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Massive Tech Unboxing - EP33

what's guy from tech stories I'm welcome to another episode of what's in the box I really hope you guys are enjoying the series if you are tossing a like to show your support would be awesome but with that said let's begin are you tired of searching for coupon codes online only to find out that most of them are expired or don't work well now there is honey it's a free browser extension that automatically finds the best coupons on the web so you always get the best prices on everything you buy online we like to order pizza at the office when we get hungry and we actually save money every single time in fact our last order we saved over $12 and this easily adds up over time it basically scans millions of coupon codes all over the internet and finds you the biggest discount every time before you check out almost 10 million people use honey every single day to save millions of dollars and it's so easy to install just click on the link below or visit join honeycomb slash tech source and add the extension to your browser after that you can start saving also let me know what you guys think about our new sets a lot of you know that we recently moved into our new office space and we're slowly putting it together but so far I think this looks a lot better than the boring white background so let me know what your feedback is in the comments section but what that said let's continue with the unboxing so this is from a company called TMR life and these are pretty much like a Wemo switch but with RGB lights if that makes any sense it is 2018 so why not RGB all the things but this is pretty much what the socket looks like there's a ring around and this is the part that actually lights up in color and you can control the actual color of it using your smartphone there is a power switch on the side if you want to manually switch it on and off but obviously the the biggest feature of this is the ability to turn it on and off using your smart phone so actually gonna try it out we're gonna plug it in and see how accurate it is and also what the quality is like of the the RGB lights just because sometimes the lights are very faint and they're not as bright so it kind of just makes it useless so the app is actually very user friendly at the main page you can see all your connected smart devices as you guys can see here I do have the RGB smart plug once I click on that I have the option to turn off the actual switch and the top right corner over here and I also have the option of changing the color of the actual ring around it using the bottom left option that says color I basically have the option to choose any color from the RGB wheel and down here you have the option to lower the brightness as well as change the color to simple white if that's what you guys prefer instead of an RGB color and last but not least you can even set a timer for the lights to turn on or off and you can click on the clock icon underneath the power button and set a countdown timer which is pretty cool and little cool thing about these smart plugs is that it's compatible with Amazon Alexa and even Google assistant but if you guys want to check them out as always I'll drop a link below along with anything you see in this video alright moving on to the next package oh okay I think I've seen these before so these are from a company called Nanda we got the Zeus smart car charger which I think I featured previously in a video and these us smart tire safety monitor so I'm sure a lot of you guys have actually heard about this the idea behind it is you plug it into your car and you can essentially keep track of where your car is parked or if it gets stolen and you can also monitor a lot of things about your car which I'm gonna demonstrate right after this so other than locating your car is actually a few other things you can do within these us app and monitors your battery life so I could tell you if there's any potential issues with charging or voltages and also send you notifications through your smart phone and last but not least my personal favorite feature is actually the parking meter alert so that safety Park at a shopping center or a paid parking location for example meters it will send you a notification a few minutes before your time runs out so that way you guys can avoid penalties or paying parking tickets so very very awesome smart charger it actually comes with two USB ports as well so you plug this into your car and you can juice up your devices so yeah very dope product and of course the next one from nanda is the smart tire safety monitor so this one's an interesting product I don't know if it's for everyone but I'm sure there are some people out there that will definitely find it useful all right so essentially the idea behind this is you get to monitor all four of your tires so you got these little sensors over here that you need to plug in to the valve so you pop open the valve cover of your tires and you put these sensors instead and you have to plug this part inside your car using the USB port and these lights over here will light up green basically letting you know that only retires are the correct pressure and there's nothing wrong with them a few cool features about these is that it can actually detect slow leakage so there's this algorithm that detects slow leaks before it's too late on your tires so that's pretty cool oh these also come with anti-theft protection so for some reason you have really expensive rims or tires and someone decides to take them off and steal them the app will actually send you a notification saying hey trying to mess with your tires so that is actually a pretty cool feature well you have some pretty cool stuff from nanda nonetheless check them out if you guys are interested let's move on to the next package let's see if I will cut myself in this episode oh oh okay I'm not doing that anymore I was I can I can lose a finger screw that the entertainment is not worth it the views ain't worth it whoa okay look at this unboxing over here this entire thing we are one tiny box in here like what is this alright so ladies and gentlemen what on earth I've never actually heard of this before this is called The Cove commuter it looks like it's a portable wireless speaker but is it any good let's check it out it's what it's what this video is about unboxing stuff and checking them out and see if it's actually worth buying I'm here at the cove commuter yeah me neither it's interesting because one of those like amazing quality sounding speakers that nobody has ever heard of so that is true we do need a quality speaker for this office so and okay actually looks pretty sweet and inside the box we also have a guessing into the charging cable I'm assuming microUSB actually no this is the 3.5 millimeter jack this one is the microUSB cable unfortunately it does not come with a power brake so you're gonna have to find one by yourself so the build quality is actually pretty decent it's nice and durable there isn't any flimsy pieces on here from what I can see all right on top of the speaker we have some controls we got the power switch we have a microphone so you can accept calls and there's even a mode to switch between outdoor and indoor I'm not sure what that does but we're gonna test it out and over here on the side we can see the volume control and also you can see an indicator for the outdoor and indoor so we're gonna test that out and see what that is I'm guessing you can control the volume by essentially moving this ring over here left and which is pretty cool well then that's pretty much it you got some rubber feet on the bottom so if you do want to put this flat on the desk obviously it's not gonna move around you can even put a vertical mode because there is some rubber feet on the bottom here as well so that is pretty sweet so let's turn this thing on actually and see if you can pair this oh that sounds sensual woah we are paired and let's test it out you can feel the bass so I'm gonna cycle between indoor mode and outdoor mode and see if there's actually a huge difference so the difference between outdoor mode and indoor mode is the volume the max volume I should say it's a lot louder in outdoor mode than it is indoor mode which actually makes sense so if you're gonna be playing this outside obviously you want this hooked up to outdoor mode now final thing I want to test out is what it sounds like in vertical mode because the base area is facing downwards so it's if there's any difference in the audio quality so yeah I didn't really hear a difference when placing in vertical mode and this is a 360 degree speaker or very close to one so whichever angle you have the space that it's gonna sound incredible either way and I'm actually pretty impressed I've never heard of Cove but this is gonna be actually a really nice addition to the office so if you guys are looking for a solid speaker with amazing bass and sound clarity you guys definitely have to check this out I think they sent a note actually in the box so if you guys visit coves speakers dot-com slash tech stores you guys can get sixty five percent off the price of the speakers which is insane but yeah I'll drop a link below if you guys want to check them out this is honestly I'm loving this but yeah again thank you co for setting this in let's move on alrighty ladies and gentlemen moving ona to let's open this one this one's only halfway open cuz Bob couldn't keep his spill T hands off my packages he thought this was a pillow he was looking for a pillow to sleep on our couch this guy but how do you know what this is B just because I popped open already so this is merch it's not my merch just sexually with my favorite YouTube channels they're actually like my number one favorite YouTube channel right now to be honest I'm sure a lot of you guys have heard of them ladies and gentlemen they are none other than rock or a cat what up guys yeah their hoodies look so comfortable and it looks pretty dope I don't know I picked it up and it's in red so yeah I mean not much else really to talk about if you guys want to check them out what's what am I even supporting them but yeah hoodies it feels really soft and I can't wait to rock them in my videos but anyways moving on this is actually the package I've been waiting for for the longest time guys this is an addition to the office and I'm not gonna say what it is obviously I'm just gonna unbox this video guys but be ready be ready oh my god what what this is a 5-piece guys this is a five piece painting ladies and gentlemen the one and only Goku in ultra instinct mode this is going on that wall over there which I'll show you guys it took about three weeks to come I think it was coming from Hong Kong or something I'm looking at the print right in front of me guys and I gotta tell you in its high-definition it's printed really well this is some quality stuff right here so yeah it's going to put all these five pieces together it's gonna look sick and they actually have a bunch of different Dragon Ball super mural paintings like this and this is actually the favorite one this is my one of my favorite ones that I saw in there so I had to order it I might order a second one just for my personal setup though so we won't we will see you guys we will see I am a hurry up and finish this unboxing so I can put together the painting I'm really like I'm really excited to get it's legitimately excited there was something in their eye that was an act it oh the they send me more of the plug this is the same smart plugs that we opened up earlier so yeah I guess I'll just should do a giveaway on these we have two extra ones no all right thought I'd ask if you guys are gonna hate on someone hate on Bob he's the one who said no oh this is just personal stuff that I bought from Amazon some travel body wash from Doug it's not sponsored I promise two guys and then like these are some scented candles for the home whoo these are wax oils actually yeah it smells good that's it was one of the best sellers on Amazon's my about it ladies and gentlemen we are to our final box this is obviously from coarser judging by the Corsair logo and I think I know what this is after waiting for almost a month now yes it is the keyboard that I have been waiting for this is not available in the US unfortunately I cried and of course I heard my cries and they sent me over there Limited Edition actually not really limited edition it's only available I think in Malaysia or some some country but this is the k70 RGB SC and this is the old white and a silver keyboard we got Cherry MX speed switches and this is all fully RGB as well but it's gonna go really well with my setup and I'm tired of the old boring black keyboard so that is why I begged them I literally begged them to send me one of these so thank you so much for Sur for hooking me up I cannot wait to put this in my setup as always everything mentioned in this video will be linked below as always all of your faces and I'll see you in the next one adios
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