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MSI Booth at CES 2018!

our coverage for CES 2018 is made possible by deep cool and MSI right now there's an awesome giveaway on the new msi optics curved gaming monitor and all you have to do to enter is drop a like and leave a comment down below on what you enjoyed about today's video you can increase your chances of winning by leaving a like and comment on every single CES video throughout this week on tech source so there weren't that many new products showcased at the msi booth is here however we do have some exciting stuff like their mystic light sync which is a software that allows you to not only change the colors of the motherboard but also gives you the ability to change the colors of the peripherals connected to the motherboard it could be anything from the case to the RAM CPU cooler keyboard and even Mouse they are working with several partners to increase their compatibility list however at this demo we have Corsair gear connected and with a simple touch of a button all the colors can be changed you can even add special effects to the lighting but I really like what msi is doing for gamers out there making it a lot easier to sync everything up together instead of having to download extra applications for each separate component msi was also showcasing their z 370 god-like gaming motherboard which was a winner of the CES Innovation Awards as well so this is their enthusiast level Z 370 board that features triple turbo and two slots we got built-in Wi-Fi with a wireless extender four dimm slots and support for Quad SLI or 3-way crossfire as far as aesthetics I think is a really good looking motherboard with neutral colors and those giant heat sinks covered and RGB lighting I'll leave links below if you want to check that out and they're also showcasing their X 299 X power gaming AC motherboard that's equipped with a 79 80 X II which is an 18 core processor and what they wanted to demonstrate here was the overclocking features of this board well this motherboard actually makes it very easy to overclock with a press of a button once you access the BIOS all you have to do is click on the game boost and select a number based on how aggressive you want the overclock set to and the system will automatically overclock the CPU now we're trying to get the most out of the processor while maintaining a stable frequency as you guys can see in this video the 79 80 X C is actually overclocked to 4 point nine gigahertz this is definitely a nice tool for beginners and is for people that don't have the time to spend or just don't care enough to learn how to overclock I will be checking out their new monitor in the next video so make sure you guys stick around thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one
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