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MOAR Acoustic Foams! - VLOG #6

ladies and gentlemen inside here you will find $1,000 iPhone 6s case now I gotta show you yet so yeah there is a $1,000 iPhone 6s case in that little box there unfortunately I can't make the video because I don't have an iPhone 6s I should did a giveaway on a success and a 6s plus back in September or October so I'm fresh outta phones so now we're going to go to the Apple store and pick one up so I can make the video but first we gotta have breakfast just finished eating before we have to the mall gotta put on some clothes much better she always does this we're just going to the mall why made it to the North Ridge Mall and I just realized that is the day after Black Friday and it's extremely packed people people everywhere but yeah I'm no choice I've to get the phone now so I can work on the video this weekend so I'm just going to top it up hopefully everything goes smoothly so it was a great feeling unboxing something brand new don't you think voila brand new iPhone 6s Space Gray all right so I got both of the iPhone 6s and the titanium iPhone 6s case and all I'm gonna be waiting for right now is the skins from be banned so I can start on this video it's going to be a very interesting video I should say so hopefully I'll be done with this and give it to you guys by Wednesday hopefully so since I'm waiting for the skins from the brand I'm going to take this time to work on the setup wars video for this coming Monday and also for the following money because I'm going to be leaving for Canada on December 4th to the 6th for the LG's Dream Center party so I need to get those videos done before I head out so actually before I begin the setup wars video I picked this thing up the leveler or level rule or whatever its called am I going to straighten my acoustic foams because I thought you guys many times it's crooked and it's bothering me so finally today I have some time if you take it apart and then strain them or at least make them as parallel as possible to the table into the monitor so let's do this so yeah as expected there is some pieces left over from the tape and honestly it's not as bad as I expected this is uh this is doable but yeah I'm warning for anyone that's going to be using some 3m spray adhesive this is what's gonna happen to your wall you have some pieces of foam stuck to it that you can either scrape off or well you have to scrape this off of course and then repaint the wall but for now I'm just going to go ahead and scrape some of these off and then go ahead and put these on the right way all right so after an hour of scraping I managed to peel off the large foams that are sticking out these are just the I guess some of the pieces that's left over but that's completely fine because I'm just gonna go ahead and glue these over them so it's not really gonna be an issue so I figured out the problem check this out guys so this is technically straight according to the ruler check it out that is perfectly centered my subscriber plaque is perfectly centered and basically all the cushions are perfectly centered as you can tell now moving back putting this on my monitor it is perfectly centered now check this up I put it on my table and it's not perfectly centered so this entire time my table is either crooked or it's the floor but because of that this won't really look parallel to the floor it will only look parallel to the monitor as you can tell the bottom portion of the monitor and the desk or even the speaker you can tell it's kind of off so yeah that's driving me crazy and I saw I can never win but you know I'm just going to finish this up because it's already halfway done all right so I decided to cover the entire top row as you can see and then maybe add some on the side so I'm going to go with the flow and see what happens this is what I came up with so far looks pretty cool I guess so everything's straight I mean everything's I don't know let's it's weird but but I don't know what it I don't what else to tell you guys I use the ruler it's straight according to the ruler but either the ground or the wall is crooked but overall I'm happy with design I think this looks pretty cool I'm just leave it at that and stop messing with it I'll have to raise the left side a bit more to make it make it even if I don't know I'm done I'm tired I'm exhausted I'm gonna go to end this vlog thank you guys so much for watching as always if you enjoy these make sure that that like button and I'll see you in the next video
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