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Massive Tech Unboxing - EP27

I was probably just doing a boxing like this one in these episodes support for this video comes from tunnel bear the easy way to add an extra layer of security to your online browsing banking or shopping try it free with no credit card required at total bare calm slash Texas ladies and gentlemen welcome to another unboxing episode of what's in the box I'm gonna redo that intro actually what's weird is that from Texas welcome back to another episode of what's in the box today I'm very very excited this is actually gonna be one of the best unboxings if not the best unboxing episode on this channel and I'm excited for a few things and you guys will see what I'm talking about so a few weeks ago one of my subscribers reached out to me and he's like yo n I want to build a gaming PC but I have no clue what the hell I'm doing can I give you some money and you build it for me i me the word on the street is you got some of the best builds on YouTube and I'm like well I may know a few things about building some sexy pcs so I told Diego what you got bro let's see what your parts list is so he sent me over a parts list I took a look at it I was like alright that's pretty dope but I'm gonna change some things up again so me being you know me I changed around the parts a bit out of that tech sort of spice that you guys know and love and I came up with a much better parts list for his budget I think his budgets around $4,000 so yeah some of these parts in and these boxes are for his PC so I'm very excited to be building Diego a PC so I think that's the longest intro ever holy crap let's open some boxes up I'm gonna start off with this one from Amazon since it is the closest to me move that out of the way so you guys can see something okay so technically this was not supposed to be part of the episode because I was going to put this aside I don't know how to explain it this is this is for Halloween nights I'm going away for the weekend in San Diego yeah this is this is definitely not YouTube's friendly incoming the monetization but anyways I'm not gonna really go into much detail you guys can put tuned two together what's gonna go down this weekend literally like in two days use the paddle paddle spring my costume for Halloween by the way I know you guys are dying to ask me is gonna be let me get the Hat I'm gonna be the cable management police officer that's the lamest thing or visit you know I'm gonna continue on the unboxing with this so yeah just let's just do it aha the first components for the build ladies and gentlemen we've got the asus sli bridge you guys can already be deuce how many GPUs are gonna be using Microsoft Windows 64 bit CD key Windows 10 obviously alright next box is from DJI technology I think they're gonna be sending me a laptop I'm very excited to check it out the DJI Google's the DJI goggles are sent to me which means in the other package is probably a drone oh my god look at this beauty so apparently with these goggles you can see your drone in real time instead of looking at an iPad or your smart phone or something like that I think I think that's what this for what this is for but I could be wrong I feel like you need to connect this to something and powered on somehow here is the other part of the headset what the heck is this some virtual reality thing going on over here so okay I think you connect this piece to the headset like this yep snaps in place and then you put this on your head you put it on you lure it wow this is really nice this is comfortable whoa uh yeah I don't really know the actual function for these which is why they sent it over so I can take a look at huge thanks to DJI for sending in their goggles put this back in the box and open up the other egi package because I didn't get to from them the Matic pro guys I've always wanted a maverick pro honestly and this is a dream come true christmas has come early for Edgar ah oh my god this box is tiny as hell I know that the Mavic Pro is actually tiny probably as small as drone out there and they're not expected to be this small the packaging is even small so I can only imagine how small the actual drone is no way this is it is this what the heck all right what's in here it's like a little suitcase I'm legit still shocked that this is all rights check inside here this is a really nice little carrying pouch that they provided got brochures we've got a belt don't know what that is we've got this is the remotes okay alright we've got a charging dock I think that's what that is we got some more cables power adapters USB stuff whatever it is boring stuff oh these are I'm guessing yep these are the fins okay let's do see you I check this out again because this is insane how tiny these things it literally fits in your hand on your hand see this is what I'm talking about I don't even know English oh oh look at that let me show that again it snaps open like that that is sick all this thing's a transformer okay so check this out guys so first you open these up flip it over and then you open up these Wow that is sick this is it guys this is the drone this is awesome Wow I used to kind of get over how small this thing is but yeah you guys can tell I'm very excited to check this thing out Wow I love it thank you so much DG is gonna be an awesome video I can't wait to play around with this alright moving on to some new egg goodies oh look at that we have a $30 gift card for hellofresh by the way if you guys want this I guess you can take it first person to redeem it it's yours I'm not gonna use it yeah have at it so in this package we have ladies and gentlemen do you skill transy ramp sticks I think these are 32 gigs straight at 32 hundred megahertz RGB RAM sticks so here's the thing originally was supposed to be eight gigs but because the motherboard has I believe four RAM slots we kind of want to occupy all of it that way it looks nice instead of getting two RAM sticks it was gonna not only look bad but also g.skill doesn't have four gigabyte sticks in RGB the lowest per gig stick is eight gigs unfortunately so 16 gigs would look ugly so my man diego had to upgrade to 32 gigs which he was cool with yet a huge budget anyways so yeah why not oh by the way the processor we're going with is none other than the brand-new 8700 k we actually had to wait a while to get this in stock before we can order the rest of the parts because originally it was supposed to be 7700 k but then this got announced so I told the ego you know it'll be better if you wait a few more weeks so we ended up waiting a month and then we finally had to pay $300 more to get this early on eBay because everywhere else that was still sold out and my boy Diego was getting impatient I was getting impatient so yeah it was worth the wait I hope actually it open up this one because I know what this one is this is from D brand because this is there Packaging as always can't forget that okay I don't know why they send the orange skins this was kind of a few months old this is for the thread Ripper build I was doing I was gonna cut a piece of this for the power supply since I messed up on the original one but whatever it's all good in the hood now these skins however are gonna be for the PlayStation 4 Pro member I told you guys that and the vlog so they're finally here it's gonna be a black & red kind of color scheme what did you expect and in case people are wondering I do build for subscribers if they have a certain budget in mind I'm only taking requests if the total price of the PC is more than $2,500 so yeah shoot me an email and we can schedule your next build if you're interested oh yes this is my gun stuff so I don't know if you guys are following me on Instagram my personal Instagram account but recently I've been going to the gun range a lot and I think that's my new hobby on the side instead of YouTube and other things so I do have a gun it's a xd9 I believe from Springfield actually let me show you yes what if you want to browse the Internet like you are at a different country maybe you're booking a flight or hotel and want to check local pricing to get around the unfair location based pricing well that's where Tunnel bear comes in handy they're easy to use VPN gives you the option to browse the internet from 20 countries just select a country in the app turn tunnel bear on and watch as your bear tunnels your internet connection right now when you visit slash tech stores you'll get five hundred megabytes of free monthly data with no credit card required so this is the xd9 I picked up I think four or five months ago I don't remember from Springfield I got a pretty good deal on it it's a 9-millimeter pistol nothing too crazy originally I got it for self-defense for home invasion reasons of course because I moved into my new home also I'm not a gun guy at all I don't believe in guns I don't believe in gun violence I still strongly believe that there should be a lot there to limit the purchase of weapons for each individual I think each person should have maybe a limit of one or two in that house I figured working really hard every single week making videos this is a really nice way to just let go of all that stress so yeah it's a pretty cool hobby and I start I'm starting to invest a lot more into it time and gear and stuff like that which is why I picked up a few things so the first thing I picked up is the up Lula magazine loader and this is an absolute must for anyone that's going to a gun range sadly I found out about this very late basically helps you load the ammo inside your clips a lot quicker so basically how this works is let me get my ammo clip out I think this goes over like here so okay basically put this over you press this down you push the magazine loader in you push it down you load your ammo you let it go and then rinse and repeat boom boom rinse and repeat until you have a full clip obviously I'm not going to show you guys on camera because we're getting slightly off-topic this is a tech channel a lot of gun channel and also this might not be advertiser friendly so at this point I'm sure this is my demonetised but I will show you a few of the things that I did pick up this is a military themed ammo can for my ammo and then anything else that I'm gonna take with me for example the magazine clip that snaps in it's just an MP and last but not least a pair of headphones oh I'm actually missing my sunglasses I ordered clear glasses as well for the range but I'm guessing that's gonna come later they do provide obviously headphones and glasses at the range but I don't know how often they clean that and I'm a germaphobe so I'd rather just bring my own and then I got these which are one of the best rated in Amazon let's try them out actually whoa that clamping power though the noise isolation you guys it is absolute silence I can't even hear myself speak wow this is crazy yeah it's very loud in the gun range in case you guys don't know investing in some really high-quality headphone gear health keep your hearing for a long time so anyways moving on its put the subside is a fit note those nuts oh yeah drop a link below for those in case you or maybe you have a relative or your dad that it often goes to the gun range this would be some pretty dope gifts for them put the upcoming holidays anyways moving on what the heck is this scrapped artist permanent but oh oh that threw me off guard okay okay so yeah here are the good stuff the shrink z2 7ee motherboard this is the one we're using for Diego's build we're also gonna be tossing in two one terabyte 850 Evo's in raid 0 of course we also got some a blue matte vinyl skins did I say that right vinyl I used to save inial but you guys keep like blaming me in the comment section so I finally got it correct so oh very nice you got some blue skins we're gonna wrap up a few things obviously we're gonna wrap up the black SSDs from Samsung and a few other things like the power supply it is a texture was built after all I got I got add those spices in there you know alright we got two more boxes what isn't this one though oh great my worst enemy Oh popcorn is this popcorn really I got an idea oh no at that finally an idea of mine that didn't completely fail oh my god this thing looks sick so this is the cooler we're gonna be going with I do a lot of builds using AIO coolers guys whether it's cooler master or a Corsair or even NZXT but I want to try something a little different this is an all-in-one liquid cooling situation it's got a radiator in there it's got even a pump this is from Swift tech this is their H 240 X 2 what that why is it in red just better not be in red I ordered a blue one okay the liquid is clear you guys can see right the the liquid is clear on this but why the hell is it show red don't tell me I'm supposed to add my own dye this is supposed to come prepared okay so apparently you're supposed to add in your own dye sneaky Swift Tech over there and you almost see me crying so yeah this is gonna be an interesting build to say the least even though fans come pre apply like there's nothing you need to do other than install it on the CPU bracket and add your dye in so yeah very stoked to try this out and check out the temps on the e 700 K because we are gonna be overclocking as always ladies and gentlemen the last box for this episode is from BH photo oh you already know what it is if you're not doing that's a lie who are you I'm just kidding please stay here and subscribe drop a like - if you enjoyed the video but yeah guys you know I do it SLI or go home we're doing to asus strix 1080p is in there because why the hell not we got an asus motherboard we got eight suits sli bridge we are sticking with the sexy asus theme of course oh yeah guys I pretty much well yeah guys I pretty much wraps up this episode of what's in the box I hope you enjoyed it if you did please feel free to toss a like it does help the channel al out a ton and only takes a second but if you guys didn't like it as well please leave a dislike as well I'll take anything I'll take the likes other dislikes just please leave me something I'll drop a link to everything mentioned in this video down below I love your elbow hair I'm running out of out choice I'm sorry thank you so much for watching anyway then I'll see you guys in the next one peace you
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