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Massive Tech Unboxing - Episode 30

what's up guys it's happened tech source and welcome to another episode of what's in the box the series where I'm box things that I get from viewers watching the show or companies sending stuff in to get featured on the channel as well as personal items that I like purchasing from Amazon or Newegg for upcoming projects or PC build stuff stuff like that but anyways with that said let's go ahead and dive right in and yes as you guys noticed I do have a new haircut which you are probably grilling me in the comments section let me know what your feedback is if you guys enjoy or you like my previous circuit let me know what your thoughts are in the comments what is this package oh this is this is cable mod what why is it a labeled cable mud on the box these are the cables I'm gonna be using for my personal build this was actually the only piece that I was waiting to start my build so of course I order some RGB strips on here but look at these cables guys oh my god white and red with the white aluminum cable combs guys this is gonna look sick oh that fresh cable smell but yeah guys this is I got a bunch of cables in here my how many I ordered from cable mod I had to go with the best of the best out there obviously this is going in my personal build so I reached out to the guys at cable on I'm like please hook me up with some of your dope cables because I'm a huge fan of what they're doing right now with the quality of their cables adding these aluminum cable combs and it just makes the cable look so amazing I also picked up some SATA cables and red of course to match the scheme and I even picked up an AI Oh sleepy as I mentioned in a previous video I'm gonna be doing an air-cooled version of the PC first that's what this is for for the AI or cooler that I'm using from deep cool if it even fits I'm just out an interesting case and afterwards I'm gonna take it apart and then convert it into a custom water-cooled PC which is gonna be fun more content for you guys and I get to compare the differences between an air-cooled PC and a water-cooled PC using the same parts I also picked up some red thumb screws just in case I don't maybe I'll use it maybe I won't but all right next up is from this one's MSI cuz obviously their brand names on there micro-star international for those of you that don't know what MSI stands for yep I call it this is the motherboard I'm actually gonna be using in my build if you guys watched my previous episode I actually was showing off an EVGA X 299 motherboard but after doing some careful research I ended up going with this instead I had to swap it out and the main reason there's several reasons but the main reason why I switched is because this one actually comes with an optical port for my audio you guys know that I'm using the Edifier Luna e25 HD speakers and those are using the optical cable and EVGA x-29 unfortunately does not have that so it also has two m dot two slots which is huge because I'm going to be combining two 512 gigabyte m dot two SSDs from samsung into raid zero for some incredible speeds so but yeah overall I'm very glad I made the switch because this is my personal PC now I want to put the best of the best in there and if you're looking at micro ATX pcs this is the best motherboard that you can currently buy with all the bells and whistles alright then we got a box from Amazon you leave your stuff from Amazon as the stuff that I buy with my own money order so many things I just completely forget stuff i order okay if that makes sense this is a really tech and it's not sponsored but I was running low on trash bags so I hit trash bags I also picked up two and the filters for my Panasonic gh4 easin is because we're gonna start shooting more videos outdoors and these then filled nd filters are gonna help out a ton all right not a package for an Amazon see what this one is oh okay so guys this is the SmartVault pro so I'm actually working on doing a smart home tech episode 2 because the you guys would really enjoy the first one and I've been using a pretty decent lock for my front door you have to put in a code to unlock it but I can't access it via a smartphone I want it to be completely wireless and I want to be able to unlock it or lock it using my smartphone and that's what this is I looked everywhere on the internet to find something similar like this and this is the closest I can find to something that's fully wireless and I'm kind of skeptical because I looks like a new product and it doesn't have that many reviews on there in fact the reviews itself are are mixed some of them are positive some are negative but I decided to pick it up anyway so I can try it out this next few weeks and if it's good enough if I like the quality of it and it's actually working I'm gonna feature it in that episode if not it's not gonna show up and you guys will know less well at least you have as long box from Corsair 1 they're what they were sending me as expected I was gonna guess keyboard just because of the shape and keyboard but not just any keyboard they're brand new k68 RGB full-size keyboard this is using the Cherry MX wet switches it's got a detachable palm rest which is included dust and spill resistant very straightforward let's pop this open and check it out real quick all right I think that previous k68 keyboard was only backlit and I think it was only red LEDs whereas this one is fully RGB which you can customize via the cue software I think everything else is pretty much the same there are some minor differences which you guys might see in a later review there is no bios which in the front or a USB pass-through but what it does have are dedicated windows media buttons you got your volume control up top here with the pause play and skip track down here oh and they only have one USB cable this time that is actually very welcome I hate having keyboards with two USBs which occupy two ports on the back of your PC one is to power the keyboard and the other one is to power the RGB lighting but this one actually comes at one which is interesting that is of course our keyboard so you get that very sturdy and quality build unfortunately you don't get that aluminium frame with the aluminium brushed look which I really like instead you get this plastic matte finish which looks okay it's also IP 32 rated so if you like me and enjoy eating or drinking around your setup then you'd have to worry about spilling drinks because your keyboard will be protected this keyboard does go for $130 which is pretty competitive when compared to other full-size RGB keyboards with a full 10 key and a palm rest but if you guys want to check this out or anything I mentioned in this video as always links will be down below but that pretty much wraps up this video if you guys want to send in anything to get featured on the next episode of what's in the box I'll have the link to my p.o box down below thank you so much for watching as always if you enjoyed the series tossing a like would be awesome and I'll see you guys in the next video you
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