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MSI Z270 Motherboard Overview | CES 2017

huge thanks to D brand n MSI for sponsoring our trip to CES 2017 if you're looking to spice up your device with the best skins out there then the brand is where it's at not only do they provide the most precise fit out there but they offer a variety of colors and materials to choose from for tons of products out there if you guys are interested in spicing up your device make sure to visit them by clicking on the link below what's up guys it's ed from tech source and I'm here at the MSI booth at CES where they unveiled a new lineup of motherboards for Intel seventh gen CPUs but see too much to go over in a single video so expect some more reviews on the channel in a few months so there are four different categories of motherboards the enthusiast which is their top of the line high end boards with all the bells and whistles which is perfect for water cooling SLI and just pushing your system to its limits then you got the performance gaming series which is a step down but still offers most of the features you would find from the enthusiast series and then you have the arsenal which is what most people might be interested in it won't break the bank but will offer gamers all the essential features to build a powerful rig then you have the pro series which are for productivity and gaming as well maybe you want the best of both worlds and don't want to compromise well the pro series will do just that I'm definitely loving MSI's new motherboard design I think they were aiming for more of a futuristic look with an aggressive heat shield design some might not like it but personally I'm a big fan it features RGB lighting of course so you don't have to settle down with a specific color scheme and features the new m dot to shield which is basically a steel plate that covers the m2 SSD preventing it from overheating which can reduce performance another awesome feature of the gaming m7 is their audio boost for pro which has two dedicated audio processors for better sound this essentially eliminates the need of adding a sound board like I said earlier the enthusiast boards are for people who demand the best of the best with no compromises if an all black PCB isn't your thing they also have the X power gaming titanium which has an all-white PCB and black and white heat spreaders absolutely stunning and perfect for a white and black or even silver build z2 70 gaming pro carbon from their arsenal lineup is more for mainstream gamers since it won't destroy your wallet but it will still give you most of the features you expect for a gaming PC without much compromise you still get us a life support RGB lighting and I'm not to shield with steel armor reinforced PCI slots as well I also like the old black PCB with carbon-fiber accents on the heat spreaders you guys know that I'm a huge fan of carbon fibre so this is actually something I would put in my own personal build as I mentioned before if you guys want to see some of these motherboards in action be sure to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss out and if you want to check out their motherboards I'll have it linked down below thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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