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Level Up Your Rig Ep2 | Team Build w/ Dom Esposito ft. Samsung NVMe SSD 970 EVO

what's happening guys the zapotec saw us walking back to my new series on the channel level up your rig I pretty much get the privilege of going into someone's house and upgrading their PC it's very similar to setup makeover but instead of upgrading the setup I'm gonna be focusing on upgrading the PC samsung has reached out to sponsor this video and they sent over their new 970 Evo to help me with the series so this episode's gonna be a little different because the person's PC I'm gonna be upgrading is Tom he's also a buddy of mine and he has a techie Tube channel as well and we're actually building the PC together but before all that Dom tell us a little bit about what you can be using this PC for well mainly I do a lot of editing and productivity type of stuff but I also like to game so I really want something that can handle both of those tasks fluidly awesome so we did talk a little bit about what parts we're gonna be using in your build we are going with the 8700 k-6 core processor it is unlocked and I'm going to overclocking it for you we're also gonna be throwing in 32 gigs of RAM to help you out with the productivity side and also a 6/10 atti to help you on the gaming side yeah having all these high-end parts are nice but the build is incomplete without a storage device to complement it the 970 bow will do just that well up to 34 hundred megabytes per second read and 2500 right so it's basically gonna boot your PC faster it's gonna load up your games and your applications faster and just increase your overall productivity flow that's kind of the purpose of this build you guys already know this is a tech source build so it's got to look good in the aesthetics department which is why we picked up some custom cables from kala mod and some other miscellaneous mods like a GPU backplate also I came up with this color scheme because of two reasons reason number one it's actually Dom's channel's theme and the reason number 2 is actually I sent out a survey on Twitter and you guys voted on a white and purple color scheme alright so with all that out of the way let's build a PC what do you say let's do it ladies and gentlemen I present to you Griffith a beautiful white and purple gaming and productivity PC so we overclock the 8700 K to 5.1 gigahertz using the NZXT camp software we also added some juice on the GPU as well now i know domme you had some time to test the pc around tell me how long it takes right out to boot your pc compared to the pc back at home so this guy boots in just about 12 seconds which is absolutely insane over the roughly 40 seconds it would take my other PC to boot so all around much improved that's a big difference actually well there's also a significant difference in loading games that also applies to loading maps and loading safe data so it's going to enhance your overall gaming experience so that way you spend less time waiting and more time gaming so I know you have a tech youtube channel as well Daum and you edit videos for a living how has the 97 Evo helped you on the productivity side well seriously because this thing is so fast not only do I get faster launch times for like applications like Adobe Premiere but also opening up projects is a lot faster and even exporting projects because of the ridiculous read and write speeds on this em--to drive is just fast all around and definitely enhances my productivity so the reason why you're actually noticing a difference in speed does not only due to the higher read and write speeds but also because of the intelligent turbo write technology the 97 Evo basically identifies the user workload and gives it the appropriate buffer to simplify things it works great on their heavy workload so it's perfect for editing videos and also using any software that's the back beat so that about wraps up the video Dom what do you think of your new see well it matches the channel colors it's super fast and I'm excited to put this 970 Evo to the test with my editing and gaming so thank you so much for that hey welcome to enjoy your PC man thank you guys so much for watching let me know your feedback on Damas pc by dropping your comment down below also leave a like if you guys want to see be continuous series on the channel and also I'll drop a link to the 97 Evo and that to SSD down below so make sure to check them out thanks again for watching I'll see you in the next one
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