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Massive Tech Unboxing - EP37

what's happening guys seven tax toys welcome back to another episode of what's in the box I apologize ahead of time if I seem a little hyper I thought it was great idea to go to of McDonald's and get some coffee even though it's 8 o'clock and night so it's good though I don't think I've tried it it's the frozen brew coffee it's awesome and no it's not sponsored McDonald's sponsored we got damn it anyways what that said let's just start the video by the way have you guys had a chance to check out my website deal source tech which is a site where we find the best deals and we upload them daily notice that it has a dot tech domain same with my other domain Edgard tech which takes you straight to my youtube channel I love these domains because not only is it short and easy to remember but it also perfectly represents me and the type of content that I create I think that dot tech is the perfect online identity for anyone looking to build a strong personal brand or start a tech business you no longer have to compromise with your domain name with dot tech you can actually find the exact name you want in fact there are a number of leading startups on dot tech who in the last two years have raised more than 500 million dollars these startups are building the future on that tech and if you're looking to start something of your own use a tech domain to create a strong brand right now you can get da tech domain at ninety percent off if you register for one year or five years just make sure to use the code Edgar on ek for the water-cooling build well it's here ladies and gentlemen EK supremacy evo and the RGB cpu block while that is no how does a mouthful but anyways part is here and this is also a pump bracket for a 120 millimeter fan so I can mount the pump I guess they forgot the sentence as well nonetheless all the parts are finally here for my water-cooled build it's gonna be it's gonna be awesome you guys stick around I promise you guys gonna love moving on to the next box this one's from coarser see what they got over here lots of exciting stuff happening on the channel the guys make sure you have notifications enabled you guys you don't want to miss out okay we just have a power supply here's the HX 850 nothing exciting here moving on okay not a box from Corsair please be something more exciting that a power supply just fans combination of 140 millimeter and 120 millimeter that's okay guys next one's from you egg oh just a couple things okay we got the Vengeance RGB RAM sticks from course sir this is 16 gigs at 3000 megahertz actually a light of 32 gigs these are 2 16 gigabyte RAM sticks Wow okay and we have the popular lifx RGB strip which one of the things I love about this compared to the Philips one is that they're a lot brighter and I feel like the app is a lot more user friendly so I personally prefer lifx / Philips you but that's just my personal taste this is going in an upcoming setup video obviously this is going an upcoming build so yeah blue moon oh this one over here you guys this is definitely the MVP of this episode now this box is from v1 tech now they are collaborating with me when I'm collaborating with them on a very dope project and this is some custom work that they've done for me that's gonna be included in that very dope project I don't know if I can show you everything in here because I kind of wanted to be a surprise shake this uh all this acrylic artwork that is so freakin clean whoo that looks nice okay what else we got an RGB backplate for the GPU check this out guys oh my god that is beautiful son man you guys over there you're kicking ass you are seriously kicking ass all right ladies gentlemen last but certainly not least we have this massive box coming from I don't even know where that's just open this up by now okay these are speakers from Edda firewalls look really cool this is from this is the spinnaker spinnaker it's an how you say it I'm actually really interested in these let me open this up maybe even take it for a test drive whoa these are actually a lot bigger in person but make it look so small on the box what's this is a speaker look at the shape of this thing what the heck okay yeah I I definitely have to hook this up to my PC and at least test out the audio they're actually not that heavy - interesting interesting shape but I'm not I don't hate it at the same time I don't love it not yet at least maybe it'll grow on me I don't know but design aside I think what's more important is the sound quality so I really want to hook this up actually since this is the last item unboxing might as well hook it up to my PC and test it out and see what it really or how it sounds like alright guys so I finally put the speakers together don't judge me in the cable management I literally just put this together right now I'm actually working on a really dope setup video for you guys stick around it's gonna be sick but anyways hooked up these speakers and check this out comes with this really cool remote over here that lets you control the volume so you just basically rotate this and you can hear the volume going up on that it's really cool you can also pause the music by pressing on it and you can even skip tracks and stuff like that so there's a little wireless remote it's charging now but hey guys it's really cool it's Wireless - so you can put this anywhere you want on your desk and you can charge it whenever you want alright let's test the audio quality okay first I'm going to test the speakers and then I'm gonna switch to the speakers from the monitor just so you guys have something to compare against here we go so yeah way more bassy definitely amazing in the highs these are some really dope sounding speakers and it look pretty dope depending on your taste obviously but anyways moving on yeah guys it's pretty much it for the video I hope you enjoyed it I know it was short and it wasn't as exciting as my previous unboxing videos it's not normally like this but I feel like I unboxed everything already in the previous episode it was 17 minutes of I think like almost 20 boxes that I opened up in case you guys missed it I'll drop a link below check that out and also drop a link to all the parts in this video as well down below but anyways I love your faces thank you so much for watching I'll see you in the next one
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