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More Problems With #ElectroBox | Final Episode

what the guys that insectoid said today is a beautiful day here at tech source headquarters I got my stuff ready to go we're going to see how much we can get done in this video so my tube cutter came in today I ordered because it didn't come with the rest of the parts now my tube cleaner got my PPG P what PE TG tubing I'm not going with acrylic of course because there's a lot easier to bend and I got my silicone tube which is needed and of course my I was going to say hairdryer on steroids but this is the heat gun that came with all my stuff so there it is i'm mocchi i decided to work on the cable management after I get some tubing done just in case I might need to rework the cables in case it gets in the way so yeah it's going to be a lot of work I'm always going to make a lot of mistakes but I did watch it to youtube videos to see point view to get it right but this is going to be pretty disastrous I think but well whatever happens we'll see is a learning process like I said guys is my first water cool build and I've never done standing ever in my life and I was actually going to stick with fittings for the Bend points but I'm like you know what I know eventually I'm going to need to know how to bend tubing for my other water cool bills obviously so I decided to just go with it for my first build anyways just so I can get some experience so I'm going to start small I guess will do from will start from the end CPU block to the GPU block bridge or whatever you want to call this and then from there we'll move on to the bottom portion to the pump and then the pump to the top radiator so yeah it should be fun so the band that needs to happen as I would say around this point now obviously am I using any sort of measuring tools I'm kind of just eyeing it like I said guys there's gonna be lots of mistakes so I'm going to try and get this right the first time which I'm pretty sure it's not gonna happen but we'll see I got start doubting I got stop doubting myself but anyways so there it is guys my first I think successful 45-degree angle Bend I'm not sure yet it kind of looks tiny blisters on here I don't see any cracks so I think I think this looks good I don't know you guys do a judge okay so the angle came out right it's I think to me it looks like a perfect 45-degree angle straight down to the bridge now it's obviously a little too long so I'm going to cut off a piece from here but the only hard part about this is as you can see it's not really straight it doesn't align align with it so I'm gonna have to then again somewhere over here slightly 45 degree angle and then Blanche great down and of course I'm enough to cut that cut off a little piece of this too because it is extending a bit too long I was always told or I should say common sense is always to cut a little extra that way you guys have some room to work with in case you messed up because because you always cut off a piece of the tube to make it shorter but if you make it too short then you pretty much screwed and you have to start all over again but you oh my god I think I got it right guys I can't believe it into the first time let's check it out it looks like the Ingalls right look at that perfectly straight in there Wow Wow I said to cut off a little piece from there because it's extending of it too much but this is I can't believe I do this I guess water cooling isn't that hard apparently another beautiful 90 degree Bend I think I'm getting really good at this so it's going to basically extend all the way here into the top rated hole over here and of course as you can see it's a bit extending a bit too long so I'm not too cut up maybe an inch or two so and I think the cables might get in the way so I might have to position it a little at an angle so it kind of comes upwards but yeah so far so good the you all right so after three tries the most complicated band is finally done which is this one starts from here comes down here and straight into the reservoir holy crap this took me four hours I think I lost track actually was a far-our things like more like two hours to do when I wasted actually three full tubes to do this it's just figuring out when to bend the tube is like the worst is like the hardest part I would say especially for something that long but it's not perfect guys it really isn't it's not 100% perpendicular or even parallel to anything it's just if I can assure you from this angle I mean it's close enough I guess it's not really like there's some Michael for example over here is a little small kink all of you guys can tell but yeah anyways I got one more left and that is from the bottom of the bridge to the bottom of the lens and for Ike I want to put this in there too it's kind of like a flow meter I think it'll look pretty cool somewhere in the middle over here is because the bottom part here is empty and I figured if I just put this in here be a nice little thing to spice up the build but there you have it ladies and gentlemen the tubing is finally done after two months it is by far the most frustrating thing of building and water-cooled PC that is for sure it's not perfect I know that but I just want to finish this at this point things I don't like the kinks on the tubes tubing over here in the corner there's one right there it's really obvious and there's one in that corner as well but the rest of it is actually pretty close to perfect if I say so myself and also for those people asking me why I'm running the CPU block to the GPU if I have two GPUs and only one waiter it's not going to be much difference in times guys maybe one or two degrees as most so that's not really an issue and also for those of you asking me to put the waiter on the bottom trust me I've tried that as well first of all there's no mounting holes on the bottom to mount the radiator also it's really close to the GPU it's basically touching the GPU the fans so it's the a doesn't fit down there as much as I wanted to work ladies gentleman at a time to flush the system and then we can pull in the coolant also I burned myself yesterday with the heat gun so if yeah if you're building if your pending tubes make sure you have a guardian or parent nearby serious business seriously do I need these I mean but like I'm at a lab trying to create the next atomic bomb or something like I don't I notice did anybody even use goggles for cleaning flushing assistances this is crazy do not use in a water cooling loop step one we move the radiator from your water cooling loop all right so this says I need the solution in the radiator for between 6 to 12 hours and then I can drain so seconds can take another day just on flushing the radiator and then part two is basically where I can actually clean the entire loop with the radiator back on the system so and this one actually doesn't take that long actually no it does 12 to 24 hours so another day on that the two full days just on flushing the system so yeah but like I said guys it's all going to be one video for you guys alright the part I want to finally done all the liquid is inside here all the holes are filled and I'll still wait 12 hours before I can flush it out and then rinse it with actual water so you guys think oh it's been 12 hours it's go ahead and flush this thing I can get it open all right so now that strains ought to do is flush on the remainder stuff with water to do it four times so yeah I'm going to get take care of that and I'll be right back so you guys know that I try to be a perfectionist and this one food was really bothering me I just I don't I can't let it go for some reason it's no surprise there and the thing is I got one tube left so I'm going to try and we Bend it is that even the term but I want to try and fix this by making a completely new Bend to try and hopefully match that exact same one and if it doesn't work out I'm basically attitudes and I'm gonna have to accept my state and move on but I want to give you one more shot why do I still have an extra tube laying around what's the worst that can happen I'm also not happy with this bottom two but as you can see it's slowly declining it's not really parallels with the case so I think what I need to do is shave off a little bit from this end and this should help screen it up a bit so let me work on that real quick success perfect bends on every single corner as you can see so I pretty much nailed down the bending aspect it just now I have issues of figuring out when to bend the tube so the only problem I ran into now is as you can see so this is the before or the previous tube and this is the one app so as you can see I bend it a bit too late near the top so now what happens is it's going to reach all the way to the top of the case so I have to make some changes over here in order for the tube to sit on the fitting or sit in the fitting so not bad I mean I still made it work so at least now I can move on much better so yeah as you can see the sitting is pretty much touching the top of the radiator bracket but everything else is pretty good the tube isn't really touching the case something is like barely a few millimeters clearance there but overall definitely satisfied with the second try much better before so as I was disconnecting one of the cables this happened yep one of the cables from the 24-pin completely ripped off I wasn't even pulling on anything so I think this is the last time I'm going to be using their cables so I just contacted v1 tech and they're going to hook me up with some things to not only fix the fans and the back plates but also I'm going to be replacing this entire cable set because this is the beginning honestly I've been having problems with this company so oh look another problem occurred the fan molex connector will not really the molex but the three pin and four pin ripped off of the one of the cables so yeah this is a fun build so far all right so things were learning about 18 hours or so and looks like the liquid turned light blue was originally clear liquids looks like is this doing this job and now I'm going to shut off the pump and shop that annoying as beeping sound and then flush out the system three more times with regular water according to what the paper says and then afterwards I can put on or pour in an actual liquid or coolant I should say and actually guys I think this is going to be the final build log until the finale which I'll be showing you the benchmarks and stuff obviously so I got away for the cables to come in the back plates the fangirls and all that stuff so and then you pump of course because that's pretty much destroyed when I was about to end the video this is just the rise in the male watch from v1 tech hooking me up with some black blades soap on the several friction yet I think I would anything crazy this time around there's some good-looking black plates to be honest where you are the yellow black plate that's a more yellow to the entire bill overpowered and black and check this out guys and thick black and yellow in video fan grill for all six of the fans I also picked up some black and yellow electrical tape just in case I need to cover up some logos or some wires that are sticking out essentially if it's not black and yellow it shouldn't belong in my build so that as well I got some electrical tape to do some slice model so the back please don't sit these are a bit too wide they're wider than the GPU block and I just spoke with this on and you said you sent the flaw the black plates for the GTX 1084 the win I guess you must somehow mister that I told it was for my GPU blocks because so it's about half an inch wider I should say than the GPU blocks that cinnamon email is going to overnight some freshly cut one and this time I actually decided to put a logo because this is a bit too blank for me what you blend so it's going to have the NVIDIA claw just like the manual just to kind of match with the entire color scheme and style of the build so especially P equals someone take this time and say goodbye thank you guys so much for watching that build log I know it's been so long since the beginning I'm very excited to start my next water-cooled project and I thought I'll take months obviously it's going to take maybe weeks at most and it's actually going to be from my personal system we're talking about a 69 50 X to 1080 t is 64 gigs around mean this thing is going to be absolutely beast and obviously it's going to be my color scheme so if excited about that leave a like if you guys enjoyed the build log style videos I guess let me know in the comments section otherwise my next water cool bill will just be a simple time lapse without me talking but whatever you guys prefer obviously I believe is for you guys now I'm going to edit this video I don't how long this video is going to be probably over at least to 10 minutes that's for sure but next time you guys see Electra box it's going to be the finale it's going to be some quality cinematic shots we got benchmark stamps gaming everything you name it thank you again so much for following me on this journey I've learned a lot very excited actually that I started this I'm like pointing out a different build it's actually down there I'm like I'm surprised I kept my sanity anyways guys thank you so much seriously your feedback has been very important I'd actually been reading your comments and I've been adjusting the build according to according to the comments that I read every single video that I upload but anyways I'm gonna rambling thank you again for your feedback and your support I'll see you guys in the next one
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