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Mcdonalds Bacon Clubhouse Burger - Unboxing

what's up guys ed here from Texas and today we're gonna take a close look at two of McDonald's newest sandwiches that got released here in the States a few weeks ago I'm actually really excited these are the bacon Clubhouse burgers and you can choose between grilled or crispy chicken and beef I made a horrible choice filming this before eating anything so I'm really tempted to just dive right in but I'm gonna control myself and continue with the unboxing all right so first off let's take a look at the world-famous french fries I went ahead and picked up the regular size and there's some sort of writing here on the side here but it looks too faded as there is a lot of grease spots on it so I can't really read it anyways taking a look at the side of the fries we see that this serving has a whopping 380 calories at 48 grams of carbs which is great for anyone trying to gain weight taking a closer look at the french fries we can really begin to appreciate the quality of this food I can only imagine the amount of work it takes to craft such a beautiful french fry I mean look at that texture it's truly irresistible that's enough about the fries let's head straight into the main course this ladies and gentlemen is the crispy bacon clubhouse sandwich and as I stated before you can choose to get a grilled as well man the possibilities McDonald's gives us are amazing so opening up the box we immediately see the juicy sandwich sitting there waiting to get eaten and on the roof of the box there's a message saying discover what you love I don't know about you guys but I'm in love what I just discovered so let's get inside this sandwich and see what it's made of literally we got some lettuce which is covering that delicious Big Mac sauce and making our way downwards we are greeted with some tomatoes that have been executed into two pieces and moving even further we discovered the applewood smoked bacon which is neatly resting on top of the cheese and it looks like they're both attached to the actual chicken meat which makes it super convenient to eat you don't have to worry about the ingredients sliding off the sandwich when you take a bite truly innovative when it comes to sandwich designs I give McDonald's a solid thumbs up on that if this sandwich doesn't look appetizing to you then you must have already eaten before watching this anyways moving to the beef version of the clubhouse burger which is my personal favorite we are greeted with essentially the same burger but with 100% beef you can also see that the architecture of the burger is the same as the previous sandwich after all why would you change something that works so well last but not least what is a complete meal without a drink refresh yourself with a cup of Coca Cola's finest coke and if you're on a diet look no further because they have a diet option that's why you guys that means zero calories and it's basically like drinking water with a taste of coke rest assured you don't have to add that to your fitness pal anyways that is our unboxing and first look at McDonald's two amazing and delicious burgers that got recently released which one of these would you guys eat let me know in the comment section down below this is Ed from Texas and I'll
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