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Mac vs PC ($4000 Workstation Edition - Part 1 Selection of Parts)

the Mac versus PC project was made possible by Squarespace what's up guys ed here from Texas and it's finally time we have received all of our parts for the Mac versus PC projects what you see here is $4,000 worth of workstation parts for the PC build and once completed we will be comparing it to the $4,000 Mac Pro model to find out what computer performs the best for the same price the series will be split into five videos this video which you are watching is the introduction and selection of parts the second video will be the unboxing video of all the parts the third video will be the build process where we show you step-by-step on how to build a workstation PC or just any PC in general fourth and fifth videos will be the comparison videos one of the videos will have the PC running with Windows 8.1 while the Mac Pro runs OSX Mavericks and the other video both computers will run Windows 8.1 to make sure we cover all ends of this comparison so without further ado let's introduce the parts let's start off with the tower this is the fractal excel r2 and it's basically a larger version of the define r4 which is the tower I used for my custom PC this goes for 100 bucks and we chose this case because we want to go with a silent build after all the Mac Pro is really quiet and we want to match every aspect as close as possible we could have bought a smaller Tower to be comparable to the Mac Pro but we opted for a bigger tower for future expandability moving on to the motherboard we went with the Asus p9 x79 WS and as the name implies the ws series arm a TV workstation motherboards with support for ECC memory LGA 2011 socket support and Asus brand reliability the p9 x79 was the best choice for the price tag of 384 the graphics card we went with the AMD FirePro w 7000 we were debating whether or not to go with workstation graphics cards for this build after all a gtx 780 Ti will easily beat the performance of this card with some tweaks the 780 Ti can also be recognized as a workstation card and it can be used with intense editing programs however we did go with the card to make this a fair comparison for the process everyone with the best core i7 processor you can buy today we bought the Intel six core 49 60 X processor because it's compatible with the LGA 2011 platform that the Mac is also based on to keep being similar as well as it being in our budget we could have bought the 49 30 K in say 500 bucks I mean the performance difference is only 8% but we did have an extra room for 500 bucks worth of parts so we decided to go with the 49 60 X instead when it comes down to power supply we have to go with a trusted brand which is why we went with the courser CX 750 m nothing special here is 750 watts is plenty of power for this build and for the price of 90 bucks you really can't go wrong so the storage in the Mac Pro is PCIe based which gives an insane amount of read and write speeds and that's why we had to go with a o WC 240 gigabyte mercury excelsior this goes for 400 bucks and it delivers speeds up to eight hundred twenty megabytes per second which gives us similar performance to that of the Mac Pro with a great price tag we went with the Noctua NHD 14 CPU cooler because it's pretty much the best air cooler you can get your hands on in the market doctor is well known for their quality and ugly design in fact my current PC uses all Noctua fans we picked this up for 85 bucks and it's performance is very close to that of the H 100 i but with a smaller price tag this is a silent cooler as well and can be used on LGA 2011 CPUs and should keep things nice and cool when we overclock the CPU moving on to ram we went with 16 gigabytes of Crucial ram sticks because these are rated for a speed of 1866 which is the highest natively supported on the 4960 x we also wanted to keep the comparison fair as the mac pro also uses 1866 weighted ram just like the mac pro these are also ECC Ram sticks which means that there is an extra chip on the board itself that checks for errors and reduces the amount of problems that a computer can run into last but not least we had to go with the latest operating system for the PC so we went ahead and picked up Windows 8 for just under 100 bucks so that is all the parts that we are going to use for this build the total comes out to 39 57 seventy-eight cents which is just below the $39.99 price tag for the Mac part that we are going to compare to you we have listed all the parts that we use in the description below for those of you that are interested and I wanted to ask you guys what you think about the parts selected is there anything you guys might have picked differently if so let us know in the comments down below also which system do you think will that perform the other the Apple made computer or our custom made PC you guys don't want to miss out on this epic conclusion so make sure to hit that subscribe button if you haven't already so before I head out I want to thank the people at Squarespace for making this entire project possible Squarespace makes it really easy to create your very own website or online portfolio in fact we create our own website text or TV using Squarespace in less than a day and it turned out exactly how we wanted to they have so many beautiful templates to choose from to match your needs or you can even start from scratch like we did everything is drag-and-drop so you don't need to know anything about coding at all and Squarespace really cares about the design so all their templates are extremely clean and allow your content to be the focus of your website what's also cool is that your website even scales to look amazing on mobile devices also starting from today all Squarespace plans now support commerce functionality which means that you can sell products online no matter which plan you choose the best part about all of this is that it's free to try seriously guys go ahead and try it out for 14 days and see if you like it all you need is your name email and password no credit card is required and if you guys end up loving it which I'm sure you will you can use the Kotex source 2 for 10% off they're already super low prices this is that from tech source and I'll see you next time
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