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My $7000 Personal Build Failed | Episode 1

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cuphead overcooked and more if you guys are interested to check it out it's completely free doubling down below and I know you guys are gonna love it what's up guys it's a from Texas and today is a very exciting day I'm finally gonna build my custom PC I've been waiting for this for over two years now but alas everything is coming together and have all the parts right in front of me as I mentioned before I'm gonna be doing an air cooled version first or I should say non water-cooled version and I'm gonna swap it out and do a full custom loop PC to compare the differences coming from an air cooled PC to a custom loop so yeah but that ways to get more time let's go over some of the parts here the AAP of course is the 79 80 XE e 18 a core processor holy crap but this is actually d lidded I sent it over to Stephen at gamers Nexus and he deal in the processor for me that's gonna have better performance I think 14 degree difference coming from the stock 79 80 XE which is going to be better for thermals and of course I can even overclock it further because of that so very excited about that we also got 32 gigs of ram 32 hundred megahertz from coarser this is the vengeance or GB RAM sticks I'm gonna be putting in 32 gigs of course we're gonna go with SLI it's not a tech source build without putting in two GPUs even though I'm not gonna probably use as much power and I went with the EVGA 1080 TI 4 that FTW three edition the motherboard I'm going with is the MSI x2 99m which if you guys saw my previous video I explain why I swapped from the EVGA x2 99 micro to this this is actually the best mother more micro ATX motherboard you can buy right now and one of the reasons I actually switched over is because this has an optical port whereas the EVGA micro did not it also has two m dot two slots which means I'm gonna be hooking up two of these bad boys in raid 0 this is the samsung 960 pro m dot 2 512 gigabyte and 2 SSD actually I have one more on the way so once that gets here I can hook both of them up the only other storage device I'm gonna be going with are to s as these again the other one is the way this is the WV blue to terabyte SSD so I'm gonna be hooking two of them up into raid zero as well so total 4 terabytes of SSD storage and some insane speeds the power supply I'm going with is the HX 1000 from Corsair which is going to be plenty but of course I have to go with custom sleeping this is a white and red build with black accents so I had to go with the best of the best right now in the market which is cable mod cables and of course I had to opt for the aluminum white cable Combs is going to be the captain 360 e.x cooler from deep cool which is gonna be plenty to cool the 79 80 I could see I'm actually curious to see how much I can overclock it using just the AI oh and I think last but not least we have the case itself this is a very unique case it's not available in the US unfortunately I was lucky enough to find it off a website that was able to ship to the US I think it's only available in the UK for some reason this is the hex gear or 40 it's a micro ATX chassis it's a very clean looking computer case and when I first saw it I was like I have to have this for my personal PC alright as a lot of parts of course you have some minor things here like some red SATA cables and we've got some AIO tubing for the a i/o cooler cool cooler technically this is compatible with the NZXT Kraken I don't know if it's gonna fit with this one but we'll give it a shot and we'll see and we got some minor accessories like red thumb screws of course I'm also gonna paint some parts of the case there's gonna be some slight model whatever I need to do to make this PC stand out and look one of the best out there but anyways I'm done rambling that's going to unbox some stuff and get to building alright skip the case out of here this thing is actually very heavy and there's gonna be some assembly required because I'm not to put together this case which I think is the first time I've ever put together actually know the Kruger case is also another case that I put together okay there's a lot of freaking pieces I think half this video is gonna be me assembly in a quickie case what the heck what in the world I don't see a manual or installation guide anywhere unless they secretly hit it and set one of these bags okay yeah it's like building a rocket ship seriously what started out as an exciting day quickly turned into a depressing one hence why we're here at Fry's Electronics to pick up a backup case I did email hex gear and I asked them if they can send over some spare screws so that I can put together the parts but unfortunately it's gonna take at least a week because there's station all the way in UK and I don't want to wait any longer guys i postponed this so many times and i know you guys have been waiting for this video for such a long time so I'm here to pick up basically an alternative case in the meantime just to put together everything and then test it out benchmark it and then once I finally do get the screws in for the hex skier or 40 I can go in and put that together and continue that the old this is literally the entire selection as fries half these cases are junk oh my god this is gonna be Harlan like that I just want something it's gonna fit at the 360 millimetre radiator honesty and if it's the color scheme other than that I don't care because this is temporary of course they have a bunch of NZXT s340 cases alright so we can record here to long they're gonna kick us out is there we gave us a warning but I think I've decided on the NZXT H 700 I meant our chassis this is the one of the cases that supports a three sixty millimeter radiator and I've never done a build in it so I think we can knock down two birds one stones yes pick it up and head back home I was literally thinking about this as I was paying for the case how the hell are we gonna put this in the car ladies and gentlemen do not buy a Lamborghini or do not take one for shopping even if it is just one box cuz you are not gonna fit what if we take this out of the box put the case inside here I think I'll fit oh oh oh my god good there boy this is that we gonna get home basically yeah yeah yeah we have no no space to put the the case so he's gonna have to hold it like that the entire trip we didn't take into account the storage space for the lab Rajini so it's gonna be an interesting trip ladies gentlemen we are back at the headquarters it is 7 o'clock we started building this at 12 which means we have done Jack it but we do have a case now so that's that's definitely a start and it kind of worked out because I haven't built in the H 700 I so this is actually killing two birds in one stone and I think you'll look awesome in this beautiful case which will match the color scheme and it fits at three sixty millimeter radiator so I think all in all we are finally back on track unfortunately you have to be seven hours later but anyways I want to shut the hell up because I know you guys are annoyed of me talking this entire time and I'm just gonna start putting things together also on the way back up here I open up the mailbox and look our second 960 Pro m2 arrived so I think we pretty much have everything other than the extra SSD which is on the way but anyways guys I'm officially done talking let's just start the build all right so it is now 11 o clock took us about four hours to finally finish this it was definitely a challenge now the final result it's okay it's not you know what I expected there's obviously some things I would do differently for example do some custom paint jobs I would paint the PCI brackets the SSD trays I would throw in some custom back plates and that's the lie bridge things like that to really customize it and keep the color scheme consistent but because this is not my personal PC I'm gonna be swapping cases I'm just gonna leave it at the way it is right now overall experience building in the HS 700 I was fairly positive for the most part it's $200 for this case and honestly I think it's a bit too steep this is not a case for enthusiasts what I mean by that is if you're building with two GPUs or more stay away from this case and I'll explain why in a bit few things I like about this case is how clean it looks the amount of cable management space in the back you get a really nice cable tie down areas you got raceways a lot of zip ties so amazing job with the cable management support back here storage space is also awesome you got an SSD tray in the front also two more trays up here and then two additional SSD trays in the back with three additional hard drive bays oh and the expandability is also awesome you get support up to three hundred sixty millimeter radiator for the top and the front so you guys could actually do some pretty cool custom water cooling builds in this PC now the one graph I have with this case is the small cutout that NZXT gives you to run the GPU cables from the bottom is so tiny literally this small that you can only fit two sets of cables guys I'm running SLI so I got four sets of eight PCI connectors and it was a challenge trying to squeeze all of them through that little tiny hole and because of that you guys can see the cables are looking pretty bad now if I only had a single GPU it would have looked nice I can you know use the cable combs and make it look really nice but because it's so crammed down there that is basically what it looks like right now so in my opinion that's a very very bad design on in the XTS part anyways we hooked up the pc let's see if it actually boots if it doesn't I probably go insane so let's do this well I was fast turned on and then just turned off now there's an even boot so we're getting basically one click and then it shuts off automatically doesn't even want to start so I'm going to do some troubleshooting and see then get this nightmare over I don't know what the possible issue might be sounds like a power supply issue the way it's clicking so I picked up the EVGA 1000 g3 I got a reason to believe that the power supply is defective which literally never happens to me I think it's the first time that a power supply is defective and it's from Corsair so we're gonna plug this one in try it out and see if that fixes the issue because all we're getting is a simple click literally split-second everything just shuts off and we even use the power supply tester and even this is telling us that the power supply is not functioning the right way so so I'm gonna connect this to the motherboard and one more piece goes to the CPU alright I call it so ladies and gentleman indeed it is the power supply Wow everything is clearly running all the fans are spinning we got power to the CPU Ram graphics cards looking very healthy so Wow okay we have a dead power supply I don't know if it got damaged on the way here but anyways I think that pretty much does it for this video but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure you guys drop a like to show your support and make sure you're subscribed if you guys want to miss out on the next few episodes I think I work on this tomorrow I'll go because I'm dead tired anyways thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video once again I do want to thank parsec response during this video if you guys want to connect to a gaming PC from anywhere and stream games either on your Mac PC laptop or smartphone then check them out by clicking on the link below
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