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Massive Tech Unboxing - EP36

hey guys real quickly as Siddiqui calm is having a deal on the new shadow of the Tomb Raider game on Steam for less than $50 you can also get an additional 3% off if you use the code TSS 1 at checkout check the link below to find out more what's happening guys FM tech source welcome back to another what's in the box episode there's a lot of exciting stuff happening on the channel the next few months and you guys actually get a sneak peek or some hints on what to expect through these unboxing videos because most sort of stuff they get in from companies whether it's for a review or for a PC build i unbox them in these videos so you guys kind of get an idea of what to expect but anyways what that said as always let's start off with small boxes and work our way up to the big ones let's do this alright so this tiny one is coming from a cooler master that's dude is actually I'm getting a lot of stuff in cooler master and while I'm on the topic of cooler master a lot of you guys have been asking me what's happening with setup makeover season 2 I can't really go through too much detail because there was an incident that happened recently I don't know if I'm gonna be doing a video on it or not but it's still in the still in the making guys the winner has been selected his name is Heath he lives in North Carolina and he is the person that I'll be going over to his house to we do his setup but anyways from a cooler master we've got some RAM sticks xpg DS R or a GB RAM sticks so we had 16 gigs here and also 16 gigs here they are rated at 3000 megahertz ok and also from XP G we have a 240 gigabyte and I'm that 2 SSD alright moving on alright this next box is from also Coolermaster there's gonna be a lot of stuff from coolermaster so if you guys haven't deduced already well I'm just gonna leave it at that I'm just gonna say user coming from Coolermaster and those of you who've seen season one kind of already know what these parts are for so I don't want to get I don't give it away too much oh all right so this is the MH 751 gaming headset from Coolermaster with a detachable boom arm which is pretty cool and it's compatible with PC ps4 Xbox one and a Tendo switch and of course smartphone and I shouldn't do that anyways moving on also guys we are planning on two seasons of setup makeover at the same time this one is a very special one this this next one's coming out the one with heath is actually being pushed to season 3 which is gonna happen I would say sometime in September so from MSI we've got the Radeon rx Vega 56 this is going in season 2 of said I'm a Kermit I shouldn't be telling you guys this but anyways let's actually open this up and see what it looks like I don't want to spoil everything for you guys I want to keep some of this a secret so I'll just unbox things and tell you what it is I'm not gonna really go into detail on what video you'll see it in whoo she's a lot heavier than the reference actually and this is the Vega 56 air boost version from a Masai similar designed to the reference card but honestly this looks a little better because of the accents and even the backplate looks a lot better so as I was saying guys season 2 of SATA makeover will begin filming in September and season 3 will be sometime in October but both of them will be launched before this year ends I can promise you that I know it's taking a long time but because of the first because of the incident from season 1 obviously I have to make sure that this next person really does need a setup all right also from my massage we've got us more computer parts obviously other they sent me two motherboards but this is just an empty black box so they sent over there be 450 tomahawk this is their new motherboard for the B 450 platform it supports the first and second generation rising chips and it's got four dimm slots it's unlocked so you can overclock the CPU as well and it's got an old black theme so it's gonna fit nice in this next bill let's open it up point up whoa okay I like it I like the aesthetics of this board it's really clean okay an Xbox again from Coolermaster maybe I should just do all the cooler master boxes first and then leave the MSI ones oh hey this is the ML 240 our RGB cooler from coolermaster I don't think I've actually used one of these ever in a build so it's gonna be the first time officially oh that's pretty cool it's got its own RGB controller so you can control it via remote instead of using the software this is interesting choice I'm guessing they did this because not a lot of low-end boards have a dedicated RGB header on there so it did give you an optional remote but you can also hook it up to your board if you do have a dedicated or you beheaded because it is supporting our async and of course the MSI miss big light so it's pretty cool all right our first box that isn't from our MSI or coolermaster this is actually from Amazon I think this is something I bought oh yes I was actually waiting for this I was wondering where it was so a lot of you guys know I currently use a blink security system at home and at my office why I bought one for the outdoors the the white version that you guys see on the channel a lot is for indoors only this one specifically is made for outdoors because it's more durable it's water-resistant and it's got a longer range so it's gonna be connecting to your Wi-Fi router inside your home a lot better so yeah I picked up five more cameras to install around my home just to be a little more cautious let's open this up why not I think there are the same exact size as the indoor ones - oh wait a minute now things are a little bigger yeah these look slightly bigger the low-light performance on the on here is a lot better as well because obviously it's for outdoors all right now this one's from a snooze okay let's see what we got here okay so first up is the Strix RX Vega 64 and to complement that of course we've got the Asus Strix X 40 eye gaming motherboard this is a micro ATX version of the x47 the platform again supports both first generation and second generation rising ships so both these builds actually that are coming up are gonna be an AMD build so we've got a AMD CPU and of course an anti GPU I've been giving Intel a lot of love recently so I like to balance things up and do some AMD builds for you guys as well alright almost forgot about this one this is coming from my good friends at cable mod this is also a pretty big giveaway on what color scheme the PC is going to be obviously judging by the color scheme of the cables that I ordered so nothing too exciting these are all black even with the cable combs the aluminum cable combs are also all black there's a movie coming out in October which involves an old black theme that's all safe you guys figure it out right in the comment section because that is what the next setup makeover season is gonna be revolved around and that is what the next PC build is gonna be as well so yeah all black cables black cable combs this is actually for another build this is black with white accents alright this one is coming also from coolermaster alright see what you got in here this knife is like falling apart I've used this for such a long time you guys remember that episode where I unbox this another unboxing knife well another knife I should say I wonder if it's the same one this time oh this looks bad ass take a look at that it kind of reminds you the msi dragon this looks sick wow what whoever sent this to me by the way it's been holding up really good okay so this is the V 750 power supply from Coolermaster you guys probably saw the me unbox this a few episodes ago well I lost the power supply so they sent in a brand new one for me to use Coolermaster again okay Oh yes keyboard and we got a mousepad as well so this is the master key MK 750 RGB mechanical keyboard with a detachable wrist rest this is actually a really nice looking keyboard Wow Cherry MX switches it's got RGB backlighting with a light bar that's really cool I haven't seen that on any keyboard so far this one's from Amazon I think this is something I purchased myself actually this one is a personal purchase usually I don't hold off on Amazon boxes when something comes in for Amazon I know it's something I placed an order on so I unbox it immediately because well it's probably important but for some reason I don't open this one up why oh okay this was actually recently sent to me that's probably why so here's a few things I ordered for myself this is a case for my external hard drive from Seagate I have a 5 terabyte external drive that I take with me everywhere although important files are on there like my intro the music that I use in the videos and stuff like that so I don't have a case for it so I ordered one I thought I was gonna be red but it's kind of like a pinkish tint to it ok and then this one is a smaller case for my external SSD from Samsung I bought a one terabyte Samsung t5 portable SSD because I have all my games installed on there so when I'm doing benchmarks that is what I use to store my games and stuff so yeah 2 cases for that and you guys might be wondering ed why did you buy a laptop stand a lot of you guys have been asking me that I do a laptop themed setup I do a lot of high-end custom PC setups but none of them have a laptop in it so I'm gonna change things up a bit and throw in a laptop for my next ultimate desk setup which by the way guys it's coming up I would say sometime in September so be psyched because it's gonna look pretty epic let me see they sent the wrong color just looks like a silver one to me Oh apparently its face great but in the picture look really black to me yeah I can work with this I thought I was gonna be like black black would have been really cool but Space Gray I think I can make it work all right this next one's from my good friends at ek it's open top okay all righty there's a as always there's a lot of stuff in here so the back plate over here we got the actual block itself a 120 millimeter radiator got some soft tubing yes soft tubing you guys because because why not no reason really it's actually a lot easier to do soft tubing at home on a time crunch so we got a 140 reservoir and pump combo some cables not a bunch of fittings again they're all black guys and two additional radiators you got the 240 slim and the 360 so yeah really cool old black-themed PC coming up as well with the black cables that you guys saw earlier this is for setup makeover season two by the way I can give you guys too many hints you know what I'm done I'm done talking about it you guys are gonna have to wait and see it's gonna be epic though the only thing missing from here is the RGB CPU block which I think I got an email a few days ago from UK they shipped it out to more massive boxes to go guys kiss ones from MSI there's quite a few things in here first up we have a gaming headset the immerse GH 70 RGB I don't know why people do RGB head says it just it makes no sense unless you're playing in front of a mirror and you can constantly see yourself with the lights on but I don't I don't understand RGB headsets honestly this box is really light must be a very comfortable headset alright what else you got I'm a cyclic GM 70 Mouse RGB of course ooh we got a risin 5 2600 X the second generation risin CPU and it's coming with its own cooler oh this is a very heavy keyboard the vigor GK 80 mechanical RGB keyboard this actually looks really nice Wow I want to open this one up actually let's see what we got in here homicide loves the red accents that feels nice it's got a really nice design I like the brushed aluminum top plates but it's got red accents here's my take on RGB device as you guys if if a company is going RGB why would they add an on RGB accent that doesn't go with RGB lighting if I want the keyboard to be blue colors for example on the LEDs it's not gonna match the red accent on here so it just I don't know you guys get what I'm trying to say here it makes no sense adding a color that's not neutral you know just make this white or something or maybe black that fits in with the RGB P alright let's check this one all this is actually a wireless mouse as well so it could be wired or Wireless what I feels a nice it's got a very flat surface on the top so this is more for palm grippers I'm guessing yeah not so much for claw or finger type grips looks like it's modular as well you can customize the top plate on here also the sides that is dope okay all right guys the final box is from DHL oh it's this big yellow box also from MSI let's check this out I've got a cooler master 550 power supply another RGB cooler this one is the ML 240 from cooler masters it's the same one as the other one so I'm guessing the top one is the newer one I wonder what the difference really is one comes with the remote and the other one doesn't some storage devices got the HyperX savage - 40 gigabytes SSD and we also got some RAM sticks also from HyperX 16 gigs at 2400 megahertz another rise in CPU have another 2600 X another be 450 tomahawk motherboard with the MSI rx 580 ladies and gentlemen is actually one more thing down here oh it's a hard drive the Seagate 2 terabyte Barracuda hard drive so that's pretty much it for the video I hope you guys enjoyed it everything unboxed he obviously will be linked down below make sure you guys have notifications enabled because there's some really really cool exciting stuff happening on the channel before this year ends 2018 is coming to an end unfortunately it is your zoom by pretty quickly Wow anyways thank you guys so much again for your support I love your faces and I will see you in the next one
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