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My Desk Setup Evolution | Episode 1

what's up guys it's ed from tech source and welcome to my new series on the channel actually it's kind of like a miniseries and I'm calling it the desk setup evolution we all know that setups constantly evolve we're always moving things around and upgrading so I figured I would make a dedicated series on my desk set up and kind of just see the progress as time goes on so if you guys are excited for this new series make sure to leave a like to let me know to continue and if you don't feel free to dislike that's cool too by the way everything mentioned in this video will be linked down below so with that said and done let's begin so I recently changed a few things around since last time and if you guys missed my full desk setup tour I did a while back then I'll drop a link to it down below but in this episode I'm going to only focus on the surface of the desk and the things that I've changed this is definitely a temporary setup as I am moving in February of next year so I'm trying not to add anything significant that will require a lot of work to remove and before you guys destroy me in the comments section about the cable management please keep in mind that this setup was just recently put together an episode two will focus mainly on the cable management because I haven't even started yet so the first main difference is the desk I no longer have the verts desk and instead I'm using the apex desk which was taken from the perfect desk setup episode 2 simply because it's more advanced it looks much better and has cable management holes in the corners the height is also adjustable and has four separate memory modes which you can manually set for any specific height I still have my trusty Philips hue LED strip that I've owned for over two years now and it hasn't given me a single problem since I just simply love the fact that I can easily change the colors on my smart phone without having to use a remote I've also placed my iBUYPOWER element PC on the Alex your unit off to the right side instead of keeping it on the desk I did do a few videos on it so make sure to check it out if you guys are interested but it's currently rocking me 6,800 k-6 core processor 16 gigs of ram and the msi gtx 1080 gaming X graphics card which was originally the EVGA 1080 superclocked I've also updated my previous ultrawide monitor to a much larger one from LG as well I went for my 34 inch ultra wide to a 38 inch and let me just tell you guys it's massive and I love it I was very close and picking up a second ultra wide but when this thing came in it satisfied my pixel craving once again I did review on it so check it out if you're interested the keyboard is still the same coarser slave RGB with cherry MX red switches but I did swap my mouse as you can see I actually reviewed this mouse a few months back and honestly it wasn't a huge fan of it but I've been wanting to go wireless for a very long time and I was just very sick of the MX master I wanted something better that would also complement my setup so I decided to give the Asus batha another chance and so far I'm beginning to love it it does come with a pretty sweet-looking receiver which also serves as a charging dock so whenever I need a charge I busted out from behind the PC and slap the mouse on it also if you haven't already noticed I did really hole in the desk to wrap the keyboard wire through I still have the same headphones from Audio Technica the m50 X's which are skin by D brand but this time they are hanging from a different stand this is the Silverstone aluminum headphone stand and it does come in silver as well personally though I think that this is overpriced for what it does but it's definitely a good-looking stand in addition to my headphones I also added new pair of speakers which I constantly get asked about so these are the edify DeLuna Eclipse speakers there are two different versions of these the regular and then the HD which is the one I have on my desk I can't speak for the regular ones but what I can tell you about these speakers is that they are freaking amazing the sound that comes out of these are incredible in fact I love these so much that I'm going to be picking up another pair for the living room TV they are bluetooth as well so I have it hooked up to my PC via optical cable and I also have them hooked up to my smartphone via bluetooth last but not least on my desk I still have my vodka bottle that was imported from the UK and it's also sitting on top of a game of Thrones coaster for those of you that don't know I am russian-armenian and we are known for liking our vodka so I figured having a bottle of hard to find the black vodka would add some personality to my set up against the wall I have my most prized possession the 100k silver play button which serves as a symbol that no matter how big your dream is it will become a reality through hard work dedication and most importantly passion I constantly look up to it and realize how far I've come and it gives me a boost of motivation every single time how else do you guys think I'm able to put up almost one video a day that's how finally we have the acoustic films against the wall that has two purposes one it absorbs the sound providing a much cleaner voice or sound recording and to is simply just looks cool and complements my setup but that's pretty much it for the setup tour I'm sure you guys can tell that I've aimed more towards a minimalistic setup while maintaining symmetry and if you guys are excited for the cable management episode be sure to hit that like button so I was on Twitter the other day and I reached out to you guys and I asked you what audio book I should download next and listen to it because I just finished listening to the entire Game of Thrones series not about you guys but I've always had trouble reading books even when I was younger in middle school and high school especially every time I would pick up a book and start reading after a few minutes my mind would just wander off and then next thing you know I'm thinking about the meaning of life that's one of the reasons why I like audible so much because someone actually reads the book for you so it's kind of like listening to a story no more putting on reading glasses or squinting trying to read a book at night just simply download the audiobook on your smartphone or tablet or even mp3 player and just start listening if you don't already audible has the largest selection of audio books online and if you visit slash tech stores you guys can get a free audiobook with a 30-day trial so anyways a lot of you guys recommended a bunch of really good titles I think I'll get fifty shades of gray a try I heard it's a lot better if a woman is narrating in all seriousness though I took one of the recommendations and I started listening tonight where basically a Holocaust survivor tells his side of the story and what he has seen and been through as a child I've only listened to 30 minutes out of the four hours but it's a really interesting story and I highly recommend you guys to download it and give it a listen if you don't have audible I urge you guys to at least give it a try it is free for 30 days after all and you guys do get a free audiobook in fact you guys can download the book I'm listening to which is called night and let me know what you think about it by dropping your feedback down below also there's a specific book you guys want me to try out next on audible let me know by dropping a comment down below so once again guys the website is slash tech stores give it a shot it is free for 30-days and you do get your first book for free hey guys so much watching as always and I'll see you in the next video
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