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MSI Gaming Desktops Overview | CES 2017

huge thanks to D brand n MSI for sponsoring our trip to CES 2017 if you're looking to spice up your device with the best skins out there then the brand is where it's at not only do they provide the most precise fit out there but they offer a variety of colors and materials to choose from for tons of products out there if you guys are interested in spicing up your device make sure to visit them by clicking on the link below what's up guys it's a from Texas and I'm back again from the msi booth here at CES but this time we're gonna be taking a look at a few of the new desktops that are launching this year with Intel's newest 7 gen processors now I'm going to start to introduce - the most powerful MSI gaming desktop PC and it's called the ages ti3 and also it's the most powerful in the MSI desktop so you can see right here we're not just refreshed about our ID we also have a lot of the upgrade any like multiple and other designs so the first one you can see right here now we got more colorful about the mystic line and also we put some mystical eye on the VGA card side so you can see right here it would be more colorful so we use the PCIe transform card to let the VGA card become the vertical so it won't cause we can avoid the VGA card weight and the gravity to cause damage on motherboards paint all of our MSI gaming desktop we're going to use is going to use the MSI gaming vga card and also we have the passage step that you can hang your hair like another biggest feature is the silenced own cooling in order to make our MSI gaming PC more more cooler more quiet and cooler so we separate the desktop into three chamber three chambers yes because we need we want to ensure that every key component in MSI desktop would be well prepared for the cooling all of the MSI desktop will come with the VR link and plug in and our software is called the gaming center it will pop up and there's a function called one-click to VR the one-click to VR we're going to optimize the MSI desktop into the best environment for VR device we can let the end-user easy to upgrade their memories or even with the MW PCIe SSD and also our H STI we're going to have a overclocking as you know and in cable a we're not only maintain the CPUs 24.6 we upgrade the overclocking to that the ages ti3 can have the CPU like 4.8 we can come over for the ages x3 HS x3 will come with the z2 70 multiple ok it will come with the vertical design so a user won't have to worry about pending the multiple ages actually will come with the MSI customized water cooling system okay good pulling we ensure that VGA card will have its own cooling system and also the VR link of course so this one we also have to refresh its ID so you can see right here even with the Nibelung meaning we still have to be our link and also the VGA is come with the vertical design what our GPU is this one running this one it would be the 1070 yeah and the multiple will come with the z250 let's go to tried it right yeah my favorite yeah my personal favorite my personal favor as well anybody who don't know about to try to make consider it as a console box but it it isn't it is a totally full system for MSI gaming desktop the Triton 3 is the world smallest we are ready gaming pc trident 3 will come with the i7 and i5 CPU of the cable a and the graphic are going to come with the 1066 key bye-bye we will have a 10-7 eventually like in march and also it will come with the VR link as well the Trident will come with the silenced own cooling tube because we we still will separate into two chambers and right here it should be a bottle will be the MSI gaming graphic card and the top will be the CPU so that will do for us at the msi booth here at CES as always makes you guys stick around for more CES coverage thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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