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LG Ultrawide Gaming Monitor + 8K UHD TV + Flexible Curved 4K TV

our CES coverage is brought to you by the unlocking company comm hey guys instead from tech source and we are at the LG booth here and CES and it's safe to say that LG has stolen the show this year with some pretty cool announcements like their LG G flex 2 smartphone they're flexible curved TVs and the world's first ultra wide 21 by nine gaming monitor LG is notorious for their innovative displays and this year is no different stepping up the game they have introduced their first flexible curved OLED 4k TV that you can control with a remote we all know that curved TVs provide an immersive experience whether you are playing a game or watching a movie so a flexible curved TV gives you more options when viewing TV the curved option if you're watching a movie alone or even playing a game by yourself and you can also flatten the TV if you have the family or guests around and the fact that it's an OLED TV means you get amazing viewing angles anyways LG did announce this as one of their prototypes so an ETA or retail price is currently unknown LG also revealed their world's first 98 inch 8k color prime Ultra HD TV and words cannot express how amazing it looks in person this is 16 times the resolution of Full HD and that's just insane color prime technology allows for a wider spectrum of colors making it possible to reproduce deeper and more dynamic colors such as ocean blue emerald green and richer reds you can see every bit of detail in these images unfortunately 8k content it's years away I mean 4k content is barely available so I doubt seeing any 8k content anytime soon which makes this TV unnecessary unless you have extra money to burn last but not least which is also my favorite product from LG this year is their world's first 21 by 9 ultra wide gaming monitor powered by free sync so this 34 inch monitor has a 2560 by 1080 p display with a response time of 9.5 m/s and it has an answer to screen tearing with free sync technology powered by AMD gamers will no longer experience screen tearing without the usual lag and latency it will also greatly reduce input lag there isn't an ETA of and this will be released or an estimate price tag but I will definitely do a review on it once I get one for myself anyways that wraps up our coverage for LG here at CES 2015 we did cover the G flex 2 from LG as well in a separate video which will be linked below if you want to check that out we do have a few more days here at CES so make sure you guys stick around for more coverage on awesome products this is at thumbtack source and I'll see you in the next video
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