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Massive Tech Unboxing - EP32

what's the guy's effing text service and welcome to the continuation of the what's in the box series if you guys missed the first episode or the episode before this one make sure to watch that first because we had so many boxes that we had to split it into two parts but anyways this is the final video of that so let us begin this video was sponsored by Linkous it's an app that gives you key insights of the world's best-selling non-fiction books and I love the fact that you can get through the main points of a book by reading or listening to it in like 15 minutes it's perfect for people like me that just can't find extra time to dedicate to sitting down and reading a book you know it's easy to spend 15 minutes on the internet browsing through memes or Instagram videos why not spend 15 minutes and listen to a book that you are interested in I really like how user-friendly the app is and it gives you the option to read or listen and I feel like blankest is an awesome way of discovering new books as well for example obvious I'll know this but I'm actually getting married this year so I've been looking around and I came across this book called the all-or-nothing married Jennifer finishing it in just 15 minutes I was slightly intrigued so now I'm considering buying the full book like I said earlier it's an awesome way to discover new books and if you're like me don't have the time to sit down and read or listen to a book then you can use blinkers and cut your time down to 15 minutes only they do have a special offer for my subscribers out there and the first 500 people to visit the link in the description section or visit blinkers comm slash Texas will receive a 20% off their membership cost and you guys can also get an option to do a free trial to test it out but anyways the link will be down below let's get back to the video I stopped hit step on the top as usual looks like you have some rap sticks oh these are actually really nice these are from g-scale these are the new sniper X with the old army camouflage looking style this will actually look nice and a black and white build to be honest so these are 16 gigs ddr4 36 hundred megahertz some very fast RAM sticks thank you so much G skill for sending Xen hopefully I will put them to good use in an upcoming build moving on to the next box to get some boxes back here as well speaking of RAM sticks so these are the RAM sticks we're gonna be actually using in his build holy crap is our eight sticks so 32 grit 32 graves grapes 32 gigs of ram is that these are the courser dominators I think what's the speed on these 32 hundred megahertz so yeah these are the ones that he wants to use is actually his RAM sticks that he sent me from his previous build so this is the only ones that wouldn't be using and his new build that's coming from his previous build that makes any sense yeah here we go you got the power supply ladies and gentlemen the corsair HX 850 this is going in his build at 30 self-explanatory nothing else talk about its power supply uh-huh we've got probably the rest of the props that we ordered from Amazon so it's good these others curtains we picked up to cover the blinds to block out the lights of course we got these two per side and we got two windows all right so we picked up some colorful notebooks we got yellow we got blue green and red these will make for some really nice background props in our videos all the cool people are doing it I think we're cool - so we're gonna win a clue this is actually the minimalistic art of Siri there's a bunch of colorful ones but these are actually one of the best ones out there I'll leave a link below if you guys want to check it out I also picked up this interesting blue base I don't know if I put flowers in it but I just think it looks really cool let me actually take this out of the box I'll show you guys oh just wow this looks trippy it's actually looks cooler in person do you see that see the reflection oh that looks really sick that is pretty sick yeah probably feeling like an RGB light in there or something it will give off a really nice glow effect so very very nice prop and it comes in different colors we picked up a turquoise one because I personally like that color I'm just kidding guys they're the vases here knows what that was a bad joke we also got this moon light this is actually Bob's peg he saw this on Amazon he's like hey we should pick this up because it looks cool what the hell is this so apparently there's glows I think it's RGB right it can glow them different colors and it looks like the moon so it got some pretty cool textures on here I don't know we'll see we'll find use for it somewhere on one of the shelves maybe but we picked this stuff as well how comes it a wooden stand they're supposed to put together yeah hey guys this is all the experimental obviously we don't know if all this is gonna work this is gonna be there's gonna be a lot of trial and error so there's some things that gonna work there's some things that are not gonna work we're just gonna learn from that and then move on eventually putting together the perfect office for us in order to shoot awesome videos so that's that's kinda what the goal is this is clearly from Asus judging by the Samsung sticker obviously this is the motherboard I'm gonna be putting in the subscriber build you decided to go with the X 299 XE gaming from Asus and this will definitely provide the CPU with enough juice and I pick up a CPU already I don't watch the CPU yet but yeah anyways let's move on it's why I'm still missing a few obvious maybe it's in this one I think the ones I unboxed earlier or in the another other episode were 140 millimeters I'll actually the 120s so only using these as well so I for some reason I thought of course they're again send me to look at products but yeah those are the fans I'm gonna be using three more boxes to go guys aha speaking of the GPU and the processor you decided to go with a single Titan XP this is the newer version of the Pascal Titan XP if that makes any sense this is the April release so this is the faster Titan XP in order to make it more simplified and it's already open I think they're supposed just supposed to come sealed now but anyways that looks like a seal brand new packin XP now the reason why I told them to go with this instead of a 1080 Ti is because the prices are so ridiculous for a 1080i that I told him just to spend a few hundred dollars more and get the XP instead literally the price difference was like only $200 so I'm like why not go for it the processor he is going with you've got a brand new i7 7800 X this is a six core processor clocked at 3.5 gigahertz of course I went overclocked it as much as I can and last but not least did amazon send me two motherboards by accident so yeah that was a mistake it was my mistake I actually ordered two so yeah one of them is definitely this I think I know what this is yes I can see it where is my Kingdom Hearts fans out there this over here ladies and gentlemen is a very sharp blade and that is her table Wow I did not expect this to be it's actually pretty heavy you can literally chop someone's neck off with this but this is one of the key blades from Kingdom Hearts I don't know which one if it's the second or third one yeah it looks really sick it's black and red it's my color scheme I'm gonna put this on one of the shelves that we're gonna have in the office and it's gonna it's gonna look really nice in the background of some videos I did order one more though or maybe it's in this box let's check it out no joke it's not it's not a toy box the rest of this episode with this actually beautiful the Keyblade has so many uses I literally have no more space for the boxes but anyway this one you can only tell based on the Mickey Mouse emblem over here ooh the original Keyblade of Sora I think this is both from the same company judging by the quality Wow the only thing I don't like is this part it spins I don't know if that's I've been reading the review is that this part is it spins on all of them and it's not supposed to because it's annoying save me with this one it spins but it's not as loose well yeah this is the other Keyblade it's actually built really well to be honest will stainless steel I'm walking in with both of these things everybody was yeah pretty badass officially last but not least we have this box I don't know what this is so this is an RGB ring light that's pretty much it you can control the lights I think using your smartphone and you can set it to any color you want any effects any brightness and it's gonna look really nice again in the background of our videos and that's the main purpose of this so yeah it's actually yeah this is the default mode as you can see it's kind of just cycling through all the colors until you hook it up with the app and you can control it I think it looks pretty sweet I don't know how much this thing was things like don't need bucks or something so it kind of a flimsy bill to it so hopefully this lasts but anyways with that said I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did feel free to pass the mic to show your support anything mentioned in this video will be linked below as always I love your faces and I will see you in
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