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LG made a Huge and Fast gaming monitor (32GK850G)

what's up guys that protects artists and in this video we're gonna be taking a look at the new LG 32 G KB 850 you know I'm just gonna call it the 850 G it's a new 1440p g-sync monitor that has an achievable refresh rate of 165 Hertz I really enjoyed my time with it the past few weeks and I thought some of you would be interested in something like this so let's start off with B specs like I said it's a 1440p panel and it has a refresh rate of 144 Hertz out of the box but it is overclockable 265 Hertz it's not an ultra wide which was a little weird at first because I've been using the 38 you see 99 from LG for a while now but I would say I adjusted to the 16 by 9 aspect ratio fairly quickly it also has a 5 millisecond response time and it gets really bright at 315 it's so the monitor actually has a VA panel which offers pretty good colors but when looking at the screen from sharp angles I did notice a slight color shift I mean a VA panel is technically better than a TN panel when it comes to colors but if fall short when compared to an IPS display there is no noticeable backlight bleed which is great and the bezels around the panel are reasonably thin that 8 millimeters all around I tested the panel with a spider 5 device which is a professional monitor calibration tool and the results are as follows so the panel is capable of displaying 97% of srgb 74% of the ntsc and 78% of Adobe RGB not the highest of numbers but being a VA panel that was expected with the hue adjustments through the spider utility I was comfortable enough with the colors to use in post-production so the monitor stand is made out of plastic and it has this V shape to it which as this aggressive look and I've noticed this across most gaming monitors along with the overused black and red color scheme with a click of a button you can remove the stand to reveal a standard base amount but what the included stand we do get a good amount of adjustment the back of the monitor has a black matte plastic construction which feels very cheap but it doesn't really matter since you're not gonna be looking at it all the time I do have to say that the monitor doesn't wobble while I'm typing so the construction might look cheap but it's built really well the back is also where you will find this RGB ring something new that LG is doing this year on some other monitor lineups at first I thought it was a gimmick I mean why would you add RGB lights behind a monitor but when you actually put this against the white wall it gives off a light ambient effect behind your setup which is nice because you don't have to go out and buy extra RGB strips this can be controlled by the wheel underneath the front of the screen you can change the brightness as well as cycled through the different colors by pressing in there's red green Cayenne magenta we also got white daylight and dynamic which cycles through all the colors and also got a few other color options next to the wheel is where you'll find a joystick and this is how you navigate through the menu just like the previous monitors from LG it's very easy to navigate and this is where you're able to see your current settings switch through different profiles fine-tune settings like brightness contrast color temperature you can even add a crosshair to the center of the screen and most importantly overclock a display to 165 Hertz which of course is what I did immediately out of the box the i/o is also on the back and we get a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack which no one should be using at this point we also got an HDMI 1.4 port DisplayPort 1.2 and 2 USB 3.0 ports all right let's give into the actual usage it's hard to say if I actually saw a noticeable difference between 144 Hertz and a 165 Hertz panel or if it was just a placebo I mean there's definitely more of a difference when you're coming from a 60 Hertz panel to 144 hurts but 144 to 165 it's not so obvious even doing basic things like browsing the internet was a lot snappier coming from the 60 Hertz panel that I've been using at home playing games on ass monitor is awesome as expected especially if you have a high end GPU that can max games now if you can't take advantage of 165 frames with a 2560 by 1440 P resolution then this monitor is not for you it would be a complete waste of money especially considering that this is going for $800 it's not cheap and it's not for everyone I said who's this monitor for exactly well I would say it's for those PC enthusiasts out there looking for a well-built solid gaming monitor with all the bells and whistles someone who's not looking for an ultra-wide monitor and someone who doesn't care about any color sensitive work it's a beast gaming monitor and that's pretty much it Oh it also has RGB lights in the back there one time I need 32 inch gaming monitors out there with 165 first refresh rate and gsync and because of those specs it is a premium price now if you guys want to save money there are alternative versions that actually have smaller sizes with a hundred sixty five minutes of fresh rate and gsync which I will link below because the $800 to me honestly is still a little steep anyways that wraps up my review of the LG 850 G gaming monitor if this was at all helpful to you guys and you want to support the channel passing a like would be awesome and if you didn't like the video please leave a dislike I'll jump a link to the monitor down below if you guys want to check it out as always I love your faces I will see you in the next one
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