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Mac Pro vs Custom PC - Final Verdict

the Mac versus PC project was made possible by Squarespace what is up you guys welcome to the final video of the Mac versus PC project it has been a while since we posted a part one it has been a very stressful process getting this entire thing together the Mac Pro got sold out so we had to wait a month to get it and then really push back the entire project and things got a bit crazy we do have enough footage here to show a clear winner though when it comes to performance so let's start off by running the benchmarks I won't go over the specs of the pcs because we've covered that on part 1 of the video which you can find the link in the description down below also keep in mind that both the Mac Pro and the workstation PC are the same price and the purpose of this video is to determine which PC performs the best for the same price alright so we started off with the benchmarks we ran Cinebench r15 for both computers and skipping straight to the results it looks like the custom PC got a score of 73 FPS with a cpu score of 710 while the mac pro scoring a bit higher getting a 79 FPS score and a 964 cpu so already it's doing a bit better than the custom PC which has 8 cores compared to the Mac Pro with only 6 the next benchmark test we ran was Nova bench and the custom PC scored a 1412 while the Mac Pro scored a 1919 while the RAM scores are relatively the same the Mac Pro has a much higher score when it comes to CPU GPU and even Hardware tests like writing speeds which is kind of odd because both pcs do have PCIe flash storage so the Mac Pro already wins on the benchmarks but how do both pcs perform while using them for actual work workstations are not gaming PC's so their main purpose is to actually get work done and I believe in order to test abilities for both pcs we need to have them render intense 3d files well we were able to get 3ds max for the PC version and render one of the templates that arrived with the program and it took a good 19 minutes to render a 5 second scene unfortunately 3ds max is not available for the Mac Pro we also looked up alternatives like cinema for Diann Maya and we just couldn't find a premade template to use for the comparison I feel really disappointed actually seeing as this would have given you guys a much better idea of how each PC would perform I didn't want to end a video which is running benchmark so I figured some rendering is better than none so I opened up Adobe Premiere Pro on both PCs and using the same exact settings for both I dragged three video files into the program and rendered them at the same time even though the Mac Pro had less cores it finished five minutes earlier than the custom PC and based on the benchmarks and overall experience we had with both computers for this past month I have to say that the Mac Pro wins hands down honestly I was never a fan of the Mac Pro I always thought it was an overpriced waste bin but after the experience that I went with building a custom PC and wanting you to drive her problems and hiccups I came to the conclusion that is just not worth it I believe that it's not about the parts but how well the parts work with each other and the Mac Pro comes ready to use with no installation needed not to mention how quiet it really is when doing work and all that is packed into one elegant small design I honestly thought that the custom PC which had two more cores than the Mac Pro with equal parts would perform much better but I was obviously mistaken my final thoughts the Mac Pro is definitely the best choice when it comes down to workstations there I said it I'm glad I made this video because it convinced me that I was wrong I made this mainly to prove that the custom PC would outperform the Mac Pro but never was I so wrong anyways that is it for the video let me know if you guys agree or disagree with what I said I will read all of your comments so whatever is on your mind feel free to leave them down below I want to hear what you guys have to say about this anyway this is Ed from tech source and I'll catch you guys next time so before I head out I want to thank the people at Squarespace for making this entire project possible Squarespace makes it really easy to create your very own website or online portfolio in fact we create our own website text or TV using Squarespace in less than a day and it turned out exactly how we want it to they have so many beautiful templates to choose from to match your needs or you can even start from scratch like we did everything is drag-and-drop you don't need to know anything about coding at all and Squarespace really cares about the design so all their templates are extremely clean and allow your content to be the focus of your website what's also cool is that your website even scales to look amazing on mobile devices also starting from today all Squarespace plans now support commerce functionality which means that you can sell products online no matter which plan you choose the best part about all of this is that is free to try seriously guys go ahead and try it out for 14 days and see if you like it all you need is your name email and password no credit card is required and if you guys end up loving it which I'm sure you will you can use the Kotex source 2 for 10% off they're already super low prices this is that from tech source and I'll see you next time you
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