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Moto X Pure vs OnePlus 2 - Detailed Camera Comparison

what's up guys it's ed from Texas and welcome to another detailed camera comparison test this time we are facing off two of the best budget flagship smartphones for 2015 in the Moto X pure and the oneplus 2 but before we jump into the samples let's take a look at the specs the Moto X pier has a 21 megapixel rear facing camera with an aperture of 2.0 that can shoot up to 4k resolution and the oneplus 2 has a 13 megapixel camera also with a 2.0 aperture that can shoot up to 4k resolution as well for facing cameras the Moto X pier has a 5 megapixel camera that can shoot up to 1080p and the same goes for the oneplus 2 but instead can only shoot up to 720p so without wasting any more time let's sit back relax and take a look at some samples when it comes to auto focusing the 1+2 just doesn't do a great job at all in some instances that has a very difficult time focusing on the object and I find this to be very consistent when the object is small with a well lit background the Moto X is the complete opposite very fast and very accurate focusing and all of the conditions I tested it in I also didn't notice the camera moving in and out trying to focus the object like it did on the oneplus 2 when it comes to daytime video both do a really great job there our footage is super crispy and the color reproduction is nice the oneplus 2 has much warmer colors whereas the Moto X pure is on the cooler side but I'll have to give the point to the Moto X because the lens isn't constantly moving in and out trying to focus like a dozen the oneplus 2 which is pretty annoying for low-light video both do a pretty good job as well really great low-light performance and sharp footage I really don't have much complaints well actually the only complaint I have is that the oneplus 2 shoots at a much lower shutter speed to allow more light in which means that it records in 19 FPS which is horrible when you're trying to capture motion on the other hand the Moto X shoots in 24 fps and still manages really great low-light video I did however experience some autofocus issues with the Moto X in low-light but it wasn't really that consistent so I'm not gonna really give a point to either phone for a low-light video for stabilization both phones were shot in 4k resolution and we're strapped on a device to ensure a very accurate stabilization reading and from the looks of it it's pretty obvious that the Moto X pure takes the point I find this interesting because on the spec sheet that states that the oneplus 2 has optical image stabilization whereas the Moto X pure only has digital so that means that the software on the Moto X peer is that amazing to outperform the optical image stabilization on the oneplus 2 great job Motorola what's up guys welcome to the front-facing video camera and microphone test portion the video between the oneplus 2 and the Moto X pure both of the cameras are being shot in 1080p and they're also mounted on a device to ensure a very accurate stabilization reading also you guys to listen to this on your headphones then I'm gonna stay quiet for a bit so you guys can hear the background noise for front-facing video I'm apt to give it to the Moto X for having sharper footage and a much wider field of view I mean 720p just doesn't compete with 1080 also not that I'm looking at the footage the dynamic range is solid on both phones there are some points where over-and-under exposes but overall both phones do fine for microphone quality the Moto X has a much louder mic than the oneplus 2 this can be either a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it since having a louder mic picks up lots of background and wind noise but I'll give the point to the Moto X for having a loud mic since that's what majority of the people are looking for for daytime picks both cameras shoot stunning picture is that oneplus 2 produces warmer pictures whereas the Moto X is more on a cooler side in my opinion the oneplus 2 is too much on the warm side for my taste and some shots the image looks really bad like here with the color of the grass I mentioned as many times before but I do per for warmer images because they tend to be more truer to life but this is out of control sharpness however goes to the Moto X hands down the 21 megapixel sensor beats the crap out of the 13 megapixel from the oneplus 2 the image is just beautiful and crispy the oneplus 2 however has more true to life colors than the Moto X and the actual colors of the flowers and leaves in this pic are more accurate from the oneplus pick and the same goes for these subscribe pillow and the yellow Jeep dynamic range is also pretty good on both phones they are practically even in this category but for overall day time ticks the Moto X pure takes the point for indoor shots the oneplus 2 has much better exposure on auto everything is more clear and bright than the Moto X but this can be adjusted easily on both phones but since this entire comparison is done in Auto the point goes to D 1 plus 2 the Moto X pure however takes a point for selfies now even though both use a 5 megapixel front-facing camera the Moto X has a much sharper image and better color reproduction not to mention a wider field of view for low-light pictures the oneplus 2 seems to have a more clear image than the Moto X in this pic the 88 engraving on the hinge is more visible on the oneplus 2 in the background and this pic is pitch black on the Moto X where you can still see the design slightly on the oneplus 2 even in low light mode on the Moto X two pictures on the wall look better and are more visible there's just too much noise on the Moto X pier and there seems to be a bluish tint applied to all the photos the oneplus 2 takes the point for low-light pictures now when it comes to flash it's a different story the flash on the oneplus 2 is way too powerful and over exposes most of the objects and washes out to pick the flash is only usable at a distance on the oneplus 2 whereas the flash on the Moto X can be used at any distance so there you have it the Moto X pier has a much better camera than the oneplus 2 if you guys enjoy these camera comparisons and want me to continue doing them then make sure to backhand that like button and let me know which two phones you want to see for my next camera comparison by dropping a comment down below anyways thanks again for watching this is FM Tek source and I will see you in the next video
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