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LG Ultrawide Gaming Monitor | G-Sync 166Hz (LG 34UC89G)

Aalto i gaming monitors they are spreading like wildfire with so many options to choose from nowadays you can really get a headache while shopping there's basically an ultra wide monitor for everyone there's one for budget gaming there's one for high-end gaming even for productivity but a bunch of different sizes resolutions and a plethora of features I'm actually thinking about doing a buying guide for ultra Lite monitors and that's something you guys are interested in seeing let me know in the comments section because I do have some experience in ultra Lites but in this video we'll be focusing on the new LG 34 you see 89 G gaming monitor which is the bigger brother of the UC 79 G that I reviewed last year as always I'll be showing the things I like and don't like about this monitor so make sure you guys stick around to the end so this is targeted for serious gamers out there with a higher budget because it does fall short under $1,000 what do you get a return is a dirty four inch curved IPS panel with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 P honestly though for this price point I expected quite HD a resolution of 34 40 by 1440 P would have been nice to add to sweeten the deal but it does have 844 Hertz refresh rate and gsync which is nice I do want to note that I was even able to overclock it to 166 Hertz using the Nvidia control panel and holy cow guys this thing is extremely snappy keep in mind that I'm coming from 60 Hertz so the difference is night and day I even under clocked it back to 144 Hertz just to see if there is a difference and even though it's very miniscule I can definitely feel it and if you're competitive gamer out there every single refresh rate counts also do keep in mind that this is the only 34 inch ultra wide curved monitor that can achieve 866 Hertz with fresh waves so LG already has the upper-hand in the market so the design of the waterer is identical to there you see 79 G by the way the guys missed that video I'll drop a link to it below you get an old plastic build throughout the frame with a detachable base which doesn't require any tools to install that's always been one of my favorite things about LG monitors if you don't want to use the base you can use the four included screws in the back and hook it up to either a wall mount or a VESA compatible spend obviously I'm a huge fan of the color scheme his mostly black with red accents near the base and in the back which is kind of pointless if you ask me nobody really gets to see the back of the monitors so I feel like the awesome design was kind of wasted LG does provide a cable clip near the back for cable management along with a smaller clip that acts as the Mouse bungee I personally didn't find a use for it since I'm using a wireless mouse but it's definitely a nice little bonus for people that use a wired connection you get the standard heights and tilt like most monitors and a few degrees to pivot the base isn't as sturdy as I would have liked so if you're an aggressive type ER and have a very thin or flimsy desk then you might notice your screen wobble a bit while you type however from my time of use I had no problems with its shaking so it honestly just depends on a user and the type of desk they are using it doesn't have built-in speakers so the only thing down here is the joystick which gives you access to the menu pretty straightforward stuff so you can enable g-sync at crosshairs overclock your monitor and this one's pretty cool you can even enable quick charge so that you can charge a compatible smartphone twice as fast using these blue USB ports aside from that you also get an HDMI display in a usb up port so let's talk about a display for a bit it has a 2560 by 1080 P resolution so it's not going to be very demanding on your GPU I also notice that the curve isn't aggressive at all in fact it almost looks flat to be honest I didn't feel any type of emergence itting in front of it the curve is definitely more noticeable on my 38 you see 99 the viewing angles however are very nice it's crisp no matter the angle you're viewing from and the colors remain consistent edge to edge I also notice that as a mask coating so the constantly sitting next to a window then you're going to like this monitor I'm a huge fan of the super thin bezels they actually made them thinner by a few millimeters compared to the one I'm using right now I didn't notice any light bleeding I mean there's a tiny bit near the top left but it's nothing major and you won't really notice it unless you're really looking hard LG has definitely come a long way with their quality checks the monitor also has srgb over 99% making it the perfect ultra wide for both gaming and productivity speaking of gaming guys this is incredible I honestly couldn't get enough it's crazy how snappy everything is there is no lag there is no stutter and the response to everything I press is lightning fast so a fun fact guys I was actually supposed to play battlegrounds for about a minute just to capture enough b-roll for the video but I actually ended up enjoying it so much because of the super fast refresh rate that I ended up playing the full game now I don't know if this is just me but playing on a higher refresh rate runner is a lot more fun and addicting but let me know if that's the same for you guys as well by dropping your feedback in the comment section I mean I would have loved to see a higher resolution given the price point and I would have preferred a more aggressive curve to really get that immersive experience that I get on my other ultralight but those are more personal preferences really so here's the part where I talk about the things that I didn't like about the monitor and honestly the list is really short because there aren't a lot of things that I didn't like so there only a few negatives about this monitor the first one being it doesn't have built-in speakers which I'm sure a lot of people don't even care about I also got a 5 millisecond response time instead of one and finally the resolution like I talked about before it's a bit of a pricey side but you do get what you pay for unfortunately g-sync is not cheap it's LG only bumped a resolution 2 quad HD then this ultrawide monitor would have been the best in the market right now unfortunately for me I think I'm going to stick with my UC 99 because the screen real-estate is amazing and I'm in love with my giant ultra light as much as I love gaming on the UC 89 the resolution was a deal-breaker for me after all I am a content creator first and a gamer second but if you guys have the money a decent GTX travers card and you don't have an ultra wide monitor I recommend taking one up to jump on the ultra light training but if you guys already have an ultra wide gaming monitor but at least 800 Hertz refresh rate I would honestly save your money and wait six months to a year to see what comes up next because I feel like the next one up is going to be a higher resolution we are literally at the peak of all gaming ultra wide monitors if they do come out with one with the same specs and a higher resolution that's definitely what I'm gonna be picking up for myself as well but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the video I'll drop a link tomorrow down below in case you guys want to check it out if you enjoy the video filthy to leave a like and if you didn't feel get a dislike as well thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one
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