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Massive Tech Unboxing - EP34

is that syntax or we are back once again ladies gentlemen with another unboxing episode here on tech source and just to recap for all the newbies that are watching these series are basically about unboxing stuff that I get from companies who are sending things to get featured on the channel or to get reviewed or even some fan mail from subscribers so yeah that's pretty much the purpose of this episode and I know some of you guys already know that most of these boxes are for my upcoming insane two-in-one gaming PC which I'm gonna be calling yes and those Armenians out there know what that means because it's an armenian they're calling it yes and it's actually gonna be specifically this box some parts on the asus one and the other alpha cool box so yeah but with that said let's dive right in you know why i love this series so much guys i just sit in front of the camera and i unbox things there's no technical specs to talk about there's nothing to review it just like relax a chill and i chat with you guys it's a one-way chat obviously but you know what i mean anyways typically we like to start off with the small boxes so this one is coming from encased products it's going on boxes and see what they are sending us today black-and-red I'm always loving it Oh check that out guys the jack is back this is basically a case oh it's a battery case for the iPhone 10 I'm guessing yeah it's for the iPhone 10 let's check this out actually remember I was telling you I was looking for a charging case for my iPhone 10 I think somebody heard me I've been hooked on this game called mobile legends guys I want to show you screenshot of my battery life it is draining the crap out of my battery honestly I've been looking for something portable that I can use and I think this might be it you got your charging cable of course and that's pretty much it in the box and then you got the charging case itself so installation is actually really simple you just pop off the top cover you slide in the iPhone 10 which actually goes in really smoothly snaps in place and then you put back the cover and you pretty much it if you want to turn it on will have to do is hold down the button for about 2 or 3 seconds and it starts charging your phone as you can see so guys this case has a 4600 milliamp hour battery juice inside here which will give you 130 percent extra battery life basically what that means is it'll charge your iPhone 10 fully and then give you an extra 30% so that is actually insane and the cool thing about this that separates it from other battery cases is that not only does it give you back the jack but it also gives you the option to listen to music and charge the phone at the same time because the dilemma right now with iPhone 10 is the charging port is the same as the earphone port so with this you basically plug in your earphones and you can even enable charging a listen to music at the same time while you're charging your phone which is pretty cool and then over here you get two front grills which are basically redirecting the iPhone 10 speakers since it is covering the bottom portion very well-thought-out so the only issue I ran into while testing this is that one of the earbuds don't work only one side does so you're not getting stereo sound plugged in whether it's charging or not it's weird I don't know if it's a defective product or not because on the website is actually claiming that you can listen to music in charge at the same time and you even have control for the volume and skipping tracks so and I've been reading reviews as well they're not complaining anything about that so I just think we have a defective units so I'm gonna get in contact with them and see what's going on but if you guys want to check it out anyways I'll drop a link below besides that issue I'm actually really like in this case the buttons are really easy to press it's not as heavy or bulky as other charging cases and this is actually the case I'm gonna be using for my iPhone 10 anyways moving on to the next box these next two bags off in the same place so might as well just open it at the same time I think I know what these are yes and indeed they are the cables for the PC build coming from none other then cable mod themselves I'll just open up one of them and show you guys the color combo I went with so yeah guys it is gonna be a black and white build and I went with the white aluminum cable combs day I can never get tired of looking at these so sexy now I do have two sets of cables because obviously there are gonna be two pieces in there there's gonna be a workstation and there's gonna be a gaming PC so both of them need their own sets of cables is also black and white but I'm not gonna open it because it's the same thing and this is the next big box I think there's liquid in here maybe coolant check out I mean ask to be cool and what else could it be almost a subscriber sent me a nice surprise there are liquids down there there's gonna be the first time I got that coyote urine one time when I was in boxing you guys remember that one of the worst episodes of what's in the box Pete's pete Rickards coyote urine so let's say we got some containers hopefully if not coyote urine we have four actually bottles of I'm assuming cool in you can open up one of them so this is the mayhem nano liquid coolant advanced nano liquid coolant so I think this is actually the white because the coolant I'm gonna be using is gonna be white inside the build all my guys on the side of it I'm recovering that's Mexican for the entire episode now I'm recovering from the weekend so you guys pace the light is what I'm going with they sent me four which I hope is gonna be enough because there's gonna be two separate loops because I'm powering two pcs so I think I think four should be good the only thing I'm gonna get from Am's is the cleaning kit which i think is gonna be coming separately moving right along you have this massive bucks from Asus a package from Asus always makes me smile so I cannot wait to see what they sent me this time this is a really big box for one mother voidness they're supposed to send me a mini ITX motherboard but they put it in this box so I'm curious what else they sent me because all I requested was a motherboard all whole white I've seen these I've seen these somewhere oh my god we've got some peripherals ladies and gentlemen oh my lord hey soos you guys got to stop spoiling me seriously this is insane we got their new keyboard well this is the mother but I was talking about the are districts this is actually gonna be part of the gaming PC build let me put that aside so they actually sent me their new mouse pad their new mouse keyboard and their badass fusion 500 gaming headset these are of course are all RGB 2018 got RGB everything I wonder if the mouse pad or a TV check it out you know what though I was actually in the process of replacing my mouse pad is like super dirty and I've been looking for a new one so I might use this what's black and red - it's okay it's a little little too much black for me if the outline was black I mean if the outline was red I think I would have used this in my in my setup but yeah I don't know why the backside is red interesting nonetheless it's a nice large mouse pad and of course you got the keyboard headset and mouse which I'm not gonna open up in this episode and the motherboard that is going inside yes if you're Armenian by the way and you know what yes means translator for everybody else cuz it's a funny name but you guys don't understand why I called it yes moving on all right two more boxes guys and then I wrap up the episode this is actually one of the two boxes from Alpha cool and alpha cool is actually the main sponsor for the upcoming build they are a German based water cooling company one of the water cooling components you can buy I've actually used them in my first water-cooled build Electrolux if you guys missed it check it out it was an interesting build so yeah all the water food parts are gonna be from Africa I don't know why they packaged it like this oh there we go oh my lord yes okay yeah this is gonna take a while to unbox everything let me just let me just dump everything on the table for you guys we got reservoirs we got fittings we've got freakin CPU blocks we've got a bunch of things that are going in the bill obviously I'm not gonna go there every single one of them some of them even have names actually see what this is we've even got cups guys we've got fittings most importantly we got alpha cool cups look at this I think I have an extra one for you Bob let me see they don't I'm picking this one all this one's mine oh look at that Bob looks like they do love you there ha Bob this one's yours there's a little there's a little scuff mark here but nonetheless you got a nice lucky enough cup there you go there you go I won't that this keeps your dreams cool that'll be pretty cool huh it's like 5 degrees cooler anyways yeah that's all then we have some cooler than anything what is the secretary CKC Cape Kelvin catcher I have no idea what that is looks like it's anti-corrosion fluid for PC cooling system so I'm guessing you've dumped this in with the coolant I don't know I've never I never heard of this I've seen this before so do some research and check it out but yeah very cool stuff from alpha cool yeah ladies and gentlemen I think this is upside down this there we go holy moly just look the size of this radiator look how long this thing is holy crap this is just one of the four 80s that were gonna be fitting inside the corset 1000d case ladies and gentlemen i'm gonna think everything out of the box and i'll see you guys soon so yeah we got pretty much the rest of the stuff I'm gonna use inside the bill why don't we hear we got all the radiators we got some more CPU blocks I've got the GPU blocks down here some more fittings hardline tube I think this is PEP gee I don't know if I want acrylic this time no I want PT d and of course you gotta have some soft tubing for the rear or the draining loop and stuff there is one other thing that alpha cool sent me and it's down here it's too big to fit on the desk with the rest of the parts and this is gonna help me a lot this time around when it comes to the bends and actually putting together the PC I'm gonna show you guys right now you know it's legit when it comes inside a freaking aluminum Pelican case ladies and gentlemen this year is the Alpha cool L scope for this is basically their premium bending kit let me open this up and show you guys what's inside whoa ladies and gentlemen I think I just got a hard-on they even sent you gloves look at this what all types of rulers over here all sorts of different angles over here you got angles for days and of course a bunch of other tools to help you with the actual bends and there's even a second layer to all this let me pop this open oh this is freaking insane this is so advanced I don't know what this is but I'm sure I'll figure out eventually oh wow this is for like those 180 degree bands guys or even 270 270 degree bends what it's safe to say I'm not even ready for that one got the inner silicone inserts and what the heck is this what okay I get that this is used to cut the tubing but I would assume comes with some other tools I mean is this really necessary well it's nice to know I have a saw in here just in case I need to use it wrong side whoa okay that's not that's not kind of myself today all right so huge thanks to alpha cool for sending this in and everything else I will not disappoint you guys that put my traps on this episode of you guys enjoyed it if you did enjoy the series tossing a like would be awesome anything mentioned in this video will be linked below and I will see you guys very soon
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