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Massive Tech Unboxing - Episode 31

what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome to another episode of what's in the box it's been a while since I've made a video on the channel that's because we're really busy moving stuff into a new office this is actually the first video we are shooting at the new office and I promise you guys the background is gonna change we're gonna be doing a lot of things to this place to make it look awesome and because of the change and transition we actually have around 50 boxes to open up this is just half of the stuff and I think we're gonna make 2 videos otherwise it would take like a it will take an hour to unbox everything so anyways with that said that's going to dive right in before I begin this episode I will give a huge thanks to I funny for sponsoring this video I funny is one of the most popular entertainment apps in the u.s. it's packed with fresh memes videos gifs and other user-generated content the team selects the funniest content and releases it in the form of feature sets seven times per day however users can also view new memes through the collective section at any time the app has a dynamic and loyal community of users and recently following feedback from the users we actually created a new chat feature which allows users to chat privately amongst each other and then there's meme Academy with Mia Khalifa yep the one and only you might recognize her from those special videos but anyways they got the course that involves a variety of assignments and the most active participants will receive diplomas signed by Mia herself the app is free to download if you guys want to support the channel or want to check it out I'll leave a link to it down below I don't actually have a knife with me so we're gonna be using a flathead to open these episode should be an interesting episode but yeah welcome to another episode of what's in the box alright it's not off the unboxing with this one over here they want to open up the bag ones first and then get to the actual boxes because these are a lot easier to open up alright so looks like we have a bunch of cables from Volta oh okay so this is a lightning cable with a magnetic tip and it actually has three different tips on here we got lightning cable we have USB type-c and a microUSB cable so I guess the idea behind this is you can plug in your devices a lot easier just being close to the port and the snaps in place and one of the benefits of this is actually it's a your phone or device is charging on a table and somebody walks by the cable and instead of dragging your whole device with you and having it fall on the ground the cable will pretty much just disconnect so I think that's one of the benefits of going with this type of charging cable they do have several different colors they got black they got silver with the different lengths as well I think that goes up to like two meters which is pretty cool and there's even a coupon code written on here if you guys want to check them out you guys can get 10% off using this code listed on here also drop links down below to this and everything you guys see in this video so yeah huge things to voltar for sending these out this is actually pretty cool I might use one of these in my setup so yeah with that said let's go ahead and move on to the next box alright the next bag is a DHL bag from TL sourcing whatever that is I'm not gonna open it but this looks like the 24 pin cable replacement cables for big red if you guys watched the first episode I stated in that that the psu was actually defective but after the video I went ahead and tested each single cable and turned out the 24 pin cable was defective not the power supply so of course sir I apologize your power supply was good there's actually 24 pin cables this one came into my P o box this is uh either fine though or something else I guess by Mel it is you got the crying laughter emoji I don't know if they're laughing at me or my failure videos but yeah I think I'll put this in my lambo okay this one is from v1 Tech and this is actually for a subscriber bill that I'm doing on the channel it's coming up very soon let me just let me show you guys what they set it whoa look at that this is gonna be a Batman theme the PC we got the old black frame with the mirrored silver accents this is gonna look sick these are the fan grills let me show you guys the backplate I want I want to make sure you guys have some tissue next next to you guys because o day look at that fun of you guys can see that the reflection on that yeah this is this is sick this is the sick is gonna be a sick Bell I'm not gonna be one tech man those guys always always impressed me and haven't really done a gothic like an old black build so this was gonna be a black with silver and gray accents so it's gonna be a little different than my previous builds but I am stoked guys actually some of these parts might be is the other parts for the build so I went to unbox them ladies and gentlemen after three weeks I have finally received the replacement parts or screws for my case these are the installation screws and the power supply cable needed to install and put together the case the hex key are 40 ok so this is the AO sleeping kit for the subscriber build it's actually a white AIO sleeping kit which I'm gonna be painting over it either in silver or gray but yeah this is going in this bill oh dude liquid came in ha ha this is guts so we ordered a bunch of props and figurines to use as much background pretty much for our videos and for b-roll and this is actually one of things me and Bob thought about bringing in because we're such a fan a big fan of berserk Oh oh look his cape actually is separate oh guts himself ladies and gentleman Sam okay stand and look at the sword yeah it's like his like the same height I was bigger than him what look at that that is freakin awesome the fact that you can move around his arms and his legs we can actually put him in different poses for different videos so that's that's pretty awesome I think this was a goodbye oh speaking of props we got a on the BBC guy here I'm like the biggest DBZ fan ever so Super Saiyan for Goku obviously actually this isn't really DBZ this is Dragon Ball super but yeah I Goku Super Saiyan I said Super Saiyan 4 I'm such an idiot Super Saiyan God how am I saying so much for being number one fan what you get different Goku hairstyles that stick and hands Oh what you can you have to put this together from scratch so this is actually a plastic model kit I had no idea I thought this was an actual figurine but I guess you're supposed to put them together from scratch using pieces okay so this is gonna be an interesting long project but what it's finished this is basically what it's supposed to look like I think we want to do the one with the Kamehameha stance which I think looks cool so yeah I got another background problem I think we're halfway done okay so we got some stuff from Coursera these are also going into the subscriber bill we got some our itv fans we had we have we have the RGB LED trip I don't know what this is and the commander Pro and speaking of subscriber builds I do subscriber bills on the side if I have free time these are high-end bills of course if you guys are interested in me building a PC for you and you live in the States hit me up in the emails and I might be one for you oh my god I think I think I know this is no it's not I thought this was the keyboard we're gonna send me the white keyboard I've been waiting for they sent me uh I don't know why do you send me a b-17 I might give this away so if you guys want you guys one inch let me know the comments section this is us only by the way so please if only if you live in the u.s. drop a like and let me know in the comment section if you want the k70 oh I think I know what this is okay so these are essentially wireless lighting we're supposed to put these on the top of shelves and it's gonna give off a nice glow effect the fact that they're Wireless and they don't need to be hardwired inside or connected to anything there's other reasons why you pick this out so it comes with some 3m tape we attach to the back hook it up on top of the shelf and it gives off some nice glowing effect to whatever it is underneath it so it could be figurines it could be props whatever it is so that's why we picked up six of these oh okay so this is the 3d hand it's actually this is actually gonna look really cool at night I'll show you guys a demonstration real quick so yeah the idea is to give off a really nice glow effect in the background that's gonna look really good in low light situations and the cool part is you can change the colors on it so blue yellow purple we got white red like five colors to choose from anything actually add a flash effect I think I think it's gonna be more distracting videos to be honest well we just keep a static color on it but yeah pretty cool little toy picked up and this here is a poster of the one and only guts so this is a six piece poster and that's what the image is supposed to look like if you put it together essentially these are high quality prints so sick this is actually gonna be on top of Bob's setup I think he's going on your setup right yeah yeah so he's the he's a perfect guy and I'm gonna have some DBZ stuff on top of mine so I thought this would actually come with some frames but oh yeah it is that this is actually 20 bucks so shuffling you guys want to pick it up okay some more goodies for the office so obviously the first thing I had to pick up was something to protect our tech there's a lot of expensive tech here at our office and we're not gonna be your at nights and we need something to essentially watch over our stuff and if you guys watched my ultimate smart home tech episode one then you what do you know what this is this is actually the camera system I've been using at my home so I picked up an extra pair to use around the office one of these I absolutely love about this is it's so easy to use and it's so small you don't have to plug it in anything they're not the hardwired or anything you'd have to pay a monthly stupid subscription just to look at your files everything goes on your smartphone you can look it up on your smartphone it's got motion detection HD Live View basically you can watch the video straight from your phone and it's I think you get up to what is the two gigabytes of space of storage space on your phone and you don't have to pay for it so it's awesome but whatever the amount of space you get you could obviously it either download those files or completely delete it and you get that extra space back again so yeah absolutely love this we also picked up some floor lighting so this is actually RGB and this is gonna give up some really nice effect for example if I put it behind me it's gonna look like some light is glowing from my butt cheeks so we'll probably find some good use for this somewhere in the office but this is definitely a really nice by last mile nice ladies and gentlemen one enormous box okay so this is just kitchen stuff so we got some cups and this is a trash can I'm not going to open it because it's not fascinating it's not really tech it's a basic trash can because we're gonna obviously want that trash so that's what that is anyway is that pretty much wraps up this episode hope you guys enjoyed it stick around because episode are the next unboxing videos gonna be coming up very soon everything mentioned this video will be linked below I love your faces as always and I'll see you guys very soon
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