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MSI Product Overview | CES 2017

huge thanks to D brand n MSI for sponsoring our trip to CES 2017 if you're looking to spice up your device with the best skins out there then the brand is where it's at not only do they provide the most precise fit out there but they offer a variety of colors and materials to choose from for tons of products out there if you guys are interested in spicing up your device make sure to visit them by clicking on the link below so here we are at the msi booth and CES 2017 and msi has managed to amaze me at how many products they have unveiled to kick things off they introduced an entirely new lineup of their z2 70 motherboards for Intel seventh gen cabby Lake processors amis I unveil a ton of new motherboards that covers all types of gamers and I will be doing a video just on their motherboards so be sure to stick around for that a really cool feature that was introduced to their lineup of boards was an MDOT to shield which may not seem interesting but it definitely caught my attention the shield is used not only to protect the SSDs against thermal throttling but it's also used to cover up the ugly PCB that is present on most MDOT twos this results in two better-looking pcs another cool feature is their VR boost which helps deliver a lag free VR experience with lower latency and less chance of motion sickness on top of all that these motherboards look insane I would gladly use any of these in my own personal build they have a variety of color schemes to choose from and some even come with RGB lighting like their gaming m7 and gaming Pro carbon motherboards MSI also announced a plethora of gaming laptops with Intel 7 gen CPUs these laptops are expected to increase up to 25% and just cpu performance these new laptops also come with and videos new GT x 1050 TI one thing msi emphasized during this press event is that they're not only focusing on performance but audio as well which is why their new lineup of laptops will feature ESS saber hi fight technology which is essentially a high resolution audio they showed a demo between regular audio and their high res audio and there was definitely a noticeable difference when PC brands focus on every detail like this it really separates them from the competition and that's what I love to see they also unveiled an all-new lineup of gaming desktops as well some of which have been refreshed with the new z2 70 motherboard the Aegis series are at the top of MSI's gaming desktop lineup they've got the new knight blades which feature both an update exterior and interior design while the Triton series still remain as the world's smallest VR ready PC to date the only difference is that it now features until seventh gen CPUs MSI Gus also shows some promise by offering a choice within gamers who want additional graphics power whether you are stuck with a laptop with no GPU or just aren't happy with the performance you have right now you can actually hook this thing up via Thunderbolt and immediately take advantage of a more powerful graphics card msi is also finally unveiled their new CPU cooler which was kind of hinted at Computex last year and are calling it the core frozen which honestly looks like a badass CPU cooler and it's perfect for anyone that wants to keep the color scheme of their PC consistent it comes with replaceable side plates and either white or black which is really cool and in terms of acoustics it's said to be very quiet and attempts are similar if not cooler than other CPU coolers within the same bracket and finally they announced a few gaming gears the GH 70 gaming headset which features HiFi sound virtual surround sound and RGB lighting then we got the clutch gm7 II gaming mouse which has an 18,000 dpi optical sensor full RGB mystic lighting and it can be used both wired or wirelessly by disconnecting the cable on the mouse and lastly they have two mechanical gaming keyboards the vigor GK 80 and the GK 70 that features the new cherry MX silver speed switches the GK 80 comes with a detachable wrist rest and has an aluminum chassis but if you guys want to see comparison between the two let me know in the comments below that pretty much wraps up this overview from the msi booth here at CES 2017 make sure you guys stick around for more CES coverage thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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