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Lenovo Legion Y520 Gaming Laptop - Only $900?!

well guys it's a from sex toys and today we're gonna be taking a look at the new Lenovo Legion Y 520 gaming laptop that gives you an i-5 7300 HQ eight gigs of ram and a gtx 750ti for around nine hundred dollars that is a starting price and it does go up depending on what configuration you'd go with so I've been using laptop for about a week now and even though Lenovo Center South will review and sponsor this episode I will be sharing the things I don't like about this laptop as well as things I do like about it so that's it let's go ahead and start off with the build quality so the plastic frame throughout the laptop is actually built pretty sturdy with very little band where the keyboard is located the display however does have a little bit of flex which is to be expected on most laptops but nothing too flimsy one thing I noticed immediately is that the coating on the laptop attracts fingerprints and it also gets scratched easily as you can see the laptop has a few scratches aren't already from carrying it around in my backpack the hinge is built really well you can open the laptop with one hand very easily and your overall size and weight of the laptop is perfect for being mobile it's not too big or too heavy so you can throw it in your backpack when you're on the move the extremely thick bezel display has a 15.6 inch 1080p IPS panel with anti-glare coating which means that it's great for outdoor use or places where there is a lot of sunlight but with that anti-glare coating you don't get as vibrant colors or great viewing angles despite it being an IPS display but it's not really a big deal on a gaming laptop they did throw in a 720p 30fps camera near the top which surprisingly has good low-light performance compared to other laptops I've checked out on the channel oh yeah this is the camera on the Lenovo Legion Wi-Fi 20 and I'm going to take wiper blade you guys can hear the background noise the keyboard however is built very well there's this crimson red accent around each key as well as the trackpad the keys itself are backlit which is great for gaming at night and provide 1.7 millimeter of key travel which is satisfying to type on and provides great feedback you can also control the brightness of the backlighting from low to high by pressing down on the function and backspace key the numpad is sort of in a weird spot which took some getting used to but I love the fact that lenovo added LED indicators for the lem lock as well as the caps lock which surprisingly some manufacturers tend to ignore the trackpad is also nice it's very responsive with no lag and the taps register every single time the two buttons however do require a little extra force that I'm used to for it to register but I have no complaints and overall I'm actually a fan of a design of course being black in red is also a nice plus for me one of the features that shocked me about this laptop with is speakers they are actually pretty good I don't think I've ever heard better speakers on a gaming laptop until now and that's because they're a custom tuned with dual two watt Harman speakers with Dolby audio and there are actually fun firing speakers as well so you get the full audio experience so if you're someone that doesn't use headphones or even a gaming headset then you'll be pleased by the sound quality of these speakers can't you imminent destruction of everything we know and love business when it comes to connection the l├ęgion y 520 doesn't fall short on the left side we got the security lock followed by the charging port Ethernet and one USB followed by the headphone jack on the opposite side we got an hdmi two USB 3.0 ports a full-size SD card slot and a USB type-c port to access the internals you will need to remove 12 screws and pop off the back cover unfortunately the only Hardware you can replace or upgrade is the m2 SSD located on the left side the heat pipe and exhaust are also located near the back of the laptop so you won't feel any heat near your hands while gaming I was actually very impressed with the thermals I have gained for one hour straight and not once have I felt any heat coming my way one of the reasons for this is because the fans and vents are located close to the CPU and GPU so basically the hot air keeps on moving while the rear exhaust removes that heat so you can stay cool during those long gaming sessions the fan noise on the other hand is noticeable if there is no other sound present just like most laptops but if using headphones or even the speaker is on a laptop then you won't hear them at all here's a quick demonstration so this is how loud the fans get while gaming and as you can see there's no game sounds currently present now I'm going to turn on the game sound and play a little better you guys can hear defense good eyes on the target let's move submachine gun laptop does come with a 256 - goodbye PCIe SSD and this thing is wicked fast it literally takes around seven seconds to boot up all right let's talk gaming so what does the i5 7300 HQ paired with the gtx 1050 TI get you in games on GTA 5 high settings we get around 48 FPS without any lag or stutter however I was able to hit closer to 60 after lowering the settings to medium although 40 FPS is definitely still enjoyable for me csgo is a much lighter game so I was getting well over 100 FPS and max settings suddenly my skills have not improved from benchmarking this game multiple times overwatch is another game that's not as GPU intensive however I cranked up the settings to ultra just to see how well it would run and to my surprise I was hitting more than 50 fps if you want to hit that 60 mark lowering the settings to high or even medium will get you that extra push but I kept it on ultra because the FPS difference didn't really affect my gameplay at all battlefield 1 is a pretty intensive game however I was able to achieve 52 fps in high settings for the single-player campaign using DirectX 11 and finally we got Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon wildlands which is the most GPU intensive game in this list and because of that at the lower the settings to medium in order to achieve 44 FPS overall I was pretty happy with the gaming performance it delivered for a gaming laptop that costs under $1000 all the games I tested were playable in 1080p and this would be the perfect laptop on-the-go for anyone battery life was also fairly good in terms of everyday use and streaming video so I tested a laptop at 100% battery life for gaming and also streaming video and here are my findings screaming non-stop video will get you approximately 4 hours and 12 minutes until it dies from 100% full charge this was tested under a balanced power plan with 75% brightness gaming however was a different story so after gaming for 60 minutes on the dot the battery percentage dropped from 100% all the way down to 9 percent this was also tested under the balanced power plan and seventy-five percent brightness needless to say if you're going to be gaming on this laptop for more than an hour it's best to have it plugged in so to recap the video when we talking about the things I liked and the things I didn't like definitely a fan at the design it's got the cool looking black carbon fiber look for the surface as well as the red crimson outline around the key caps and the trackpad the build quality is also on the positive side with very little bang on the keyboard and the fact that I can open it with one hand is a nice plus the laptop doesn't get hot which I can appreciate on any mobile device the speakers are some of the best I've heard although I personally don't use a headset or even headphones so I feel like it's kind of wasted I much prefer to have crappy speakers and spend that extra money on a better GPU or CPU but I digress I also love typing on this keyboard and the trackpad is very accurate and responsive I have no complaints when it comes to the keyboard and trackpad the overall form factor and weight is perfect for travel and finally the performance the GTX 1050 is a tiny beast that can provide an enjoyable experience when it comes to gaming while the i5 7300 HQ does a great job on the productivity side not to mention incredibly fast 5 second boot time that was pretty impressive so things I didn't like the coating on the surface attracts fingerprints easily and I'm not sure how on earth the laptop got scratched so easily as well the display has thick bezels and the battery life is subpar when it comes to gaming on balance mode and finally there is pretty much no upgrade ability what you buy is what you get the storage is the only part that is easily accessible and replaceable so there are more positives than negatives when it comes to the Lenovo Legion Y 520 gaming laptop around manage dollars you guys get a solid built gaming laptop with great performance now if you're looking for something a little beefier you can upgrade the GPU to the gtx 1064 around $75 more and this will get you 60fps across most titles in high settings so you don't have to compromise the quality of the game but anyways that wraps up my honest review of the lenovo Legion Y 520 gaming laptop if you guys enjoy these types of review videos on laptops make sure to drop a like so that I know if you guys didn't enjoy the video feel free to dislike as well that is completely fine too I'll drop a link to the laptop below if you guys want to check it out a huge thing to Lenovo for sending this in and sponsoring this video thank you so much for watching and I'll see you the next one
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