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MSI Trident Mafia 3 Edition | Review

what's up guys it's Seth from Texas and in this video we're going to be taking a look at one of the smallest the V already gaming pcs ever created ladies and gentleman this is the msi trident and this thing packs some serious power so it starts at 899 MSRP but the model I'm featuring in this video has an i7 6700 which is paired with a custom MSI GTX 1060 it also has eight gigs of ram which can be upgraded to 32 gigs and for storage it has a single one terabyte hard drive and a 256 gigabyte m2 SSD now if I were to build a custom PC with all of these specs it would come out to a little over 900 so surprisingly this isn't overpriced what you are paying extra for in this case is the warranty and extremely quiet and portable form factor not to mention you get a free copy of mafia 3 with your purchase speaking of free copies MSI is actually giving out 20-game codes for mafia 3 and more info on that later in this video the msi trident only weighs just under 7 pounds and it's actually small enough to fit most conventional backpacks making it perfect for travel design-wise it's actually pretty cool-looking although I'm not too sure about the Mafia 3 arts I personally would have preferred the default brushed aluminum black look instead there are four rubber feet near the back if you decide to lay the PC down or you can even stand it up vertically with the included base there's also a triangular LED section on the PC and you can change the colors using the MSI gaming center app which comes pre-loaded with the software near the top is where the power button is located and further down on the front end is where you'll find a plethora of ports for easy access audio jacks USB type-c 2 USB 3.1 and an HDMI out for VR but it doesn't stop there you also get a ton of ports near the back out of the GPU you get the usual DisplayPort 1.4 HDMI 2.0 B and the dual link DVI further up is a set of USB 2.0 ports your an Ethernet another USB 3 HDMI as well and also audio jacks with the Trident comes MSI's exclusive cooling technology which they are calling silent storm cooling - this features two independent chambers for CPU and GPU cooling this way each component has the own separated airflow and surprisingly this isn't a marketing term it actually works during idle the CPU gets up to 42 degrees Celsius and on full load it spikes up to 78 degrees which is actually pretty good considering the size of the case and the fact that you have all these components cramped up inside and finally let's take a look at the gaming benchmarks all these are done in 1080p there you have a guy this little thing can get you over 60 FPS and high settings on most triple-a titles and on some other games you might need to adjust the settings a bit if you want over 60 fps honestly this is something I would buy either for myself or for a gift the price is not that far off compared to a custom-built PC as I've shown you guys in the beginning of the video the fact that this tiny thing packs this much power and still remains cool and quiet is very impressive so with that said if you guys are looking around for a VR ready gaming PC for travel or maybe you're just shopping around for your first ever gaming PC and I strongly recommend you guys to at least check out the msi trident i'll drop a link to it down below and now for the giveaway guys i told you earlier that msi is giving away 20 copies of mafia 3 and for the instructions all you have to do is click on the gleam link down below and follow those instructions announce the winners on the end of November on my Twitter account so make sure you guys are following me there I want to give a huge thanks to them aside for setting this out for review as always thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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