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My Favorite Tech - 2017

what's up guys it's ad from Texas and the year is almost over so I decided to make a video and just share some of my favorite tech of 2017 everything on this table was either purchased by me or it was sent in for review at one point in time also some of the products in here will make a great gift for the holidays for those last-minute shoppers out there and everything mentioned here of course will be linked below in the order that they up here so with that said I do want to start off the video by talking about probably the MVP of this entire video my camera alright so this here is my red digital cinema camera this is the Scarlett W has a 5k sensor and I attached the Sigma T to 18 to 35 Sinha lens and let's just say it's overkill for what I use it for I spent about 25 grand on this camera guys that's not even including the lens the lens itself is another five grand so yeah you know what the sad thing is though is I only use this like twice a month maybe even once a month for those high production type videos I do swap between three cameras it's either this the Panasonic gh4 is most of the time and then the a 6500 from Sony which is the one I'm using right now for this video but yea I did purchase this in 2017 and it is one of my favorite pieces of tech and that is why I included it in this video but moving on to my next favorite piece of tech my desktop speakers these are the Edifier lunar eclipse e 25 and i know you guys heard me talk about these so many times but i just can't get over the quality of these incredible sound quality very clear highs a very deep bass you can connect them via bluetooth 3.5 millimeter as well as the optical cable I think one of the reasons why I was so attracted to these in the first place is the design I mean just look at these they are not your ordinary rectangular shaped bookshelf speakers so not only do they look cool but they sound amazing as well and since we're on the topic of speakers we have these also from Edifier so these are the Edifier are 1280 powered bookshelf speakers technically these are studio monitors so you would use them or monitoring REO or mixing music you can still use them for media whether you're playing games or watching videos as well because these have incredible sound quality as well these will also look awesome in a setup with a wooden table top because it does have a natural color scheme as well silver with a wood encasing it's a very clean design as well you got the knobs on the side here which can control your volume bass and treble and they're fairly small for a bookshelf speakers so they won't take up much space wherever you put them I think the pair goes for around $100 but they are one of the highest rated bookshelf speakers on Amazon okay since we're on the topic of audio I do want to mention my favorite Bluetooth speaker of all time which is the boss if you guys remember a few months back actually gave out a hundred of these speakers 50 of them went to my Twitter followers and another 51 to my subscribers and every single person that got their speakers in was actually very impressed with the sound quality what can I say about these speakers the build quality is sturdy the sound quality is great these get very loud there is a little bit of distortion at max volume but honestly you guys will be set at around 70 75 percent max volume it's got a pretty great bass as well but my favorite feature of this speaker by 4 is the auto shutoff I think after 2 to 3 minutes of inactive use the speaker will actually power itself off to conserve battery life which is awesome because I don't have to go and manually press the button to turn it off there's an SD card reader in the back as well as a microphone to accept calls thereby your life will get you around 10 to 12 hours of continued use but yeah overall a very solid Bluetooth speaker it comes in four different colors but yeah this would make a great gift for anyone I just realized there's a lot of audio devices in this video and I don't even notice that until I start out recording but anyways before I didn't have two more audio devices left and before I talk about my absolute favorite headphones of all time I do want to talk about my other favorite wireless headphones which are DS so these are etrex air wireless bone conduction headphones it comes in as rubber carrying pouch and you can actually store your headphones in here the micro USB charging cable and some memory foam ear plugs my go-to source of audio has always been wireless or wired head but that actually changed a few months back when I got these in one of these absolutely love about these is that they don't go inside your ear they sit around your ear and they use bone conduction technology to basically vibrate the sound to your ear it delivers sound through cheek bones as crazy as that sounds it actually works these are really comfortable to wear and it's also sweat resistant so if you're jogging or going to the gym you don't have to worry about damaging the headphones and I think personally the best part about these is that you're self-aware nothing is being plugged into your ears so you guys can hear all the background noise and ambience however for those of you who really want to get lost into that music and just want to block out all outside noise then that's what these earplugs are for it also comes with a microphone so you can accept calls and I think the battery life gets you around six hours of use the only downside is the price it's a little steep I think it's around 150 bucks but if you guys are looking for earbud alternatives then I definitely recommend trying this out and I think it's time to talk about these these are the pair of headphones that I've been using I think the past two months definitely overkill I think they cost me around $1500 including the custom paint job these are the sennheiser HD 800 open-back headphones i pretty much use these for everything watching videos playing games and even monitoring audio I use these to edit my videos on and one of the things I really love about these is the comfort level extremely huge ear cuff design and the sound quality on these are just incredible I mean for 1500 dollars they freakin better be right are they worth $1,500 though definitely not but this is definitely one of those impulse buys that I had because of the color scheme and everything I just I had to have them for my setup definitely don't recommend this for everyone this is this is definitely overkill here's a pretty cool tech product that I've been using for over 4 years now this is a smart lock this is the quick lock and it's basically a smart lock you can open this up three different ways first method is by using their lock you get the button on their top against the lock and it's unlocked method number two is a keychain card which I don't have with me right now same method press the bun tap on it and it opens any third method is using your smartphone so once you download the quick lock app and go inside all I have to do is click on the unlock button and it becomes unlocked it's very simple it comes in red and blue and I think one other color and I have like three of these around the house so this is awesome the battery life lasts forever I think the last up to ten years because I've had this for four years and I haven't even charged it once but it does have a micro USB port in the back so you guys can plug in and charge that if you ever need to I love this lock so much because I don't need to carry on any Keys it's perfect moving on to some actual gaming gear let's take a look at the keyboard amounts that a lot of you guys have constantly been asking me about so this is the Logitech G 613 wireless mechanical keyboard and this is the G 603 Wireless Gaming Mouse the Logitech actually sent this over whenever it got released I think like six months ago it's been a long time I was supposed to do a video on this but I didn't have time but I've been using it ever since for my PC builds every single month just because they're wireless and the quality is incredible and easy so yeah aside from the awesome build quality it is a mechanical wireless keyboard so the switches that the keyboard is using our Romer G if you guys are familiar with that I love the fact that it comes with an attached wrist rest and you can connect to the mouse and keyboard via bluetooth or the provided dongle on the website the states that it has an 18 month battery life for both the keyboard and mouse which is ridiculous but I've had it since the beginning and I never even replaced the batteries once which is pretty insane both the keyboard and mouse do come with double-a batteries which is cool and there's even a slot to store the receiver for both the for both the mouse and keyboard I think for the keyboard it's down here somewhere and this yeah for the keyboard is actually next to the battery tray and just to be clear guys I'm not a professional gamer at all but while playing games like pop G or overwatch I honestly can't tell a difference between this wireless mechanical keyboard and the coarser mechanical keyboard that I'm using in terms of latency and response it's pretty crazy how accurate these are I feel like a lot of you guys are going to judge me right now but one of the reasons why I'm not using the mouse and keyboard for my main setup is because they don't have RGB if Logitech came out with a RGB version of the mouse and keyboard consider me sold but I feel like that would impact the battery life a lot which is one of the reasons why they didn't go with it but yeah a very solid mouse and keyboard combo if you guys are looking to go the wireless route and still want a quality mechanical keyboard with extremely fast response time I recommend checking this out I do want to quickly mention the HTC vive this is definitely one of my favorite pieces of tech of 2017 this has definitely changed my perspective in VR I've tried the PlayStation VR I've tried oculus rift and honestly none of that comes close to the vibe from the comfort of the headset to the accuracy of the controls and just overall design of the vive I feel like there is nothing out there that comes even close that's just my opinion but yeah I just had to quickly mention that because is definitely one of my favorite pieces of tech of 2017 and I had to put it in this video I just had to alright let's talk about this little thing over here a lot of you guys thought that this was an airless fan from Dyson and I know what you guys are talking about because it looks very similar but it's not this is actually a smart lamp from GE general electronics these guys make refrigerators and washers and stuff like that so it's crazy that they actually built a smart lamp so this is pretty much a smart lamp with alexa built in it comes with a very own app and on here you guys can control the brightness the color temperature and you can even create certain scenes where you basically combined the brightness and color temperature on specific times of the day for example if you're watching movies or if it's nighttime whatever it is you guys can configure it within the app there's even a pretty cool feature on here where you can set a clock display which will tell you what time it is based on the blue and red LED indicator that's cool and all but my personal favorite feature is the built-in alexa pretty much functions as any other device with alexa built in whether it's the Amazon echo or the Amazon dot hey Alexa what time is it today the time is 1003 p.m. hey Alexa can you set a timer for 10 minutes 10 minutes starting now I almost forgot to mention it has a built-in speaker so you can even play music on this thing hey Alexa can you play bravado from ulta I mean a speaker is nothing compared to an actual bluetooth speaker or even the Amazon echo or dot but the fact that it's built inside of a lamp pretty badass I love this thing it's incredible I put it next to me on my nightstand when I'm sleeping it's perfect last but not least my favorite laptops of 2017 I only have two I reviewed over ten of them but I only have two first one is none other than the Asus zephyrus this is one of the first laptops that actually was introduced with the max Q design look how thin this laptop is it's got a GTX 1080 in here this is a laptop I take with me if I need to get work done actually I'm taking this with me to CES coming up I think in three weeks so I want to be using this for editing and it can handle gaming without a problem it is a beast it can even handle my HTC vive believe it or not so yeah guys full review on that check it out I'll leave a link below my other favorite laptop is the LG gram I've been using the 15 inch version for the past two years now but they came up with their new refresh model which has the coffee like CPU and this is my go-to laptop I take with me everywhere I go this laptop weighs less than a kilowatt guys it's one of the reasons why I love carrying this with me it's light compact I can fit in one of my tiniest bags with me and it packs some serious power this one has the new coffee like 8700 HQ process around here this is the default laptop that I take with me wherever I go whether I'm answering emails or launching videos messing with social media whatever it is this is the laptop if I'm editing or gaming de souza phorus is the go-to last but not least my favorite piece of tech of 2017 hands-down unfortunately I can't fit it in this room it's actually my bed this is where the action happens this is where it goes down every single night this is where wet dreams are made this year is obviously my bed featuring the eight sleep mattress now what makes this mattress so amazing other than how incredibly comfortable it is is these smart features the mattress will analyze how you sleep and display an appropriate score but I do have to say my favorite feature is the built-in warmer you can manually turn it on or you can set a schedule so for example if you sleep every night at 11:00 p.m. you can set a schedule for it to start warming up at 10:30 p.m. that way it's nice and toasty by the time you get into bed I absolutely love the mattress I think that sleep is very important and this was one of the best investments I have ever made towards my health so yeah that pretty much wraps up the video and all of 2017 I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did tossing a like would be awesome and if you didn't like it please I encourage you to leave a dislike I promise I won't be mad but anyways happy holidays to everyone and a Happy New Year thank you again for watching I will see you in the next one
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