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Mac Pro (2013) $3000 Base Model - Unboxing and Overview!

this video is made possible by Squarespace the one tool needed to create your very own website or portfolio for free trial or your first purchase use the Kotex source one for 10% off what's up guys Texas is back with a look at Apple's long-anticipated Mac Pro this year is the three thousand dollar base model and you can customize it to your liking up to a cost at ten thousand dollars making this one serious workstation so the base model comes with a 3.7 gigahertz quad-core Intel Xeon processor which can be turbo-boosted up to 3.9 gigahertz if you choose it also has 12 gigabytes of ddr3 memory - AMD FirePro d300 graphics with 2 gigs of memory each a 256 gigabyte the pci flash storage which is faster than an SSD and for the operating system it already comes pre-installed with OS X so the Mac Pro weighs that 11 pounds which is pretty heavy when you're looking at such a small product but it's nothing compared to last generation Mac Pro which came at a whopping 40 pounds the size is also significantly smaller coming at nine point nine inches for its side and six point six inches in its diameter comparing to the old Mac Pro which is that twenty point one inches for its height and 8.1 inches for its width so definitely there is a huge improvement there alrighty so enough about that let's move on to the unboxing portion so we can take a closer look at the Mac Pro I really like how Apple packaged the Mac Pro is very simple to unpack all you have to do is remove this tape on the top portion in order to open up the flaps inside you will find a standard Apple paperwork first up is the Quick Start Guide and hips followed by the warranty information and two black Apple stickers which is a pretty cool change from their regular white Apple stickers and under this white styrofoam is the Mac Pro we are actually going to make another video on the Mac Pro comparing it to a custom built PC that costs the same as well as deciding whether or not you can build a better PC with the same cost lastly on the bottom is the power cord unfortunately they didn't provide a keyboard or mouse so those would have to be purchased separately the Mac Pro is unlike anything the PC industry has ever seen Hardware wise if you would argue that Apple's design for the new Mac Pro is not unique some even call it a trashcan but when you look at the Mac Pro on desk it is a very different story if you look at the back side of the macro you will find all the necessary ports you will need you have your audio out and headphone jack four USB ports six Thunderbolt two slots which could support the latest 4k displays followed by two gigabit ethernet ports and one HDMI 1.4 port there is also a switch on the top left if you wish to remove the case like so I think Apple really took a big leap in a design department here as the new Mac Pro is a monument to the desktop computing it looks like a future age and it breaks the norm of big heavy chatzi's that sits under one's desk the reason they made the case removable is in case you decided to upgrade any components like the RAM CP or even GPU as of today Apple has not released any kits to make this happen but we can say that the CPU is the only component that has confirmed upgradable by the user so those of you that want to start off with a base model now and in the future upgrade your CPU to something faster than you can so before we end the video we're gonna turn on the Mac for a quick and show you guys how quiet it really is we were forced to bring the microphone really close and increase the volume a little bit otherwise you wouldn't hear anything at all so that wraps up the unboxing and quick overview of the Mac Pro there will be a few more videos in the Mac Pro while we play with it so make sure you guys stay tuned for that you'll be comparing this to my custom made PC which cost about the same and figure out which one wins so before I go I want to thank Squarespace for making this possible and show you guys our website yeah we do have one in fact we had a for a while now for those of you that did not even know it existed we built it using Squarespace and it was extremely easy for us I think we got up and running in less than a day everything is drag-and-drop which makes it super easy to configure and there's a bunch of awesome templates you can choose from or you can even start from scratch like we did this isn't just a website you can do a lot more with Squarespace you can build your own portfolio create an online store and sell stuff and it also scales to look beautiful on any device the support team is also available 24/7 if you have any questions or run into any problems and they offer a live chat and superfast email responses the best part about all this is that it's free to try there's no credit card required to sign up if you guys do this either set up an account use the offer code text or one for 10% off their already low prices so that wraps up the video thanks again for watching and we'll see you guys next time
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