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My $9000 PC is Complete but FAILED!

this video is sponsored by script it's an app that provides you with a huge library of books audio books magazines and other reading materials I get asked so many times in the comment section about troubleshooting their pcs because it stopped working for some reason and because of that I recommend my viewers to check out upgrading and fixing computers for dummies it's easy to understand and very informative when it comes to upgrading your rig or diagnosing it script has a ton of books and audio books like these with over 100 million active users so you're gonna find something you enjoy and the best part about all of this is that it cost a lot less than audible so make sure you guys check out the book I recommend it by clicking on the link below I know it's gonna help a lot of you guys out there and it's also going to help support the channel ladies and gentlemen I'm sad to say that this is the finale of big red I may think it's a few days to finish the bill but for you guys it's only gonna be one episode because I know you guys are tired of seeing episode after episode you just want to see the finale so that is what I'm gonna do I'm gonna condense everything into one final episode for you guys and I'm gonna be doing benchmarks because apparently a lot of you guys want to see that as well and I've been reading the comments section on the past few videos and that's what you guys want I also asked you guys to vote on the RGB or non RGB SLI bridge and 90% of you voted for the RGB and actually today I got in the new SLI bridge so this is the brand new one that's actually cut to the perfect size and this is the RGB one it's interesting that there's a lot of space near the bottom I'm guessing they did that because all the circuit board is here for the RGB lighting so it's not quite as centered as the non RGB but I guess I'm gonna have to go with this one oh and also look what else came in guys so fan grills for the fans these are custom made by hasan himself for the text source build so I think these looks sick and I think I'm only gonna use five of them so the three fans and the bottom and then the one rear fan so actually four fans not five another thing that came in today was the smaller reservoir from ek huge thanks to ek by the way they're so quick and clutch when it comes to ordering new parts attila if you're watching thank you so much for the fast responses on the email they sent this over and literally got it within the next three business days I replace the top cap with the white one obviously to go with the build but the bottom one still remains black and it looks kind of stupid to be honest so I did order some white skins that are coming in and I'm gonna have to skin the bottom portion here so it matches the top cap so that's what's happening but yeah we're gonna basically install this we're gonna plan the loop do the band's fill in the coolants and then pretty much wrap up the video so I got my PT G tubes over here on standby I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go through a lot of them because there's gonna be a lot I repeat a lot of mistakes because the is so small it's gonna be very difficult to get those precise benjin speaking of mistakes a lot of you guys have been saying ed why don't you just switch the case and go in a bigger case yeah I can do that that's an easier fix actually that's the easy way out I can get the r8e version of this case which is a bigger version that thinks the full ATX case instead of the micro ATX but that'll be taking the easy way out and I don't want to do that I want to challenge guys building pcs for so long here on the channel it's not a challenge to me anymore it's not fun so building something like this in a tiny case it finally gives me the challenge I'm looking for and it's very exciting to me so yeah I'm not gonna take the easy way out and besides I've come so far why would I just switch cases it makes no sense but I appreciate you guys looking at for me all right so in order to mount this to the bracket we're gonna have to drill some holes on the red mounting bracket I do have the mounting pieces here which are white perfect for me I'm gonna basically put one down here and then put one on the top is just broke it's fine though I can I can fix this that's it can't fix that that's not an issue but anyway so I was trying to say is actually I just realized all I really need is one clamp since the reservoir is really small they sent them to originally because it came with this one this reservoir is a little longer so I swapped it with a smaller one so I think one should do the trick don't want to overkill here yeah this goes on the reservoir and then it basically mounts against the bracket right in the back here so I'm gonna mark some holes over here where the screw is gonna go drill some holes and then mount this baby so let's get that drill out of here all right so where's the born pump successfully mounted it's a little too close to the power supplied to know what I've liked but it's fine I already figured out a different way of modding the PSU cover which is gonna work out in the end so I'm fine let's go ahead and plan the loop I think I'm gonna do actually it's a very simple one we'll do a GPU block two CPU out from the CPU to the top radiator from the top radiator to the pump from the pump down to the bottom radiator and from the bottom redditor back up into the GPU that seems like the obvious choice right now for this build so yeah I think the next step is the bends ladies and gentlemen it is time for the hardest part of the build let me get the heat gun out these are the tools I'm going to be using of course you got my heat gun got the inner silicone and needed to do the bends got the tube cutter and whatever this is to smooth the insides of the tubing and I just realized I forgot to put this inside the reservoir let's see if I can do it actually it look like you know what screw it it's not important right now I'll do this at the end yeah mr. spark ladies and gentlemen alas the build is finally complete it took me two days for the entire bands it was definitely a long process a very tedious process as you guys can see in front of me this is the ptg graveyard I went through a bunch of tubes this one over here the silicone snapped while I was pulling it out so to start a band II when this was actually a perfect band for me but yeah this is officially guys my second hard line build so obviously I'm still learning I'm not have not mastered this I'm nowhere near close to mastering it it's definitely difficult getting the bends at the perfect angle and at the perfect spot but anyways so far I'm really happy with the way it turned out it's looking amazing before I put in the fan grilles and SLI bridge and do the cable management guys I want to do a complete flush of the system we're gonna be using the mayhem blitz a cleaning system I'm gonna leave the system running for about 12 hours so that way all the radiators and all the loops are nice and clean before I pour in the fresh coolant once I pour in the coolant I'm gonna stop talking and show you guys some cinematic b-roll and of course at the very end benchmarks just like you guys request it in the comment section there was one thing I did want to mention about the PC will quick and that is the PSU cover that I was originally planning on modding for of course the power supply unfortunately I won't be able to do that because my original plan was to cut a Kulik piece and run it down this entire side of the case but you guys can see here there's a tube running through so that is gonna interfere with the cover so the alternative is to essentially mod the power supply itself I'm just gonna leave this side alone because it's gonna be great for airflow and I think it's gonna look really nice in the build overall so I'm gonna cut an acrylic piece and just cover up this side of the power supply and I'm going to take off the fan grills and paint that red or white I haven't decided yet I think i'ma doing red actually so yeah that's gonna be after the flush oh there's also one more thing that I did in the back here which is gonna make draining the fluid a lot easier as I attached a valve over here and basically when I'm ready to flush the system we'll have to do is hook up the softube right over here like that and then and after tightening it I'll have to do is turn the lever and have the coolant flush straight out of the back all right some I think they sell them and flush it and I'll see you guys very soon so this part of the video is usually when I talk about the benchmarks and go over temps overclocking and all that but as you guys can see it's off so yeah there's no easy way of saying this I'm just gonna jump straight into it my computer is dead it's 100% dead now I don't know how many components got damaged in the process but I know so far the power supply is dead and so is the motherboard after hooking up everything I hit the power button nothing happened there's not even any LEDs that are lighting up on the motherboard usually the debug code area is usually lit on motherboards but for this one nothing not a single light source coming from the motherboard so I'm like okay maybe something's going on with the power supply so I bought in an extra power supply from EBG I hooked that up still nothing so I'm like wait a minute maybe the motherboard got damaged somehow it's funny because all these components were working before I tested everything in episode 1 and episode 2 I told you guys that all the components was working fine only one of the cables was the issue why I wasn't working and I swapped that and everything was fine so then I went back and I'm like ok let me test the power supply by itself and see if it's working or not so I bought over my power supply tester unit so I hooked this up to the power supply and I shoot you guys not when I turned it on I heard this loud popping noise like something blew up I don't know what it was I freaked the hell out I should I switched off the power supply I'm like what the hell was that noise so yeah I needless to say the power supply is officially defective because they won't even turn out and even with the power supply tester I don't know what the hell happened during this entire process I didn't do anything special to it I just took off the cover and I painted the cover I didn't touch anything inside the power supply so yeah that's gone my only fear is I hope it didn't fry the components inside I hope it didn't fire the processor $2,000 processor let me remind you guys which is deleted and I hope the GPUs didn't get damaged and also the RAM sticks so the hardest part about all this the most disappointing part of this is that after swap I have to take everything out again to swap out and put in the new motherboard I ordered a new motherboard it's coming in I am at a loss of words guys I don't know what to say to be honest I was expecting this to work nothing ever goes according to plan with my builds apparently so when once the new power supply and motherboard come in I'm gonna have to completely redo everything honestly I feel really bad for you guys cuz I know you've been waiting so long to see the actual benchmark service and see what it can do and actually turn on and light up I can't even give you guys that so for that I apologize I don't know if I'm gonna be making a follow-up video I think I'm just gonna do this offline and figure out what's going on unless you guys want to see that that's up to you let me know in the comments section yeah I don't I don't know I don't know what else to say I love the way you turned out I mean it's such a beautiful PC to be honest it's just a shame it's really a shame I think though I think the worst thing that could happen beyond the power supply and motherboard dying is if the CPU is fried and the graphics cards are fried if those are fried I think I'm done I think I'm done with this and I'm moving on to the next one alright anyways I'm sorry guys I know you're expecting something different one like equals one prayer one this like means I should move on start on other other projects anyways all of you guys thank you so much for sticking around this entire process well it's been what five episodes for this entire series I'm gonna I'm done I'm done thank you guys for watching I'll see you in the next video
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