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Massive Tech Unboxing - EP 29

what the guys laughing tax or aside welcome to another episode of what's in the box and before I jump in I do want to take this time and plug in my website deal source tech if you guys are planning on paying full price for your next tech purchase I'm here to tell you why would you pay full price that's what deal stores that tech is about we have six total ambassadors searching websites like Amazon Newegg and eBay and we are constantly finding the best deals and are posting it on the asuras tech just so it's all in one place and it's easier for you guys to shop around and save money so either bookmark it or check back once in a while maybe that keyboard or that monitor TV is finally on sale and we managed to find it and post it on the asuras tech for you to find we do have US UK Canada and Germany deals updated every single day anyways with that said let's go ahead and unbox mtech shall we alright we can start off with this long box because I do love long things this what sometimes my jokes just make no sense what could possibly be in this box oh hey we got some more PEP G tubes also this is from ek okay I think I remember what these are so these are the water blocks for my 1080 TI the reason why they sent me these actually let me open this up quick so the original blocks that ek sent me were the basic all-black ones which I didn't really like and these ones were actually out of stock at the time so now they're back in stock and that is why ek sent these in which by the way if you're watching I love you thank you so much these are the ones I want to be using in my build which honestly look way way better than the other ones and I'm gonna show you why Wow tell me that this is not a sexy GPU block as opposed to just a black cover right in front of it so this is the mikkel plexi and once I pour the liquid in if you guys can actually see it through the GPU block which is gonna look all I guess it looks so amazing so we got two nickel plexi blocks for the graphics card and I guess they sent in some more tubing because they probably saw my first water cool build and they're like Edie you suck at bending tubes you're gonna need some more tubing that's I'm just kidding this is actually a different material this is PPG I think the one they sent earlier was acrylic if I'm not mistaken and these are just a lot easier to work with so that is why they sent these alright guys so this is something I purchased myself from Amazon it is finally here it's from silhouette and this is basically a printer this is actually smaller and I thought well okay so basically the idea behind this printer is that once I hook it up to my PC I can print custom stickers using this printer I can design a sticker inside a thing that there's a software that comes to the printer or I can use a third-party software and I can import it into the program and print it out using this printer and the reason why is because I want to do more for my custom bills guys I want to do more than just plug it in parts together maybe throwing in some custom cables I want to do more modding to the actual PC I feel like my bills are getting more redundant as I build them there's really nothing special about them anymore so I want to try and push the boundaries of what I can do for each PC build and this is definitely one of the steps I actually have a different box that I'm gonna unbox at the end of this episode which is gonna really push my PC building to the next level I'm very excited to share that with you guys so yeah anyways that's what this is for so this one is actually sent by someone that is subscribed to my channel I'm not sure if it's a company or if it's an actual person it's a big box and it's actually pretty heavy so I'm curious what they sent me this is from Marcelo limas which by the way if you guys do want to send me something whether you're a company or just someone was watching the video and you want your product featured in this video or in the series you guys can send me stuff to my p.o box which I will link below or written here somewhere so yeah unfortunately I'm not accepting letters I'm lonely reading those off the camera the only things that I'm unboxing in these episodes are actual parcels actual boxes 10 things to know about your Google home max did somebody send me a Google home max what oh my god I got a Google home max once I've been watching these pop up everywhere this is heavier than I thought Wow okay so this is basically Google home on steroids it's a massive speaker with Google assistant built-in you can ask it what the weather is you can see what movies are playing right now you can have a play music stuff like that so yeah and it's got better audio of course check this up whoa okay wow this is heavy this is nice I actually really like this color I actually want to hook this up well quick just just to hear it how do you turn this damn thing on okay welcome to Google home to get started download the Google home app on a phone or tablet goddamn the base is incredible oh man I think I'm in love with this thing holy crap and apparently if things like 400 bucks Jesus Christ that is very steep for this speaker but damn it sounds it sounds fucking awesome Thank You Marcela whoever you are I don't know what company you work with but I love this speaker seriously I've only had up like five minutes and I'm in love so thank you so much for sending this in it will be put to great use I promise you that I don't even want to continue this unboxing anymore I just want to shut this off and listen to some more music Dan that was that was some good stuff I'm not gonna lie oh Jesus oh okay okay so this is the power supply that performance PC sent me which is gonna be used with that giant box next to me which I'll show you guys very soon so I'm gonna put this aside for now oh okay I think I know what this is yes ladies and gentlemen in this bag I'm just gonna open it actually we got some terrible grisly and this it's upside down this is what I've been waiting for the past few weeks now they made us trip back from Steven over at gamers Nexus they went ahead and D lid my processor this is the 79 80 X 18 core processor that's gonna be going in my personal build so I sent it over to them and they went ahead and D lid my processor they even we sealed it for me so it's pretty much ready to go I'll have to do is pop it in and I am all set they were even kind enough to include a chart basically showing its performance before and after the deleting process and if you guys are looking closely you can see a 14 degree difference before and after deleting the CPU which is huge obviously I've never deleted a processor before and I wasn't going to start now on a $2,000 processor and then end up screwing it up which I'm sure I would have so huge huge thanks to Steven over at gamers Nexus for doing this for me I'll drop a link to their article as well as the video that they did on this processor and the deleting process if you guys want to check all right now then let's move on to the finale of this episode which is this enormous box so this is coming from Matt over at PC performances and yeah he's what's in this box is gonna basically push my PC bills to the next level and I'm excited to share this with you there's so much popcorn in here I instantly regretted that Christ I just realize it's in my color scheme I didn't even know you guys can do that dude thank you so much Steve I got my logo on here in the corner what this is freakin awesome all right guys so basically what this is I don't know if there's an actual term for this but basically it bends acrylic so you put the piece of acrylic on here then you would hook up the power supply to this I don't know if it's based on a timer but once it gets warm enough you would basically I think lift up this portion or lift up this portion and then you would bend the acrylic board into whatever degree you want and that's basically what's gonna help me make some killer custom mods to the upcoming PC builds so this is gonna help me do stuff like custom PSU shrouds also modify some parts of the case where I can replace with acrylic and just really push the boundaries of what I can do on my custom rigs and this is definitely the next big step so because obviously there's gonna be a learning curve but again huge huge thanks to Matt from PC performance for saying this in I did pay for it obviously but again really huge thanks to the custom work you did this is really like personalized to to me and I really appreciate that thank you so much so yeah I think of my wrap up the video if you guys enjoyed these what's in a box videos tossing a like to show your support would be awesome and if you guys want to send me something anything at all drop a link to the PL box below as well and I'll feature it in the next episode let's pretty much a thing guys so much again for watching I love your faces I can't wait to bring you some awesome content and I will see you in next video
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