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MacBook Pro with Touch Bar | Review

the new MacBook Pros with touch bar have finally arrived and here is my review so this is Apple's latest professional laptop featuring a lighter and thinner design new connectors and a brand new touch bar taking a closer look at the specs this MacBook Pro is the baseline 15-inch model starting at $23.99 in the US it has a Retina display with a resolution of 28 80 by 1800 giving it a ppi of 220 it also has a 2.6 gigahertz quad-core processor 256 gigabyte SSD 16 gigs of ddr3 RAM and an Intel HD graphics 530 as well as a dedicated AMD Radeon Pro 450 GPU starting off with a design the new MacBook Pro is smaller and thinner than last year's model while keeping the same screen size and a slightly longer battery life the laptop is point 61 inches thick 13 point 75 inches wide and 9 point 48 inches deep it weighs just over 4 pounds down from the previous models weight of four and a half pounds so not much has changed in terms of weight it's very easy to carry which is a must for a laptop the macbook pro comes in two colors we have silver and Space Gray Space Gray looks great it's a nice change from the usual silver color the design in general is very clean and minimal as expected from Apple so something you definitely wouldn't want to get damaged luckily the brand skins can protect your device while also giving it a custom look and I'll be dropping links down below in case you guys want to pick one up for yourselves the left and right sides of the macbook pro house two Thunderbolt 3 ports that use the USB type-c connector Apple has removed all other connections such as the HDMI port SD card slot and the one exclusive Mac safe connector while Thunderbolt 3 is great and can provide a large bandwidth Apple's decision will leave most customers needing to buy dongles and adapters they don't come cheap either ranging from 9 to $49 but surprisingly Apple kept the headphone jack around at this time the speakers have also been upgraded to provide much more volume as well as the base up to two and a half times louder here is a quick sound test Apple has also made changes to the two most important parts of any laptop the keyboard and trackpad the keyboard is now similar to the one on the 12-inch MacBook made up of larger keys with the new butterfly mechanism it provides less travel but typing experience feels better and more accurate than on older models of the MacBook Pro the force touch trackpad has also undergone a change in size and it's now twice as large as it was on the previous generation of the macbook pro but the headlining feature of the new macbook pro is the touch bar which sits right above the keyboard so the search bar replaces the top-level row of function keys on a keyboard and instead it's a touchscreen with a resolution of 21 70 by 60 it can provide the usual controls such as brightness volume and even has a dedicated Siri button but depending on the app you use the touch bar will show controls for that specific program in Final Cut Pro for example the touch bar will display a projects timeline for easy scrubbing as well as tools such as trimming this is also Apple's first computer to support touch ID which allows for a quick and secure way to log into your laptop while the main display is the same size and resolution Apple didn't leave it unchanged it now supports the wide color gamut being able to display a broader range of colors than the usual laptop display it's also very bright at a maximum brightness of 500 nits which is the brightest screen out of any Apple's other laptops viewing angles are great as always and the bezels are slightly thinner as well performance on a new macbook pro is great when combining the quad-core processor 16 gigs of ram and ultra fast SSD the computer can handle most tasks you throw at it editing 4k for example is smooth and a laptop can handle multiple tasks simultaneously without an issue this can also be attributed to Mac OS which helps keep the experience running without any hiccups the 15-inch MacBook Pro with touch bar ships with Mac OS Sierra now this is the new version of Apple's operating system which brings optimizations to the performance and battery life as well as new features such as Siri that are very helpful Apple pay support has also been added and the OS can now also help you free up disk space with the new improvements that Apple has made it will definitely be a factor to how fluid the laptop is when performing various tasks apple says the laptop can get up to ten hours of battery life which is close to my testing I was able to average around eight hours while browsing the web checking some emails and even writing some documents this will definitely change depending on what you are using the computer for but the battery life will still hold up fairly well even when using more intensive apps Apple's new MacBook Pro makes for a compelling laptop but it depends on what your gonna use the laptop for filmmakers photographers and even producers will appreciate the extra power that comes from the laptop but it comes at a cost starting at $23.99 for the baseline model these new laptops definitely come with a premium price for those that don't require as much power Apple also sells the 13-inch MacBook Pro with touch bar but at its starting price of $17.99 but the pretty much wraps up my review of the 15-inch MacBook Pro with touch bar as always I'll drop a link to them down below if you guys want to check it out for yourselves thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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