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LG gram 17" and 2-in-1 gram - For professionals?

what's happening guys I'm from Texas and in this video we're taking a look at LG's new 17 inch Graham and their 14 inch 2 in 1 laptop one of the big changes coming from the previous Graham lineup is the size LG introduced a bigger 17 inch version targeted specifically for professionals with a new size you get a higher resolution as well 2560 by 1600 and an IPS screen with a slightly bigger aspect ratio as well they switched from 16 by 9 to 16 by 10 which cuts off a little bit from the sides but gives you more vertical screen real estate now with these new changes they had to remove the touch screen feature unfortunately which was one of my favorite things about the Graham lineup but it's not a deal-breaker if you must have touchscreen on your laptop then you would have to look at the smaller sizes what's impressive is that they're able to fit all of this in a 15.6 inch laptop body now the build quality is pretty much the same you can expect a good amount of flex on the screen and the keyboard which was done on purpose to maintain the durability they definitely made good use of space on the deck by spacing out the keys nicely and even adding a numpad on the right the chiclet keys are nice to type on they're backlit and provide good feedback I don't have any real issues typing on this keyboard except reaching the backspace button the trackpad is really nice it's using Windows precision drivers no issues tracking or recognizing gestures pretty much what you come to expect from the Graham lineup you also get similar port layout as well you get a total of three USB 3 ports microSD HDMI and Thunderbolt 3 all right let's talk performance now because if you're a professional out there looking for a thin and light 17 inch laptop then performance is probably what you're most interested in for the most part the laptop is very snappy opening up programs tabbing between windows and even light graphic work is very smooth but where it starts to suffer is in video editing I mean after all it doesn't have any dedicated GPU so it's mostly relying on its 4 cores to do the heavy lifting cutting 4k video on the timeline was pretty choppy on full quality so I had to lower the playback to 50% in order to get a smooth experience that's not really a big surprise though the Graham lineup isn't made for video editing it is an ultrabook with 4 cores after all now if LG doing a 6 core maybe an 8 core then we'll be talking rendering out a simple five-minute 4k file without any color correction or fact took almost an hour long with the laptop plugged in and set to performance mode now if you do have an e GPU you can connect it via Thunderbolt 3 to take some of that heavy lifting off the CPU but you would need to use programs that enable GPU acceleration like Adobe Premiere now don't get me wrong guys you can still edit videos on the lg Grahame but when you start adding color correction and effects on a 4k timeline that's when you'll start to see lagging if you're doing basic cuts or even editing 1080p video then you're fine the good news however is that the laptop doesn't throttle despite that only having one fan the laptop also has a 72 watt hour battery which they claim can last up to 19.5 hours but in my testing I got around 14 hours on 215s which is still pretty good on an ultrabook so to summarize I would say that the 17-inch Graham is targeted for professionals who are looking for a super light ultra book with an all-day battery life for productivity and it's not quite ready for heavy video editing unless you have an external GPU solution but for everything else gets the job done if you guys want to experience this 17 inch LG Graham go visit LG's social media channels and participate in their current running campaign links will be down below now the two and one Graham is aimed for people that want the flexibility of a tablet and a laptop in one and as the same exact specs as the 17 inch laptop without Thunderbolt 3 support but it comes with a stylus pen allowing you to use it as a mouse the Pen features Wacom's latest AES 2.0 technology with 4096 levels of pressure that will help you out with a precise drawing experience and a battery life of up to 18 months the 1080p IPS touchscreen is layered with Gorilla Glass 5 so it is scratch resistant and it can be switched into four different positions you get the standard laptop mode of course tablet mode stand mode and tenth mode you definitely have more options on how you want to watch or create content with e2 and one gram two very different laptops with different purposes thank you guys so much for watching as always and I will see you in the next one
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