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MSI AEGIS Gaming Desktop | 4k Gaming!

what's up guys is that from Texas and today we're going to be taking a look at MSI's aigis gaming PC now I do have the a STI at the headquarters as well so if you guys are excited for that video be sure to hit that like button but the model I'm checking out today has a 6700 be 150 motherboard 16 gigs of ram rated at 21 33 megahertz and an msi gtx 1070 for storage there is a single 256 gigabyte SSD and a 2 terabyte hard drive that's just one of the many configurations that come with the aigis but there are more affordable options available and I'll drop a link to them down below if you guys want to check them out aesthetically it's not a bad looking PC I guess it depends on who you ask but I think it looks pretty dope the first thing I noticed is that the side panel that shows up the GPU is on the right side if you're looking at it directly which means that the people who keep their PCs on the right side of their desk won't be able to see that other than that there's not much else on the left side other than a small cutout with a red transparent window in the front is where the CD tray is located for those that still use CDs or DVDs and below that on the right side is the power button and the audio jacks for both the headphone and microphone on the opposite side you will find two USB 3.0 ports and one USB type-c additionally the USB ports feature MSI's supercharger 2 which provides 10 times more power to the USB devices compared to traditional USB ports essentially this is similar to quick charge 2.0 allowing certain devices to charge at a faster rate the power n is located near the bottom and on the back of this unique-looking stand and believe it or not it actually uses only a 350 watt power supply one of the things I really like about the design is the handle up top which makes it extremely easy to grab and carry around the aigis does come with some pre-loaded software which by the way can be uninstalled if you don't end up using any of them but the ones that I found useful are the DVD burner gaming center dragon eye and the now hemic audio program the gaming center gives you access to mystic light which lets you change the LEDs in the front of the PC unfortunately you can't set a single static color and instead you can only select a pair of colors together you can however give it some special effects like the gradient which will cycle through all the colors and the breathing effect that slowly pulsates in and out dragon eye is also pretty cool it basically lets you watch movies or stream while you are playing your favorite games this is ideal for gamers that only have one monitor and finally the nahee make audio enhanced program essentially gives you a ton of options to modify the sound that goes through your headphones or speakers for both gaming or multimedia some of the settings you can adjust are the bass treble voice clarity or even given a virtual surround effect so Before we jump into the benchmarks this is how quiet it is even under full load so there you have it some pretty solid numbers all around in fact if you guys want a game in 4k resolution well above 60fps then I would recommend dropping down the settings a bit because the games I tested in the benchmark were actually fully maxed out so yeah 4k gaming is definitely doable with the MSI I guess but I'll do for this video as always theme guys so much for watching if you guys are interested in checking out the MSI acres gaming PC I'll drop a link to it down below as always thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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