will be a lot easier instead of pointing and clicking on each letter to sum things up I really enjoyed my time reviewing lgz 6 I'm not gonna lie there were some times where I was recording the video and I just got completely distracted by the amazing quality on this screen I have to say this is one of the best TVs and terms of picture quality and even design that I've ever reviewed on the channel the 55 inch model does start at around 2800 and I'll drop a link down below if you guys want to check that out so before I head out I want to give a huge thanks to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring this episode and guys they have an awesome deal just for my 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