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Loot Crate Unboxing - November

what's up guys it's dead back again from text source I'm actually doing something a little different on my channel something I've never done before I'm gonna be in boxing the first ever loot crate and for those you guys I don't know what that is it's basically a subscription service that sends you a box aka loot crate every single month with a bunch of really cool stuff they even have limited edition crates that are available sometimes right now they have one for black ops 3 star wars and even one for my anime fans out there you always get something new each month and they are partnered with a lot of big companies to get you exclusive products but for this month I'm gonna be checking out the November is loot crate and for those of you guys are interested in checking them out I'll drop a link down below alright so let's get to the unboxing of this popping open the flap we are immediately greeted with some shades shredder shades to be exact which is basically some purple glasses hooked up to a plastic crown here's one for any teenage mutant ninja turtles fan next up is the cute but deadly figures from blizzard entertainment there are actually a few different figurines you can collect but I got 02 and mine what I love about these loot crate says that they always pack in a bunch of cool stuff so there's a good chance that there are some things in here that everyone would enjoy like this vault boy bobblehead this is definitely something that fallout fans would appreciate the quality of these products are also amazing it really do pay attention to detail so moving on to the other stuff they also included a mockingjay pin from the blockbuster movie franchise The Hunger Games and by the way all of the items that each loop crates are valued way above the actual cost that you are paying for them each month in addition to the little figures I also receive a 2d graphic of some of the iconic characters from the blizzard games you have Illidan deathwing Arthur's Diablo terial some zergling and whatever that is in the form of a magnet you also get a newsletter from loot crate showing other products prizes and other cool info lastly I received a small button for the November theme and a pretty sweet Street Fighter comic book after all the theme is combat but like I said every month is different and you always get more than what you pay for so there you have it the November's loot crate a bunch of really cool stuff that brings out your inner geek all these items are exclusive so you won't find them anywhere else so I'll definitely give them a try guys I'm sure it's something you look forward to unboxing every single month but I'll drop a link down below if anyone is interested as always thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video it's actually pretty cool
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