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Most Bad Ass Case for iPhone 6 - Ventare 6

what's up guys is that from Texas and I have two really awesome cases to share with you today we have the drago ventura aluminum bumper and the tigress shell stand case from the company track out design let's start off by looking at the tiger shell stand so this is a polycarbonate snap-on case for the iPhone 6 or 6 plus it's super lightweight weighing at only 28 grams and it will protect your phone from drops or impacts unless you drop it face-first on bumpy surfaces the reason why this case is so great is the fact that it has hidden kickstands but that's not even the best part the best part is how the kickstand actually works so they snap together with magnets and there are two positions you can adjust it to first position is at a vertical angle which is ideal if you're faced timing with someone or reading an article on some website second position is landscape ideal for watching videos or movies you can also adjust the steepness of the angle and have your phone lay back slightly more you can still position it horizontally in this mode as well if you like now the kickstand doesn't interfere with the phone or add any additional bulkiness to the case and easily snaps back into place when you are done but yeah a very clever and neat case for those of you that constantly watch videos or movies on your smart phone all right now let's take a look at the Ventura aluminum bumper case for the iPhone 6 plus so dracco design is a company based in Taiwan that focuses on creating platinum accessories and cases their philosophy is to create accessories that are unique in appearance and solid in performance which by looking at this case you can probably already tell so inside the packaging you will receive the aluminum bumper case and a small plastic bag inside the bag is the hex screw driver which is needed to install the case there's also an instruction brochure that will help you with the installation but I will be going over that in the video and lastly we have two extra rubber mounts and screws along with the vibrates which the aluminum bumper is stunning it has a beautiful curved design with flat edges that will help with gripping the phone so it's less likely to slip from your hands inside the case are for shock absorbers located on all four corners of the case which will help absorb impact and protect your phone from scratches the case is also made out of aircraft-grade aluminum which is CNC machine for precision so taking a look around the case we can find the aluminum covered volume buttons located on the left side with an opening for the vibrate switch on the opposite side is where the power button location is and on the bottom there are cutouts for the headphone jack charging port and speakers installation is super easy just remove the two screws located on the bottom of the case and remove the rail after that you have to place the vibrate switch in the cutout right above the volume buttons and slide in your phone gently now make sure your phone is on vibrate as it does make the installation process a lot easier once it's all the way in install the bottom bumper and you are ready to go you know often times I come across companies that develop amazing premium cases but at the expense of functionality it looks great on the outside but it limits your use with the phone just like the overpriced products at element case the dracco design Ventor case is the exception not only does it look and feel premium but the case doesn't interfere with your experience the volume buttons are responsive and really easy to press and same goes for the power button not only do the sides have a non-slip grip design but they are also flat which makes it super easy to grip the phone making it less prone to drops the vibrate switch is also easy to use in fact it's actually more convenient using a switch than before since it's sticking out a little more the cutouts are also large enough to fit even third-party chargers and earphones which is a huge relief since I use my beats along with a few power banks every day on my 6 plus I've been using this case for over a week now when I didn't witness any dropped calls or poor reception so you can rest easy if you're worried about the bumper interfering with your calls I'm also really surprised how light the case is weighing only 29 grams I can't even tell the difference as good-looking as this case is it still offers some protection the bumper will protect the phone from damages on the outside and the shock absorbing pads will protect the phone against scratches and impacts from the inside the bumper is also slightly raised on the front so even if you do manage to drop it face-first your phone will still be protected given that the surface is flat and not bumpy the one minor issue I have with the case is that it doesn't solve the camera protruding problem and if you like me that has major OCD then this can really bar but other than that minor problem this is a phenomenal case in fact I already dish my last case and I'm using this permanently I can go on record and say that this is the best looking case that I've ever used and I've used many in the past add some dope looking skins from slick wraps and you have yourself a device that will surely turn heads anyways that's it for the video if you guys enjoyed it feel free to hit that like button and if you're interested in checking out their amazing cases then I will leave a link below to their website they have a bunch of different colors and other cases for different smartphones and they even have some pretty badass accessories as well I'll also leave a link to slick raps if you guys want to get yourself some badass skins on your smartphone but anyways thanks again for watching this is that from tech source I will see you guys in the next video you
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