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MSI's new RGB Gaming Monitors!

our coverage for CES 2018 is made possible by deep cool and MSI right now there's an awesome giveaway on the new msi optics curved gaming monitor and all you have to do to enter is drop a like and leave a comment down below on what you enjoyed about today's video you can increase your chances of winning by leaving a like and comment on every single CES video throughout this week on tech source msi has expanded their monitor line up with their new mpg curved gaming monitors the new optics mpg series will consist of 227 inch displays the 27 C and the 27 C q both models will feature 844 Hertz refresh rate and a 1 millisecond response time the C Q which is their higher-end model will have a 1440p resolution and the 27 C will happy 1080p screen the mpg series are also the first gaming monitors with SteelSeries game sense built in you can basically sing up the lights from SteelSeries keyboards and mouse with the RGB lights on the monitor and you can do all this easily within their app using the five RGB zones on the front of the monitor gamers can easily program lighting effects within the app to notify them of in-game timers or cooldowns you can even receive discord notifications or other important information at a glance for example one of the games is compatible with is csgo within the game sense application I was able to set the first two zones as the health bar and one of the lights as the ammo so when you start shooting the light will reflect how much ammo is left in your gun you can even set counters to keep track of kills or headshots for example and at first glance honestly I thought this was a really cool feature but the more I played with it the more I felt like it was a gimmick I would think that the lights under the monitor would be a distraction in competitive games especially csgo I would assume competitive gamers would be paying attention to the in-game hub more rather than glancing down at the bottom of the monitors now this isn't to say it's pointless to have I'm sure there are other games more on the casual side that this can be utilized more the monitors do have RGB lighting on the back as well and I'm assuming it's for giving off a glow effect in the night kind of like RGB strips but it's actually built in the as far as specs both models will feature anti-glare VA panels with 115 percent srgb spectrum coverage and they will have two HDMI 2.0 ports a single 1.2 display port and a USB type B with two USB type a ports if you guys want to check out the monitors I'll drop a link down below but that pretty much wraps up the video and my CES coverage for 2018 thing guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one
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