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LK Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard!? Bloody B820

what's up guys it's a from Texas and welcome back to another keyboard video but unlike the ones I've done in the past this one is going to be in the premium price range coming in at just $100 it will be interesting to see what we get for the extra money over something like the $25 Jellicoe mechanical keyboard I looked at not too long ago I'll drop a link below in case you guys missed that video so it comes in two variants the blue switch model that I have here as well as one with red switches inside the box we get a key cap remover as well as extra silicon caps that are orange I do enjoy the contrast between orange and black so I kept them on just for this video it comes with a 6 foot cable that extends out the back edge and it is graded for that extra durability on the back we find rubberized feet which look open to the side a benefit of this design is that they won't fold clothes when moving the keyboard around there are quick functions built into the keyboards memory but they are not labeled which is my first problem with this keyboard they did include a guide to the functions however and after a week I kind of memorized all the commands that I regularly use on a daily basis like the media controls we can also program our own commands in the downloadable software or you guys can even change the existing ones which is probably why they didn't label them but I still would have preferred to have an extra set of key caps with these box functions labeled on it after all I am paying around $100 bills keyboards the metal top plate is brushed aluminum and it is exposed at the top of the keyboard this in conjunction with the lower plastic section of the frame helps support and stabilize the body overall it's very solid and I wouldn't worry about any damages in the future if you end up dropping stuff on it so the lower section also incorporates channels that guide liquid out of the body that's pretty interesting there's also a nano coating over the PCB that repels water with these two features it's safe to say that this keyboard is water resistant VLK Biltz which is optical and this enables a point two millisecond response time combined that with the three millimeter of key travel distance and you get a keyboard that feels quicker than most keyboards out there and being optical switches they can't be damaged by any liquid because the actual light is registering the input the sound is very similar to the Cherry MX Blues but for lack of better word it feels softer the keys are rated for a million clicks further adding to the already great durability of the product the key dominator software really pulls everything in with a Marriott's of features and customization that can be accessed by the user we get seven built-in profiles in the bun tab which can be user customized with any key combination possible in the RGB animation tab are presented with ten RGB presets as well as the function key combinations that activate them we get ultimate control here as well with options to change each color a magnitude of effects and even the ability to import and export config files something unique that I haven't really seen anywhere else is the ability to change the keys color when pressed making for a cool effect through the micro tab we can assign a key to do anything with nuances like user specified the light input we also get the option of importing and exporting this data into either of the computer's memory or the keyboards own internal memory really fine-tuning the micro command has actually sped up our productivity we can now accomplish simple tasks with one click instead of running through multiple program menus we get all the software expected with premium hardware like this but with more nuance customizations that we don't see on some of the other mainstream options writing scripts was enjoyable but when a keyboard really shines is in gaming it's very sturdy with a braided cable we also got water resistance and solid construction making this keyboard last much longer than others the price is steep at $100 especially considering the very capable and much cheaper competition out there but if you guys want the best and won't settle for anything less this is definitely a strong competitor in the premium price range my overall rating is 8 out of 10 thank you guys so much for watching I'll drop a link to the keyboard down below if you want to check it out I will see you in the next video
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