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MSI Z390 Motherboards + DUKE RTX 2080Ti - Unboxing and Overview

what's happening is ad from Texas so Intel just announced a new ninth generation CPUs which go on sale this October 19th and obviously with every new CPU launch comes new motherboards the Z 390 chipset I do have a few motherboards from aside that we're going to be unboxing and taking a closer look at as well as the msi duke RT x 2080 TI which you can expect in an upcoming build so yeah with that said let's take a closer look if you guys want to find the best deals on tech make sure to check out deal source tech we have a team of ambassadors constantly searching the internet and uploading the best deals multiple times a day across the US UK Canada and even Germany anything from PC parts to TVs even Windows CD keys you will find them all on BL source tech check out the link below if you're interested so here's a full list of the CPUs that are launching with the 9900 Kay being on the top it's an eighth course sixteen thread CPU that comes out of the box with a 5 gigahertz turbo clock on two cores they also have slightly higher l3 cache 60 megabytes on the 9900 k-8 core compared to only 12 megabytes from the 8700 k-6 core so aside from the obvious speed bump coming from the eighth generation CPUs what you guys can expect on the newer ninth gems is better thermals and better overclocking Headroom the reason for this is that until now solders the IHS directly to the core they're calling it stem also known as solar thermal interface material in addition to being compatible with the new Z 390 chipset you can also use the 9 generation CPUs with any other Intel 300 series chipset now one of the main differences jumping to the new Z 390 platform is that now you get native USB 3.1 gen2 support so chipset PCIe lanes won't be wasted on secondary controllers anymore also Intel promises wireless AC and next-gen wireless connectivity which includes gigabit speed and you can expect to see support for those on the new Z 390 boards as well so I got three boards femicide that we're gonna unbox and check out starting with the mag is III 90 god-like which is currently am sighs most expensive Z 390 board so let me put these aside and take a look at this baby so the godlike is obviously for the enthusiasts out there who want all the bells and whistles in a motherboard and they don't mind paying extra for it I think this currently retails for around $600 and the price might go down as more as Z 390 boards are available in the market all right so these are all accessories that come with a board including an expansion card for m2 SSDs and a screaming boost card which is essentially a capture card for screamers all right let's take a closer look at this piece this is a hefty board Wow it's not a bad looking board I do love the neutral color scheme and noticing that most manufacturers are taking this approach which makes sense give us a neutral color like this on a motherboard with RGB so that way we can be in control and decide what to go with that way it matches our color scheme so props to MSI for finally going with a neutral color scheme so the extent that heatsink design is nice it's got a pretty good coverage for the V RMS I'm actually curious to see how hot they get the X 299 platform from MSI was notorious for having extremely hot V RMS in fact the PC I'm using has an X 299 gaming + motherboard and right now the V RMS are hitting 100 degrees Celsius on my 18 core CPU the 79 80 XC which is deleted and overclocked to 4.7 piga hurts it is extremely hot so I'm curious to see how the temps do on the new z3 19 chipset now homicide does claim that the 26% bigger design will bring 8 to 10 degrees Celsius cooler temps but we will see if that's even true so the board has four PCI slots so you can do two-way SLI or four-way crossfire it's got four dimm slots I think up to 4600 megahertz which is ridiculous and you also have support for 3m tubes over here and you have an additional two and that two slots if you guys use the expansion hard it also looks like they kind of redesign at their MDOT to shields they're calling it the shield froze at this time and the big difference coming from their previous boards which honestly didn't do much the thermals is that now they're doing thermal pads on the top and the bottom so it's going to be managing the SSD and they're claiming it's going to keep thermals low and prevent the SSD from throttling I love that this board comes with two eight pin EPS power connectors for the CPU an additional six pin for the PCI slots it's also got a sixteen power phase design needless to say overclocking should be very stable and easy on this board I do like the steel armor around the PCI slots which will protect it from getting damaged over time believe it or not I have seen heavy GPUs bend at the PCI slot over time so this is a really nice addition now when it comes to connectivity on this board you will not be disappointed first of all I want to point out that I love the built-in IO shield it's always annoying when I'm installing the IO shield every time I build a PC it might not bother a lot of people out there but it bothers me guys you might think I'm crazy but having an i/o shield already built in a motherboard makes my life so much easier just the little things that make me really happy anyways back here you'll find five USB 3.1 ports a single USB type-c you get two Ethernet ports with built-in wireless AC which can be extended via the antenna you also get an optical out for audio and something that I haven't seen before on the motherboard a six point three millimeter headphone jack usually professional headphones that I use to monitor audio use this type of jack but if you guys are using a regular headphone or a gaming headset with a 3.5 millimeter jack then you can actually use the adapter that's included with the motherboard now for the front panel you not only get two USB three connectors but also two USB type-c ports as well once again if you're buying this board you're obviously building a high-end PC in a premium Tower probably with multiple type-c ports actually I would even say this is a waste of money if you're not gonna even water cool your PC this motherboard is perfect for a water-cooled build that has a ton of fan headers you get a dedicated pump header up top alongside five fan headers and you get four more across the board for a total of 10 there is one cool thing I like about the motherboard and is the LCD display right here on the side so this will basically light up and give you useful information about the board for example if there's something wrong with a specific part they will show an icon and tell you which part it is for example you can see here it says CPU obviously I don't have a CPU installed so there's something wrong with the CPU and I should probably go and check that out it just makes it that much easier to read and understand that way you can diagnose your PC and figure out what the actual issue is instead of looking up some codes and then trying to figure out what those codes mean so I think that's really cool you can even customize the display to show Hardware informations like temperatures of your PC and the coolest thing I think is that you can even put custom shift profiles on there so guys that is the msi god-like motherboard stepping down a bit we have the msi meg zi 390 ace now this is their mid tier board and it doesn't quite offer all the bells and whistles like the godlike but it does give you all the necessary features to still build an epic high-end PC instead of a 16 powder face design you guys get only 12 but you still get the 2 8 pin EPC powder connector for overclocking and everything else is pretty much the same same amount of them slots you get the same amount of em to support the only thing is you have one last PCI slot coming down from God light board you still get a similar heatsink design with the dragon logo and a neutral gunmetal color scheme and RGB lighting of course but you'll start to see less connectivity and features as you move down with each tier for example you only get one frozen shield for your MDOT 2 slots you get no LCD screen for troubleshooting and you have dot to support down here honestly if you guys ask me I think that the ACE board offers the most value because you still get most of the features coming from the godlike and it's like half the cost built-in wireless AC you got great overclocking support 3m 2 slots 2 USB 3 headers which one of them has moved to the bottom I don't know why and personally I'm not a fan of that but whatever and for I should be lighting unfortunately it's only the infinity mirror on this side the dragon logo doesn't light up like it does on god-like and oh and you still get the pre-installed i/o shield so yeah for the money I feel like this is a well-rounded balanced motherboard that gives you pretty much whatever you need to build a solid gaming PC and finally we got the gaming AC which is targeted for the mainstream gamers out there it costs a little under $200 and offers all the essential features for any gaming PC you get a 5 power phase delivery with an 8 plus 2 pin EPC power for the CPU which is good enough to get a nice overclock with a decent cooler just don't expect any world record you still get four dimm slots support for 2 m dot 2 SSDs and 3 PCI slots but you only get one USB 3 header and one USB type-c for the front panel of the case however you do have an extra USB type-c in the rear i/o speaking of the rear i/o this board also comes with a built-in wireless AC I mean it doesn't look as good as the other boards and it doesn't have much RGB lighting just on the side of the board but it will get the job done and it will save you money in the process this is pretty much for the average everyday gamer so to recap gamers who are on a budget looking for a solid motherboard for gaming that aren't looking for anything extra or over the top then the gaming edge AC is what you're looking for now people have a slightly higher budget and are looking to do a high-end build maybe they're doing SLI or crossfire maybe even a water-cooled build and they want extra features and extra ports and slots and connectivity all that jazz then the Z 398 should be on your list and finally the ballers out there who don't care about the money you just want the best of the best out there no matter the cost well you already know last but not least let's take a look at the msi duke r-tx 20 80 TI and also guys let me know in the comments section which motherboard I should use and pair it with the 20 80 TI for my next build comment down below let's pop this baby open and take a look this is actually the first r-tx 2080 card I have unboxed on the channel now that I think about it beautiful yeah this is pretty heavy which makes sense why there's a GPU sag tool that comes with this card it's not a bad looking card to be honest triple fan design you got two eight pin PCI connectors for power delivery it also looks like it's a two and a half PCI slot card so it's gonna take up some space on the motherboard I can't elite Auk much about performance or cooling since I just got the card obviously this is the overclocked version which means it comes out of the box overclocked at sixteen sixty five megahertz for the boost compared to sixteen thirty five megahertz from the regular one that's interesting that's only like a thirty megahertz offset on the clock speed why would anyone pay extra money for an overclocked version when they can do that so easily using MSI Afterburner but anyways I digress that pretty much wraps up this video I hope you guys enjoyed it or if it was at all somewhat helpful on the signing of what motherboard you guys should pick up with your next build if you guys enjoyed this types of videos make sure to leave a like then I can continue to do more of these and also let me know which motherboard I should use in my upcoming build in the comment section I love your faces as always thank you guys so much for watching I'll drop a link to all the parts featured in this video down below of course as always and I'll see you in the next one
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