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Level Up Your Rig Ep1 | PC Makeover with MathasGames ft. Samsung NVMe SSD 970 EVO

what's happening guys - tax arias welcome to my new series on the channel level up my wig it's very similar to setup makeover but instead of redoing the entire set up I'm gonna be focusing on upgrading the PC only I'm actually in Boston Massachusetts right now visiting Michael who has a gaming channel over 200,000 subscribers and apparently his PC is in need of an upgrade I do want to give a huge thanks to Samsung for sponsoring this episode and sending over their 97 the evil m2 SSD to help me level up his rig alright let's go check it out hey how are you good to meet you - this is Bob my cousin how's it going man good to meet you yeah this is her does she have a name it carries over from me being a kid so shadow is the car nigga very edgy very edgy alright yeah you weren't kidding it upgrade a bit of a mess in there Wow I gotta ask you one question hard way have you ever heard of an air duster I use my mouth a lot oh and do it and hope that works okay yeah definitely needs an upgrade so they call them right good I'm glad you agree so what exactly do you use your PC for basically it's it's my go to everything for work so recording video streaming editing video rendering out the the video afterwards it just it never stops work oh that was so speeding my John 24/7 yeah it's pretty much on 24/7 ok so now does it handle and gaming for example I'm guessing you play in 1080p yep I play and record in 1080p if I'm not recording at 1440 okay but even in both it's been struggling when I'm not recording I can go anywhere between depending on the game 40 to 60 frames a second once I flip on the recording software that dips it sits down Wow is it playable you would say wait while screaming it's playable depending on the game I have to be very picky and choosey about what I'm playing oh but you prefer obviously you my friend oh yeah I would I want to be able to run this thing at 60 plus you know yeah of course that yeah okay so Mike tell me how long does it usually take for shadow to boot up I mean if I was to average on this thing on boot up time anywhere between one to three minutes probably on average and then one to three minutes yeah yeah booting and then as far as the game depending on the game anywhere between thirty seconds to two minutes how much it needs to bring up it makes sense why you're keeping it on 24/7 yeah so has there ever been a time where lag has affected you at a very crucial moments from winning a game or to the next level yeah I'm sure there's plenty of it on film as well from me recording but yeah when I'm any any multiplayer competitive shooter online if the frames dip you're immediately not gonna be accurate and I've died more times than I can remember because I haven't been able to pull off the headshot that I was looking for at least hit the guy because it's stuttering it's being slow it's fighting me in every turn Jesus sucks yeah so I guess that's pretty much it let me do my thing come on work my magic I'm gonna bring you in afterwards and finally we'll deal the PC hopefully meets your standards I'm assuming well thanks I appreciate it do this okay so I pretty much all the parts I need to level up Mike's wig we're gonna be giving them a brand new CPU new motherboard and some new RAM also gonna be building inside in your case so long cosmetic upgrades as well the icing on the cake of course is the Samsung 97 the Evo m2 SSD it's going to be a huge upgrade compared to his current storage device the nine seven evil offers speeds up to thirty five hundred megabytes per second read and twenty five hundred right it's gonna allow Mike's PC to boot faster and load up applications and games faster as well it doesn't make sense having a beast gaming PC like this if you don't have the storage to complement it you know you really shouldn't cheap out on one of the most important pieces of any PC but anyways with that said I think it's time to level up Mike's rig let's do it I said a PCS finally done mike is outside waiting on my grab a little quick and see what he thinks of his new rig three two one what do you think you are a master of your craft it is gorgeous holy crap I haven't said a pc look like this since ever what did mean what the color scheme it's beautiful dude black and red is gorgeous more space that I've ever had in a PC before I love the see-through design God it looks great nice so I know you were using an older platform you were still on ddr3 so we went and upgrade you to something more recent we got you 267 GK skylake CPU which is using ddr4 memory and I expect actually the only thing we didn't upgrade was the graphics card and the power supply and you came in 1080p that card is still a piece so still gonna get the job done for you awesome we also updated your storage your PC is now using the new Samsung 970 Evo m2 SSD it's basically gonna run faster than before and you also have faster read and write speeds compared to before according to the crystal disk mark that we ran it's also gonna affect your gaming experience let's say you're playing a game and you got a load up a map or let's say you finished a mission and you got a move on to the next level well the 970 bow is gonna help you load a lot faster with those incredible speeds compared to your previous storage device that way you spend less time waiting and more time gaming it's also great for heavy workloads I know you told me you're youtuber also and you do editing as well yeah but the PC is my main central workforce man thing edits and renders and takes care of everything so it's perfect because the 97 Evo has this thing called turbo write technology which basically uses the correct buffer size to speed up the read and write speeds so it's perfect when transferring large files or using applications such as an editing software so your models pretty much it what do you think dude it's beautiful first thank you for coming here and building this thing for me I have never had a better-looking PC in my life and a big thanks to Samsung for the 970 Evo that thing is going to change my workload drastically awesome they will congratulations thank you very much sheet thank you guys so much for watching if you want to check out the 97 Evo I'll drop a link to it down below and also drop a like if you guys want to see more types of content like this let me know what you guys think about this PC also by leaving your feedback down below thanks again for watching and I'll see you the next one thank you
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