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Meet Up + Handing Out My Tech + New Series!

welcome guys that from Texas and welcome to a quick update video there's a lot of exciting things happening a lot of changes here at the headquarters but before we get into any of that to my website my other websites tech stores IMT comm has a completely new design we've been reading the feedback that you guys left on the previous video where we announced the website in the first place and a lot of guys didn't like the design of it so we went ahead and fired some designers we hired some you I'm just getting we didn't fire anybody we work together and we completely we did we completely redesigned the website and I think you guys are going to like it it's a lot cleaner it's a lot more modern check it out I'll double link to it down below it's got some new features we even have new category that you guys wanted us to cover most of the stuff on there is relatable content that you probably will be interested in tribes are if you like my content on YouTube you will probably love the content on the website so tell your co-workers tell your friends tell your family tell the milkman to check out our website if you guys are really into tech even consider bookmarking the website because you do have articles being uploaded continuously throughout the week and if you guys hate reading like I do believe me I hate reading through articles but the articles on our website are actually very short they're concise they go straight to the point and they don't waste any time but anyways I'm very excited about the new we launched our website check it out guys let me know what you guys think in the comments section we do have a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account so if you guys are feeling awesome and do want to help support the channel dropping by and leaving a like would be honestly so amazing so thank you guys so much all right so moving on to other updates and speaking of moving on I'm gonna be moving guys this is going to be the final video here at this location this is the apartment I've been living in for the past almost two years about a year and a half and I'm moving to Santa Clarita which is about 30 minutes north of where I am now because I bought a home there here's the deal guys I have a bunch of tech here that's leftover in a storage that I'm not going to take with me I'm not going to sell it I'm not going to give away because shipping will kill me because most of these boxes are big so here's the deal if you guys live in LA or anywhere near LA and Chatsworth is pretty close to you and you guys are willing to come down here I'm going to be giving away my text I got a crap ton of PC cases as you guys can see we've got some keyboard headsets mice a lot of miscellaneous tech as well nothing really expensive though I feel like most of these are under 100 bucks but maybe we have a few things here worth a couple hundred but you guys just gonna have to come down and check it out I just don't have the use for them and honestly I'd rather just give it to you guys I might even give away some PC parts obviously nothing too extreme I'm not gonna be giving away ten 80s or tiny maxes or stuff like that but a lot of the older tech definitely I'm going to be giving away like FX processors from AMD maybe even some cheap motherboards stuff like that but it just really depends on the stuff that I'm not going to take home with me so yeah if you guys live near la here is the address here's a time and date Mimi here at this location this is my actual apartment I'll bring you over to my unit number and I'll start giving away giving away all of my tech depending on how many people show up I might limit it to three tech per person but that will depend on how many people show up and who wants what even if you guys don't care about taking home any of the tech and just want to meet me in person I feel like it's a really cool and awesome opportunity to meet a few you guys out there maybe sign some stuff take pictures I'll give you guys even a tour of my apartment and where I did my videos it's going to be pretty much empty but I think it'd be pretty cool behind-the-scenes kind of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I would think but anyways guys information dates and all that stuff will be linked below and final update of the video I am starting a new series and just for fun I kind of just threw out a random series idea AK with my voice and just for fun I threw out this random series idea at one of my setup wars episodes and the feedbags holy it's been nothing but positivity you guys loved the idea so it's got me thinking a lot more it's got me thinking that entire day and coincidentally the next day coolermaster saw the video and they reached out immediately and you wanted to team up they want to team up with me basically to make this series happen are you guys ready for this I'm calling it pimp my setup I can't use that I'm calling it setup takeover where I go across the country into people's homes and completely redo their setup from scratch I'm talking new desk new freaking PC monitor keyboard mice the whole shebang it's going to be an awesome series and I feel like with the help of Coolermaster we're going to make this we're going to make this happen to you guys now I will be releasing the official announcement video to take submissions for the setup makeover series sometime later this month so end of July make sure you guys keep your eyes peeled if you guys want to toss in your submission again I'm only focusing on California specifically closer to LA for the first episode just so I can touch the waters this is just for this is for the pilot of the episode for the season I should say lots of exciting stuff are happening I cannot contain my excitement I'm going to be opening up a studio very soon hiring two full-time members to help push content we're going to bring you guys daily uploads just like before who is texting me a lot of stuff is happening guys honestly so make sure you're subscribed to the channel if you're not already obviously you're watching this video you probably are subscribed but anyways thank you guys so much I love your faces I will see you in the next one you
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