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MSI has cool new Monitors!

huge thanks to msi for sponsoring a trip to CES for a chance to win MSI's new tried an ex gaming pc all you have to do is like the video and leave a comment on what you are most excited about in today's video MSI has announced two ultra wide monitors along with their new trident x plus gaming pc at CES this year the first ultra light is aimed towards content creators and i gotta say it looks very clean with the old white body and a rectangular base if not to turn off for you then you can remove the base and mount it on the wall or your desk because it is basic compatible so this is a flat 34 inch 5k ultra ride with the same 21 by 9 ratio that you see across most ultra lights however you get a much higher resolution this time a 50 120 by 2160 so you have way more screen real estate vertically and horizontally to work with it also has a 60 years refresh rate and a 5 millisecond response time on a nano IPS display the monitor does come calibrated out of the box with a dcpip 98% rating so it's great for color sensitive work and they also threw in display HDR support as well I was shocked to find out that this monitor doesn't have a thunderbolt report considering the price of $1,800 I expected to find one don't get me wrong it's a great looking monitor targeted for content creators but I'm afraid that price tag might be a turn-off for a lot of people especially considering that LG also has a 5k ultra ride that costs a lot less it's available somewhere between June and July this year if you're interested in picking it up next up is MSI's newest ultra wide gaming monitor so this is a 34 inch ultra wide curved monitor with a 34 40 by 1440 VA panel and LED backlighting it has 144 Hertz refresh rate and a 100 millisecond response time however they didn't mention if it's overclockable I would assume that 165 Hertz is achievable the design is very similar to their optics lineup it's got an old black body with RGB bars however this time they included a microphone in the worst spot possible I'm not really sure what the design team was thinking because you have to really tilt the monitor so that the camera is facing you personally I wouldn't even add a webcam on a gaming monitor since a lot of people use their own anyways speaking of webcams the monitor also comes with a camera you can clip on the top it does support vase amounting and I like the fact that they included a detachable Mouse bungee right on the monitor itself that way you'll have a much cleaner surface on your desk this monitor is going for $8.99 and will launch sometime in June or July of this year the monitor also comes with a built-in microphone which I'm told will be used with AI integration basically there's going to be some sort of voice assistance like Alexa or even Google assistant that you guys can talk to and you can basically change the settings on the monitor and a desktop PC which i think is pretty interesting Imus I also introduced a new Trident desktop PC so this is the new Trident x+ featuring the new ninth of June processors and r-tx graphics cards and you guys can get them in many different configurations the Trident X plus features the new silent storm cooling 3 which is essentially three separated cooling chambers for the GPU CPU and power supply they definitely improved the design coming from last year's it now has tempered glass panels better RGB lighting and it's really easy to access the components if you decide to upgrade the Triton X + is targeted for gamers who prefer a powerful gaming PC and a tiny portable form factor and it's already available for purchase and that's it for my coverage at msi suite at CES then you guys so much for watching as always I will see you in the next one
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